Vix500 Review – Is it a scam or will you get rich

Whether you are an expert investor or just starting out, you have probably quickly come to realize that the world of Forex trading offers a wide variety of binary options and brokers. All of these brokers and options promise different results, and offer a different level of professionalism. Needless to say, this leaves you very confused and torn, when it comes to trying to decide on a broker to trade with. This is not to even mention all the different scam claims that people are making. With that being said, you have probably heard a huge buzz over the ever so popular Vix500. Can this broker firm be trusted with your hard-earned money or are they just another company out looking to scam you for what you are worth?

What You Need To Know About Vix500


Vix500 is not only one of the leading broker firms available on the Internet, but they provide their clients with a user-friendly and informative trading platform that can help them become better investors over time. Not only do they give you complete insight and success in the market, but also they provide you with the tools you need to learn how to be successful on your own. The company claims that they are completely committed, when it comes to helping their clients secure the financial investment future. They want to provide their clients with long-term investments that will prove fruitful.

When you combine this with their customer service packages, it truly seems that the company has their clients’ best interests in mind.

Is Vix500 An Unregulated Broker? 


It is true that Vix500 has their very own website, but it honestly does not provide you with a whole lot of information. Even if you do a search on the company, you probably will not find a lot of information. There is no evidence or proof on the Internet that Vix500 is a licensed or regulated broker, which could be a major red flag for most investors. A lot of people would not recommend investing money with a brokerage firm that is not licensed or regulated. But, at the end of the day the final decision will be yours to make.

What Is Required To Start An Account With Vix500?open-vix500-account

Creating and registering an account with Vix500 is fairly easy, as all you need to do is head on over to their website, enter in some personal information, and make an initial deposit. However, you will be required to present a government issued document that verifies your identification. This could be anything from a driver’s license to a passport. The document must include your signature, location, date of birth, and expiration date. The company will accept utility bills and recent banking statements that include this information, if you do not have access to a passport or driver’s license.

How To Make Payments And Withdrawals 

Vix500 wants to make the entire trading, payment, and withdraw process as easy as they possibly can for you. That is why they offer a variety of different payment and withdrawal options. You can pay your initial payment with a credit card, debit card, wire transfer, or tons of other options. In addition to this Vix500 accepts every type of currency, so you do not have to worry about getting your money converted over, because the company will do all that on their end.

Once your account has been set up and verified, you can make withdrawals of any amount at any time. Even if you currently have a trade open, you can go ahead and make a withdrawal. With that being said, withdrawals can vary on the amount of time that it takes depending on where you are located and how much money you are going to be taking out. It usually takes right around one to three days to process the request, but sometimes it can take up to 5 days depending on the circumstances.

Check Out Vix500 Services With A Demo Account 


One of the most exciting and alluring things about Vix500 is that they provide their customers with a demo account. This demo account gives you a fake $10,000, which lets you just play around with the services and features that are offered by their company. This basically lets you see your investment potentials and check out the features on the website, before fully making your initial investment.

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