Ukraine International Airlines Premium Economy Review

I couldn’t find any reviews or pictures of UIA Premium Economy prior to flying with them, regardless though the price at the time was good (around £600) so I thought I would give it a try.

Thankfully for you, with this review you won’t be in the same position I was in. I will let you know how it was, show you some of the pictures I took and at the end I’m going to share with you the number 1 tip that will let you sleep better than you can in business class for free.


Checking In & Boarding

This was a really as effortless as it could be. I simply downloaded the free mobile app they have and since I had a premium ticket I was able to check in multiple weeks before I even flew.

The great thing about this as well is that you can just show staff your electronic boarding pass provided inside the UIA App and if you have only carry on luggage you then you can skip any annoying queuing at check in.

You do not get the option to board the plane first with a premium or business ticket but that really wasn’t a problem for me.

Food & Staff

When the time comes one of the stewardesses will come to your seat with a pen and paper to ask you want to eat. The food was pretty good, I can’t remember what I had exactly but it was healthy and I remember the deserts definitely stood out.


Through out the entire flight the very friendly stewardesses will come and ask you if you want a drink. You can pretty much get unlimited alcoholic and obviously non alcoholic drinks. I had 5 great cups of tea.


The Seats

Here is the pictures I managed to get of the Premium Economy seats. I am over 6 feet tall with a lot of my height in my legs. There was more than enough leg room for me and the re-clinage was decent but definitely not enough to lay out flat and the seats are very narrow. It was WAY more comfortable than Economy however and since it was empty it felt a lot more relaxed.UIA-premium-economy-seats

Row 3 empty window seats.



My leg room sitting down with the complimentary blue UIA socks.


My UIA Travel Tips

Do not sit in row 3 as the arm rests do not go up and you won’t be able to lay out flat sideways. Premium Economy is almost always more than half empty and if you use the UIA App to change your seat for free to any other middle row seat you will be able to move the arm rests up and have a great big bed for yourself. Be quick though as the Ukrainian family with me in premium economy all spread out super fast to get themselves a bed for the trip.

There is no entertainment on the UIA flight other than one shared screen at the front. Weird I know. What I did was sign up for Netflix and download their app before the flight. Inside the app there is an option to download shows so that you can watch them in offline mode without wifi. I almost managed to watch an entire season of Stranger Things during the flight as well as reading my kindle, listen to music and doing some work.

Closing Thoughts

Flying UIA premium economy is a great cost effective way to get from Asia into Europe in comfort. The entertainment is lacking but just bring your own and let the sweet staff make up for it instead with their smiles. Lviv and Kiev are also beautiful in the summer and well worth a visit in my opinion.





  • Alicia Schultz

    Flying out of johnson city Tn. Then on to Kiev. Please tell me they’ll speak english. I’m know some Ukrainian but I have a strong southern accent so, it doesnt sound like it should.

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