Trademiner Scam


Let’s find out if TradeMiner Is a Scam…

Checking the information for the domain show’s it was registered by a person called “Lan Turner”. A quick search for “Lan Turner’ shows him to be a 21 year veteran trader, His phone number is 1-800-862-7193 EXT: 2.

Lan Turner Taking A Selfie..

Another search for “Lan Turner Scam” shows 0 negative reports. It looks like could be quite genuine, a lot of other trading softwares hide who the creator is for some reason or another. I am going to go ahead and purchase a copy of TradeMiner.insidetrademiner

Okay so maybe it would be nice if the design was a little bit more modern but it definitely does the job. It’s not on the cloud and you download it onto your computer and it was made back in 2009.

How it works

The software works by looking at the history of other stocks and looks for trends that might repeat themselves. If a trend consistently showed up in the past then you know it has a chance of returning.This doesn’t 100% mean that a trend will be repeated but it does increase your odds of pulling off a successful trade.

Why would Larn Turner sell a program if it could make everyone rich, surely he would keep it for himself and make more money that way, right?

However it is still a powerful tool, here are a couple of examples of what you can do with Trademiner.

If you’re new it can be a little bit complicated so you will want to take advantage of the Webinars and guidance manuals.


How to Buy Trademiner without getting scammed

Make sure you click through the official link to get access to the 60 day money back guarantee and the one time fee for yearly access.


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