Test Your Intolerance Review – I hated and loved it..


I first started becoming interested in finding out about my allergies after a bad case of Allergic Rhinitis. For anyone unaware, this allergy makes the inside of your nose swell up and it really is one of the most annoying things I have had to deal with. To add to the problem I also had major skin issues on my hands and my stomach was suffering a lot. My search for Intolerances led me to testyourintolerance.com. I bought the £46 advanced package which tests 300 food and 300 non food items. Here is my official Test Your Intolerance review for 2018 with before and after pictures at the end.

The Process Annoyed Me

2 weeks before buying my Intolerance test I had ordered an Ancestry DNA kit. The whole DNA kit process was beautifully simple and everything was very clear, that whole ordeal really gave my confidence to try testyourintolerance.com. Let me just tell you straight up. The whole process on the TYI website was archaic, horrible and just very weird in my opinion.

Here is what I was expecting to happen

  • Sign up
  • Create account
  • Pay
  • Get clear instructions and pre-paid envelope sent to my house
  • Put body hair in packaging provided and send sample
  • Wait 2 weeks
  • Get email notification
  • Log into to my account and read my results in a private dashboard

Here is what actually happened

  • Pay them via dodgy looking worldpay portal
  • Try figure out if they know I sent them money or not
  • Try find instructions
  • Try find a clear see through bag
  • Print out a PDF file I had to fill in with information
  • Figure out if can post body hair in an envelope via royal mail
  • Figure out what body hair I can use (I am blessed with gorilla like legs)
  • Confusion about smoothie detox company (their sister company) charging me on bank statement
  • Try login in on their website but realise I never even got to make an account
  • No updates
  • Eventualy get 3 separate emails with 3 separate PDF files containing results.

Okay maybe I am over-reacting, as I said though my expectations had already been set. However terrible their user interface was, I will say I am mostly pleased with the results and was happy with their live chat support.

My results

Here are the results I got from test below, I agreed with most of them but there were also a couple of surprises!

Beetroot allergy

This one seriously made me laugh, my mum is Ukrainian and growing up she has religiously cooked me a traditional Borscht soup. This red soup is a sweet beetroot and cabbage based dish and honestly I am sick to death of it but only because I have eaten it well over 1500 hundred times. I really can’t say I have had any bad reactions to it though. Either that or my entire life was just one big beetroot based living hell that I thought was a normal reality since I ate borscht all the time. Borschtception.

Cola Allergy

 I wasn’t shocked to see this on the list. That stuff has made me get excma ever since I was a young lad. I really try to avoid the stuff and only ever drank it a couple of times per year as an alcohol mixer.

Lithium Deficiency 

I was surprised to see this in the results. Mostly because I didn’t know they would test for deficiencies. Apparently some good sources for Lithium are things like Oysters, Scallops, Shrimp and Lobster. I have avoided all these things my entire life due to a not so irrational fear of food poisoning. They have done tests in rats and the group that were deprived of lithium versus the Lithium enriched rats showed clear differences. The deprived group were more aggressive and there have been other tests done that show a clear link with mental struggles and Lithium deficiency. I have dealt with Depression and Anxiety from a very young age. I am going to make an effort to try get more Lithium in my diet.

Alcohol Intolerance

This one was a bit heart breaking but I’m not going to dispute it. In Scotland it’s quite common to start drinking alcohol from a very young age. Following the traditions bestowed upon me I noticed I was able to drink huge amounts of alcohol up to about 14 to 21 years old with no major issues. Just a couple of months ago though I had 1 small can of beer and had the worst hangover like symptoms after just 1 hour of drinking. I guess I am going to be t-total from now on because that is something that keeps happening and the test just confirmed it.

Other stuff 

My test also said I was allergic to some types of tree’s, plants and grass. It also said I was allergic to mice, aluminum cans, other metals and some fruits. For a full list of what they test check out https://www.testyourintolerance.com/order-now/ and click the order now button (don’t pay yet) then click “whats tested” to see the full list.

Seeing Change in My Life

The first two pictures are from before I had heard of Test Your Intolerance. You can see the skin on my hand is really bad and I didn’t know this at the time but my hand was actually really inflamed along with my fingers.



You can see a drastic change in both my hands in the two following pictures.


This was by no means an over night change but more like 2-3 months of strict diet and object control. Yes, I said object because what caught me by complete surprise was that the Nickel and other Metal allergies Test Your Intolerance picked up seemed to be a major trigger for my skin. Touching my phone, money and door handles were triggers. It is also possible to pick up these metals from a lot of foods. If you could see a before and after picture from inside my nose & stomach I am sure it would be equally impressive.

Closing Thoughts

I think it’s important to take the results from Test Your Intolerance seriously. That means you should really consider following a strict diet change with their results even if you are skeptical. You never know, it might just change your life like it did for me.

2019 Update

Since writing this review, Test Your Intolerance have really upgraded their website and system. They now have blood tests which are far more accurate from when I did my hair sample test and it looks like they also now send you a pre-packaged envelope. Looks like I will be ordering again soon for an update!

20% Discount 

If you do end up buying a package, then please visit https://sick-review.com/intolerancediscount first to get a 20% discount on your final payment.











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  • Hi,
    … Would you say your life/health has improved since you got the test?
    … assuming you changed a few things ?
    Also, what kind of info did you get with your DNA test… you might want to send me the link to one of your post ? (sorry am lazy…)

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