John Crestani Review – Is he a scam? He emailed me and..


Before I start this review, I want to tell you the story of how it came to be.

I first published a review here in 2016 with the plan to launch jack a course John Crestani was releasing. I put up a quick review without buying his course to capture some of the traffic on launch day. It offered no value and I managed to make a grand total of 0 dollars during the launch.

Fast forward to 2017 though I managed to rank this post on page 1 for “John Crestani“, “John Crestani Review“, “John Crestani Scam” and a bunch of other keywords even though I was still providing no value and not recommending any of John’s courses.


Traffic To This Post

Because the post was getting traffic and was offering nothing I attempted to reach out to John to see if he wanted to help with the review in anyway. He or someone under his name attempted to just try and sell me his course instead.


His affiliate manager at the time Sumee tried to get me to promote his personal course instead of John’s through this post and that is what I am telling “John” in the conversation. I personally didn’t know what to think of John after this conversation.


1 year passed after that convo without any updates apart from me approving all comments on this post. Just last week though, I was surprised to see an email from John Crestani.

There was one comment that wasn’t related to John that I had approved that he asked me to remove. I thought that was a fair thing to do and I also had another look at what John has been working on.


In further email exchanges he offered to give me free access to his courses. I have told him I would review them and he has given me an affiliate link. After 2 years, here is my official review on John Crestani and his courses in 2019.

Internet JetSet Review


Price: $47 p/month

Internet Jet Set is a Make Money Online course aimed at beginners trying to earn their first affiliate dollars online. This course has a focus on learning how to generate free traffic, choosing affiliate offers and niches to promote. If you don’t know what any of those things mean then you are probably a good candidate for the course. Read till the very end to find out the brutal honest truth…

The course format

The course is in video format with John narrating screen recordings on whatever he is looking at on his computer which makes it very easy to follow. Unfortunately you can’t speed up the videos as they are not on YouTube. He talks very slowly and the videos sometimes go up to 45 minutes in length but the upside is they are very in depth.

1) Google Free Traffic Module - 2/10


In this section he shows examples affiliate review sites, some in extremely competitive niches. In one example he shows a “Garcinia Cambogia” affiliate site which is a weight loss product. This niche is very profitable but only for extremely high level SEO’s who have a 4 maybe even 5 figure budget for links.

It is possible to make money the same way in the examples he shows but it is by no means fast and not easy. I would hate to see someone try and rank a “Garcinia” website after watching John’s video and give up after the site doesn’t rank in the first 6 months. In the video one of John’s tips is for you to search for “SEO Best Practices in 2016” via Google which is laughable considering you are paying him to teach you.

I don’t doubt his Paid Traffic knowledge but I do doubt his SEO knowledge. If you want to make a full time income from SEO you need to set up your own tests to see how the algorithm works and commit 100% to it. Google makes changes to their algorithm daily and the people making serious money with SEO don’t give away the secrets to the Algorithm for free.

In the keyword research section he says more people would buy your product from searching for “42 inch led samsung” versus “Best tv’s under 1000”. Clearly John has never ranked for the latter. I have a site that ranks for keywords almost identical and “Under $$$” kw’s convert far better because there is just more buyer intent behind it. Someone searching for a 42 inch led samsung tv could be trying to fix their tv, someone searching for a tv under $1000 has their credit card out on the table.

I really couldn’t believe the stuff he was saying in this module, it is unbelievable. Also take note that his research using the adword planner was done in around 2016 so it does not have the same features now in 2018. Download the free “keywords everywhere” plugin for chrome/firefox which will give you CPC data and search volumes.

If you think I am being over critical then let me show you something else. Thankfully in the course there is a comment section under each video. Let’s take a look at the first 10 sites people have started after watching the video and shared with everyone else in the comments. I wonder how they are doing with the knowledge John shared in this section.

  • – site cannot be reached
  • – 0 traffic & 0 earnings per month via ahrefs & semrush
  • – site doesn’t load
  • – wordpress not installed
  • – website coming soon (person commented over 1 year ago)
  • – website unavailable
  • – website coming soon (commented over 1 year ago)
  • – 0 traffic and earnings via ahrefs & semrush
  • – surprise surprise – no traffic.
  • – once again, nothing

Does that prove my point? Also it’s worth pointing out that John got a recurring affiliate commission for each person that hosted their website through his affiliate link.

2) YouTube Free Traffic Module - 8/10


Thankfully it does get better than the absolute abomination in the previous section. John shares some real life of examples of people using YouTube to drive free buyer traffic to affiliate programs. This is a far easier strategy for beginners to generate traffic and much more faster.

At one point he shows the Youtuber Casey Neistat as an example, not a lot of people know him as an affiliate marketer but John does make a good point of showing that he actually is. There was one moment here though that got my attention. That was when he said that the link to Beme (he pronounced it wrong) in the video description was an affiliate link to a product Casey was promoting. He said that Casey would make a buck or two if you downloaded it but I know that Beme was actually a fully fledged technology start up Casey co-founded that used millions of dollars of investor money. It’s not an affiliate product Casey was promoting for a “buck or two”. This just shows the confidence John has to sometime’s spout out stuff he knows absolutely nothing about.

Moving on from that though he then covers an example of one of his own videos and goes over how to optimize the video for search traffic. One of his first videos only had about 190 views at the time he recorded the course but looking at all of them now, they are all getting close to 1 thousand views which actually does show he knows something about YouTube Marketing.

He also has a lot more content on the technical details like uploading videos, optimizing thumbnails and everything else a beginner needs to get started. I can definitely see people earning their first $1 or more if they follow through the advice in the section. I also looked at some YouTube channels in the comments and there was definitely people who were doing okay.

3) Facebook Module - 3/10


I am a Facebook marketing novice and so was able to go into this section with a slight beginners prospective. In this module John covers various basic topics such as how to link to affiliate products from your Facebook pages and he shows examples of huge Facebook pages and smaller ones in interesting niches

In the training he mentions that the Facebook page owners are sending traffic from the pages to their own websites. It actually looks like in some cases the smaller Facebook pages are just part of the SEO strategy for those websites and not set up solely too generate traffic. I know that when I create a new affiliate site, I set up a bunch of social profiles but that’s just for Google’s algorithm and one of the first steps for any decent affiliate SEO too take. John actually spends a lot of time covering the websites that the Facebook pages link to rather than the pages themselves which I thought was disappointing seeing as I wanted to learn more about Facebook.

After watching the training I now know how to monetize Facebook pages in different niches. What I don’t know from the training is how to start generating traffic for free. As the module ends he says to post every single day for 3 months which is when things will start to build up and he also shares some other extremely basic tactics like asking your friends to like your page.

Looking in the comment section under the module video I can see that Facebook pages shared mostly all have a couple of likes at best and some don’t even load as they have been left too rot and be deactivated. Is that because they didn’t ask enough of their friends to like their page? Maybe it’s because they didn’t write a post every single day or is it because there was actually no good advice in this module.

I am guessing using the Facebook boost feature would help bring in the first couple of likes and have the potential make a post go viral but that’s not free traffic and not taught in this module. John says in this module that he’s going to share the “information that’s going to help you get to the next level, that’s going to help you become a super affiliate” which I find hard to believe after digesting what he taught in JetSet but maybe that’s something he wants you to learn in Super Affiliate System.

4) Setting Up Your Website - 9/10


In this module John actually doesn’t teach you because people have told him he is “too advanced”. The training in this section is provided by a girl called Ashley, she seems genuine and does a good job of going over everything you need to set up a WordPress website and more.

Ashley actually goes above and beyond in my opinion and provides some SEO tips on choosing low competition keywords to bring in buyer SEO traffic. She also explains how to set up aweber for email marketing, goes over setting up a Facebook page and generating likes which for the latter I think unfortunately is out of date now but still worth a watch.

It’s true that you can learn everything inside this module on YouTube for free but it’s sometimes just easier to buy a course and have everything in the one place. You don’t need to waste time searching around trying to find something good.

5) Advanced Copywriting Tactics - 8/10


No doubt John is a good copywriter and salesman, the guy has managed to get so many people into his courses and that has to be down to what he writes and says. I was looking forward to hearing some of his wisdom but unfortunately John once again does not teach in this module. Instead we get a video of an onstage presentation from Ronnie Sandlin who is a student of John’s and apparently much better at copywriting. Ronnie provides some great tips on copywriting in short easy to digest videos and it looks like they were recorded at a paid seminar.

Free Bonuses

The free bonuses included are “Launch Jacking” by Pyong Kim, “Authority Review Sites” by Donny Gamble and “Facebook Ads For Affiliate” by Carlos Cruz. They are very in depth and provide some higher level paid tactics, they are a good addition but might be a bit too advanced for some beginners.

Will JetSet help you?


Most of the course does suck in my opinion but I really believe theYouTube module can absolutely help beginners make that all important first dollar online. Learning how to start generating traffic from YouTube and monetizing it via Amazon Affiliate or some other affiliate program listed inside the course would be a really good start.

Please don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t happen in the first 15 minutes, day, week, month or even year. Also don’t lose hope when you don’t make the same amounts of money John is making. Just remember how a lot of gurus make their money and know that there is enough information inside the YouTube and Bonus modules.

Are There Better Options?


I have received various emails since publishing this review from people asking what course I would recommend. Honestly I think 90% of courses out there are complete trash and straight up scams. But there was one that caught my eye.

Inside a course called Wealthy Affiliate there is a public blog for students enrolled and 5 times now when doing competitor research for my other niche sites I have been able to see that their public blogs link them to various extremely profitable websites. It’s not a get rich quick scheme but I would say that it is a solid choice for beginners with a vibrant active community and I would be happy to recommend it to friends & family.


  • Hi Anton,
    This Super Affiliate System by John Crestani is a scam. I’ve recently been through the funnel myself so I have a very clear view on it.

    I can say that the Internet Jetset course itself is not a scam as it has decent content and information to be learnt by beginners. However, the “system” is not really a system. It’s pretty weak as it offers no tools for beginners to use and start building their online business. What John offers is a list of links to external websites and software. Some of the links are even naked affiliate links without any guidance.

    The most critical thing is that he makes unrealistic claims. He claims that beginners can earn their first commission within 2 hours after joining if they follow their training closely. He even claims that you can start earning anywhere between $100 to $1,000 in the first week. As experienced marketers, we know that these are impossible. There’s a pretty steep learning curve in the IM industry and it takes months of consistent efforts for beginners to start getting the grasp of it and start making money.

    In his introductory webinar, he mentioned that this is not a “get rich quick” scheme. But he claims to earn first commission within 2 hours afterwards. Isn’t that contradicting and isn’t he eating his own words?

    From this point, you can see that this system is a scam despite the course may be decent.

    I speak from experience. I spent $234 and hours of research to analyze this system.

    What’s your thought?

    • Danilo Miranda

      I agree with some of the things you said but look…

      Earning your first commission in 2 hours ‘and it’s not literally, it can take a few days, or weeks, I’m a student of John’s program and I’ve seen different cases, but whatever… But, there’s a HUGE difference between becoming rich and earning your FIRST commission

      Think about, a lot of people who join John’s course doesn’t believe that affiliate marketing is something real, and the feeling of earning you first commission whatever the value, it change you mind completely

      It’s one of the first steps of the course, aaand the first module focus entirely on mindset and changing your limiting beliefs


    The Internet Jetset Program is not a scam. I have been apart of the program and what John teaches to his students, works. I earned my first commissions in 3 days. John Crestani is the real deal and teaches everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. The course covers everything you need to know to get started in affiliate marketing.
    Hope this helps!

  • You lazy ass….coming soon….you are that lazy?

    Try OMG and Kotton Grammer

  • From what I have found from The Internet Jetset program is that it does add some value but mainly if you uare just starting out and as far as the link jacking section which is an added bonus, it is a complete joke and I would just ignore that part.

    The SEO that is taught in the link jacking section is nothing but spam and a waste of time.

    Other than that, the Internet Jetset program can provide value if you going through the whole program.

  • So many people out there claiming this course/program by John Crestani is a ‘scam’ or ‘doesn’t work’…

    I have a SOLUTION…

    How about YOU put together your own course, showing complete phucking NEWBIES how to generate some income using the Internet, via Affiliate Marketing, and show us just how “legit” your knowledge/teaching is so we can all bow down to your all-mighty-awesomeness!

    • I agree. My concern is not if this is a scam. I am finding taking that first step and actually investing the time and energy into it to be my biggest hurdle. I need someone to kick the fear out of me.

      The only scam is if you invest in it expecting to do one hours work a day for millions per year. This is a job and if you can get excited and motivated about it then I am of the belief that you can do very well at it.

    • The guy never once represented he was an instructor. I did not read his review for HIM to teach me anything. I was looking for a genuine, honest review. And finally got it.
      How can you argue with a someone’s point of view? His review was refreshing..finally someone with some balls…

  • Howie Wilhelm)
    January 19, 2018 at 11:14 pm) You are very funny ! 😜 but genuine ! , i am thinking of signing up ! , but if it was that easy to make money then everyone might have been doing it , but the world is changing fast , it does appear that this is the way of the future , for tradeing , shopping,supplies, deliveries, transactions,etc. ,and working to make a living, will never be the same anymore for sure,while the robots will be taking over the manual labours and even technical jobs from some of today and exponentially more over time ,we need to revamp our selves and retool to a new age of change’s ,just as it was in the industrial revolution of the 19th century into the 20th century, and those nations that never caught on esrly ! into the new changes got left behind and are still suffering today! .

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