Spekter XT-01 Human Enhancement Review – Nootropic 2019

Spekter is a “nootropic” brainstormed by Alex Becker and built by a small team of experts he has hired. At the time of writing this, not much information is known but by looking through his various Facebook posts I seem to remember him mentioning something about it working on the gut and aiming to improve focus.

If you don’t know who Alex Becker is then I will give you a brief rundown. He is a self proclaimed internet multi-millionaire who trains people on all of things marketing. You may have seen his YouTube pre-roll ads or heard about him through his Source Wave training company but this Spekter venture is definitely a big step in a very different direction.

I have made an internal commitment to try Spekter out when it’s released and hopefully I can be one of the first to provide a genuine review.

July 5th 2018 Order Placed

Today I placed my international order and my package is currently shipping.


July 11th Packaged Delivered


My XT-01 arrived yesterday, I had my headphones blasting out tunes and missed the knock on the door. Today I successfully picked it up from the post office so no worries.

Right now I am on Anti Biotic’s for an infection, I don’t want to mix XT-01 with anything else going into my body so this review will have to wait until that’s finished.

My Spekter Review


Today July 23rd was the day I finally managed to get to try the Spekter sitting patiently on my desk. I woke up from a really good sleep at 7am and immediately walked towards my desk to pick up the bottle of water I left out the night before and proceeded to open the black container to ingest two of the XT-01 capsules.

Once ingested nothing immediately happened to me but about 1-2 hours later I did begin to feel some sort of positive effect. I felt a warmth of energy begin to build up inside my body and a mild yet powerful sense of focus start to take over my brain. I powered up my Brain.FM account and started working without procrastination putting in quality work. Life was good.

Then it happened. At about 3pm I began to feel exhausted and I started to crash, I started to feel an extreme low at this point. I have issues even when drinking something mild like coffee and unfortunatley I’m just not mentally built to ride out a crash from any kind of upper no matter how strong or mild they are. As well as stuff like coffee I’ve tried the strongest uppers you can get and it’s always the exact same ending for me no matter what. It looks like the 73.75mg of caffeine inside Spekter set off the crash for me.

Having a lot of energy is not always a good thing. With a ton of energy comes rapid focus reduction, jitters, panic and a crash that does immeasurable harm to your work performance.


If you are not like me (high chance you are) and don’t get anxious like feelings after large amounts of caffeine then you are absolutely going to love Spekter. The mental boost and laser focus I had after taking the two capsules in the morning was really quite incredible for something as legal as a dietary supplement. I also slept like a baby that night.

How Unique Spekter XT-01?


Honestly I don’t think it is anything ground breaking, it took me 5 minutes to find another Nootropic called Mind Lab Pro which features a lot of the same ingredients. I am sure there are others out there as well.

Mind Lab Pro Spekter XT-01
Citicoline Citicoline
Rhodiola Rosea Rhodiola Rosea
Bacopa Monnieri Bacopa Monnieri
Vitamin B Vitamin B
$65.00 1 month supply $67.00 1 month supply
Check Lowest Price Check Lowest Price

Despite that I don’t think it’s a bad thing because I do think that Spekter will introduce a large portion of people to the world of Nootropics and Spekter does have some different ingredients like Alpha-GPC.


Spekter XT-01 Side Effects

There are no side effects listed on the Spekter website that I can find as I write this, the closest thing I could find even related to the discussion of side effects was this thread in the Facebook Group.spekter-xt01-side-effects

You can put your trust in Alex’s hired PHD’s blindly or you can do that and also trust your own gut which is what I would do. If something doesn’t feel right in your body after taking XT 01 then just stop taking the stuff, it’s not complicated.

After researching the individual ingredients and doing further research I am pretty confident taking XT-01 does not have any major side effects. I would say that if you are a pregnant female then don’t take XT-01 (kind of surprised they don’t mention that), if you are on other medication like I was then personally I would also avoid Spekter. I would also say if you have something like Bipolar or any other mental issues take this with extreme care (also very surprised they didn’t mention that) and consult with a your doctor first.

Getting a Refund

I’m definitely not a serial refunder or anything like that, if I buy something I almost always take the responsibility for that purchase and hate the hassle of trying to get a refund but I did see they wrote this on their website.

If for ANY reason you are not happy with your purchase you can refund EVEN EMPTY BOTTLES at any time. We have a 100% no questions asked refund guarantee because we are so confident you are going to LOVE the mental boost XT-01 gives you.


I think this would be a good chance to test the integrity of their company and see if Alex Becker stays loyal to what he says. In truth I wasn’t happy with my purchase because the crash was brutal for me.

July Update:

The Spekter support staff were very pleasant and extremely sharp. I sent my package to them and they refunded me with no questions asked. They even followed up with me to make sure I got my money back.

Final Thoughts

Despite my experience I would still recommend XT-01 to some friends I know well. As I mentioned earlier the boost was great! I really am jealous of people who can handle caffeine. If anyone has any suggestions for me leave them in the comments.









One comment

  • There are other ways of getting yourself energized that, in my opinion, should be tried out first before ever ingesting a pill. All bodies respond differently whether it be ingested or involved within your environment.

    I’m a stage III cancer survivor so I can speak to the matter of drugs. I HAD to take an opiate just to sleep until the large tumor was finally removed. Now in remission, I am happy to say that I am drug-free and I intend to keep it that way, God willing.

    I found those better ways of getting energy through OXYGEN (Vitamin O), music, even meditation. YouTube has countless videos for meditations that help in multiples ways. Why, just last night, I tuned into music for a cat I had recently rescued that was diagnosed with cancer. Yes, music for our little fur babies to help soothe what ails them too is even out on YouTube.

    So, please…please, and I speak to everyone, consider other ways before ingesting ANY pill outside of vitamins or supplements. You’ll want to even do your due diligence for ‘effective’ vitamins and supplements as well.

    That said, I am not speaking to those who have special medical needs. That’s totally between you and your doctor. God bless you in whatever it is you are going through.

    Thank you, Anton, for this site. Your efforts are genuine and much appreciated.

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