Smart Member 2 Review

Smart Member 2.0
Launch Date:
Jan 12th – Jan 18th
Chris Record

Hi, Anton here,

I need to tell you something right now… Do not buy Smart Member 2.0 until you have read this review. I will not be holding back with this review and it is imperative that you go through this first before you decide to purchase smart member 2.0 because it will make everything painless.


  1. Created by reputable seller aka 7 figure super affiliate Chris Record
  2. 3rd party integration with JVZOO
  3. Great support at
  4. Keep access to your leads



  1. Unlimited payment option does not last long



What can you do with Smart Member 2.0?


Product launches

With SM 2.0 you can make money by creating your own product launches and creating your own membership sites, all inside the software.

When creating and launching your own product you can also do the following inside SM 2.0

  • add your product seamlessly to JVZOO via SM2.0
  • Automatically give affiliates review copies

Bonus sites

If you are an affiliate marketer then the bonus site feature inside SM 2.0 will be useful. You can create stunning bonus pages and once again with JVZIPN there is an option for your leads to automatically be given access to any member site you create and to top that off you can add the leads to any autoresponder.

List building

You can instantly build small niche relevant websites on any area you are interested in and you can fill up your site by scraping relevant videos from all the big video sharing websites.

Bridge Pages


SM 2.0 comes with bridge pages great software from Chris. With Bridge Pages you can quickly create dynamic squeeze pages that can be unique to whoever is looking at the bridge page.

Who it’s for

SM 2.0 and all the bonuses are for internet marketers who just starting out but also for more advanced marketers. If you are a marketer who has been buying every shiny software under the sun this is good for you because everything is integrated and compliments each different thing very well which means you do not have to buy anything else.

Version 1.0 vs 2.0

Since 6 months ago in June 2015 Chris Records team have been working very hard to make 2.0 much better. They have invested a massive 6 figures into their Austin Texas based company since then and have added 100 new features to version 2 which makes this new version bug and error free.

What else is Included for free?

Smart Member lifetime license – $997

Bridge Pages lifetime license – $497

Speed Blogging lifetime license – $297

Dark Post Profits version 1.0 – $97

Dark Post Profits version 2.0 – $297

Dark Post Profits version 3.0 – $997

Facebook Comments Manager – $197

Collect of 15k+ FB Ads – $97

x2 VIP tickets to live conference in January 2015 – $994


3C Conference with Chris Record

My opinion

The two tickets to the 3C conference and the $5,000 bundle make purchasing Smart Member 2.0 totally worth it! Included in the bundle is Dark Post Profits 3.0 another quality software by Chris Record that has not even been released yet. This bundle is not some low quality PLR that has random price tags attached. This is genuinely powerful software with justified price tags that you will never be able to get for free in any kind of bundle ever again.


Download Smart Member 2.0 + the 5k bundle

Who is Chris Record


Chris Record is a 7 figure super affiliate internet marketer from Roseville California. He has created and launched products such as:

Speed Blogging

Bridge Pages

Dark Post Profits

Smart Member

You can learn more about his company here

One time offers

This first to one time offer ties in really well with SM 2.0 and the whole bundle because with his coaching at 6 figure traffic academy and the bundle it is going be very hard to fail. The 6 figure traffic academy boldly claims to help create over 100 internet marketers generating over $100,000 per year. This is done by with training from 40+ coaching webinars per year or around 3 per month and accountability groups among a like-minded group of people.

There are no other one time offers.

Payment Options

This is truly the Last time to get the unlimited account and the huge bundle for only $997 or in 3 easy payment options of only $397.

The one time offer can be purchased for the first month for only $1 and after that $97 per month.



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