SEOpressor Review

What is SEOPressor?

Search Engine Optimization Pressor is a wordpress plugin designed to help you with your search engine rankings. When it comes to successful SEO it comes down to a couple of main things 1) on page seo 2) off page seo.

How does it help?

SEOpressor helps with onpage seo and if you don’t have much Search Engine Optimiztion knowledge then this is a good plugin for you. If you have some experience you don’t really need to buy this plugin as you can just do the on page seo by yourself manually.

Features I like?

My favorite feature inside SEOpressor was the over optimization warning signa. Google can penalize websites that they think are trying to game their algorithm by stuffing their content with a keyword. SEOpressor lets you know if you are in danger of being over optimized. The plugin helps you with every other major onpage function you need like helping you with meta tags and helping you with google snippets which are important for good click through rates from the SERPS.

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