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ModaPharma is one of many online Modafinil vendors and the 7th vendor to be reviewed on this website. Others in the past have shut down, scammed customers or simply not provided a high-quality service. Others have built a solid reputation with customers by providing a consistently high level of service at a low price. Those are the vendors I love along with everyone else, So what side of the fence does ModaPharma stand in my opinion?

Quick ModaPharma Facts

Before I get into the actual review here 5 quick facts about ModaPharma that will help you build up a quick picture on the company.

  • They offer Free Shipping on all orders.
  • They have served over 40,000 customers.
  • They are one of the longest running Modafinil vendors since 2015.
  • They offer a 100% delivery guarantee

ModaPharma Products

Modapharma currently provide all major Modafinil brands from genuine laboratories. I have only ever ordered their Modafinil so I cannot comment on their other products they recently started selling.

Modafinil Prices

Below in the table is an example of ModaPharma’s pricing structure, You can see that you get discounts for higher quantity orders. The prices are low and you should remember that shipping is free and that these are the standard prices without using a coupon for a discount.



x30 Modalert

$1.93 per pill

x60 Modalert

$1.72 per pill

x90 Modalert

$1.27 per pill

ModaPharma Delivery


ModaPharma delivering my package


Like all good Modafinil vendors, Modapharma offers a tracking service which allows you to keep a close to real-time view of where your package currently is in the world!


As you can see in the picture above I got access to a tracking service in my order confirmation email. It is really easy to use and you get a choice to track with Parcelforce, Track-Trace or with IPSWeb which I found to provide the most accurate and up to date information.

Delivery Time


I placed my order on the 20th

On the tracking page we can see my order was shipped from Mumbai India and would have actually taken just 5 days to arrive to my UK Address had it not arrived on a Sunday the day nobody delivers post in the UK! I can see that it was “shipped” but was actually flown via airplane which is the reason for the super fast delivery speeds.

It gets better

If that doesn’t sound good enough then let me you it gets even better as the whole delivery process is free.

Actually, it gets even better than that though…

Modapharma has a 100% sure delivery service meaning if your package doesn’t get through customs or doesn’t arrive at your address whatever the reason then they will re-ship your product for free!

Closing Thoughts

ModaPharma seems like a good solid choice for Nootropics online. Their prices seem fair to me and the fact that they have been around for 2 years+ is a positive sign. Let’s hope they keep the good service for a whole lot longer!

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