ModaJoy & AlertJoy Review


Chances are you have came across ModaJoy and AlertJoy from the vendor ModAF since they sell it exclusively. That's how I came across it anyway. When Afinil Express were around they never sold either so I never got round to trying them. In this review I am going to try both products and write about my experiences with them both good and bad. Let's get into it.

Who Makes ModaJoy & Alertjoy


Most Modafinil sold online is produced in India but according to ModAF, ModaJoy and AlertJoy is said to be produced by LifeJoy Healthcare. Doing a search for this company turns up only one unrelated natural medicine company based in Oregon but aside from that there wasn't any other relevant sources. I did eventually find out that Centurion Laboratories were the company that make both Modajoy and Alertjoy. I was pleased to hear that since from my research, they have been producing pharmaceuticals and certainly been a reputable company for over 24 years.

My ModaJoy Experience


Modajoy is said to be quite similar to Modalert but cheaper and more potent. I found Modalert to be beneficial for my work purposes so was excited to try this. Waking up at 6am, I took 1 ModaJoy and waited.

Within the hour I was feeling the full effects and was working without procrastination free throughout the day. Until 10pm that night to be precise. Looking back now I can definitely see that ModaJoy was legit and for the price I would recommend it and have to say that it's better than Modalert in my opinion

Thoughts On AlertJoy 


AlertJoy is similar to Armodafinil and like it's twin ModaJoy it is also a lot cheaper. I have to say that I was never a fan of Armodafinil. I found the drop of effect harsh and always had difficulty sleeping after taking. Strangely this did not occur after taking AlertJoy. The focus and alertness was still there albeit not as strong as the ModaJoy.

Packaging & Delivery

Both products came in blisters of 10 and were perfectly sealed clean which is what you would expect from a big laboratory like Centurion. Also, since I ordered with ModAF everything went perfectly well.


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Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of Modalert and Wakert but want to try something new I would recommend both ModaJoy and AlertJoy. I think that they are going to become more popular with time due to their excellent alertness effects. You can use them both to improve whatever your focus requires.

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