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I ordered from Modafinilcat


People always ask me what the delivery time is for orders with Modafinilcat for residents in Britain. I can tell you because I have in the past ordered Modalert from Modafinilcat to the UK.

How long it takes..

It took just under 2 weeks to arrive all the way from India.

As long as your package doesn’t get stopped in customs your order will take the same route and will therefore take the same length of time. Also don’t worry about customs, if you’re ordering a small package of Modafinil it won’t raise any red flags and they will have seen it before thousands of times. Customs issues happen when you order suspiciously large amounts.

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  • So… I Ordered Modafinil to London after reading this and yes it took less than 14 days. I also got the 10% discount for my second order through your link, cheers mate.

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