Modafinilcat Review – Is Afinilexpress a Scam ? Coupon Inside..

Breaking News. is closing down and will no longer be in business. It’s the end of a short era in what is still a very new industry. Modafinilcat now recommend Their website was recently registered in June 2016 so it’s possible they have some sort of prior relationship with Modafinilcat.


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How I ended up buying Modfinil From

Ever since I watched the film egiimitless I have always been curious about Smart Drugs and what the effects could do for me.


With my work (internet marketing) sometimes it is hard to concentrate for hours on end and I have always just imagined how much more I could get out of life and bussiness if I could truly maximise every hour fully while my competition wasn’t.

Rewind 1 month ago

I was watching videos on Modafinil thinking about Bradley Cooper’s Character in Limitless while procrastinating from important work and just around that time as I was getting more and more interested in it my friend’s girlfriend was prescribed some pill for some kind of health issue. She said it worked out well with her fatigue or whatever she had.

I didn’t know she was taking Modafinil back then and did not know that this would be the foundations for me trying it in the future.

1 Month Later

My Friend ended up texting me one day telling me he had tried one of his girlfriends Modafinil pills, he is a web developer and he was telling me how much he had coded that day and how focused he was. He asked me if I wanted to go halfs on x40 Modalert from

I said yes but had some queries at the same time. He’s my friend and I trust his opinion but when he said they were going to be shipped from India I just thought that it was going to take too long to arrive, it would get lost on the way or maybe it just wouldn’t be safe. It actually arrived really fast within a week... from India to the United Kingdom.



My Modafinilcat Review




Delivery 10/10

  • It came in discreet packaging
  • No problems in customs
  • Super fast
  • Tracking Code
  • Free delivery!


The Pill 10/10

  • I’m still alive and didn’t die
  • Normal legit expected effects
  • Clean Sealed Packaging




How I felt

I woke up on a Sunday morning to try Modafinilcats Modalert as early as possible. I cut 200mg in half and swallowed it. To start off with I wasn’t sure if what I was feeling was placebo or not but soon after I knew It wasn’t placebo.


Every time I stopped working and checked the time I noticed 2/3 hours had passed and was amazed that during all that time I had got work done without stopping or browsing youtube. I found it really easy to process whatever was in my mind into an action. I am really looking forward to the results I am going to see from all my online business’s with the extra work I have been able to put in.

I did have some headaches and felt quite sick in the afternoon but that passed pretty quickly and that obviously has nothing to do wth Modafinilcat. Everybody will have different effects, good and bad.

Later that night I didn’t feel tired at all. Then when I was in my bed I still felt like instead of sleeping I could write a 1000 word essay. That wasn’t very good but with some deep slow breathing I managed to make myself sleep. Since then I only take the Modafinil as early as possible so the effects taper off earlier.

Please be careful where you buy Modafinil online, for your own sake take some time to research what kind of company you are buying pills from. That last thing we need is some corrupt company selling somebody something that will hurt someone and give reputable vendors like Modafinilcat a bad name. is a good option



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