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Today I am going to be reviewing the vendor ModAF. They are an online pharmacy that sells various different products but in this ModAF review I will be covering their Modafinil products. I will be looking at their shipping times, customer reviews and even ordering and testing their Modafinil for myself. 

ModAF's history can traced back to one of the biggest most legendary Modafinil vendors in history. I am going to start the review by looking at that first.

First There Was Modafinilcat


Back in the day Modafinilcat was the biggest Modafinil vendor to have ever existed. They had brief mentions in Vice and other mammoth publications. They were on top of the world and were selling a ship load of quality Modafinil every single day. 

That's why it was such a surprise to me when when I logged into my email one morning in September 2016 and saw that they were closing their doors immediately. They left without much explanation but strangely passed the torch on to a new unknown Modafinil vendor called Afinil Express.

Then There Was Afinil Express


I had never heard of Afinil Express and neither had most people. Their Modafinil was solid though and so was their support. They had "mild hiccups"  along the way with credit card fraud and domain suspension shortly before they shut down. They never seemed to catch the same dizzy heights as their predecessor but were without doubt well known and by no means a bad vendor. They shut their doors in June 2019 in a similar fashion to Modafinilcat. That is without much explanation and the recommendation of a new vendor.

ModAF Passed The Torch


It was a sad day to see Afinil Express shut down but I was excited to see that they had left with a high recommendation of new vendor. They recommend a new company called ModAF.

I personally had never heard of this company before and so what follows in this review will be my first and unhindered honest impressions of ModAF. I am going to check if they have what it takes to become the new kings. Afinil Express & Modafinilcat may not be the reason for the creation of ModAF but it most certainly will be the reason thousands of people now use them.


My favorite product is Modalert and I find this has given me the best results in the past in terms of focus. ModAF sell Modalert from Sun Pharma which is the pharmacy both Afinil Express and Modafinilcat used. I would personally recommend this is and it's what I ordered for this review. 

modaf-package-front speed delivery

My Delivered Package Of Modalert

package-open -alternative

Unboxing My Package

Unlike Afinil Express and ModafinilCat, ModAF also seem to be game changers in stocking even more products and even allow you to place custom orders.


I've also placed another order for Modajoy 200mg (Modafinil) and Alertjoy 150mg (Armodafinil) by LifeJoy Healthcare and will be reviewing that next. It looks like the next big winner and ModAF seem to be the exclusive sellers of both. Based upon my experiences with Modalert 200mg, we will see how they compare.  As always, you can find your favorites at ModAF.

  • Modafinil
  • Armodafinil 

ModAF Coupon & Discount

Use my affiliate link & the 30% off coupon code sickreview for the absolute cheapest price possible. ModAF also claim that if you find a product cheaper you can tell them and they will give you an even bigger discount.

My Experience With Their Product

Their Modalert was excellent. I took it at 6am in the morning and was able to work straight through until 11pm at night. That is not a normal occurrence for me. It took about 1 hour for the effects to start and I can tell that it wasn't fake Modafinil. I am going to experimenting more with this products soon. I will update this review with more results.

ModAF Shipping

ModAF seem to be using their own proprietary fulfillment and dispatch service to ensure orders leave in the most discrete and fastest fashion. This definitely sets ModAF aside to other vendors I have reviewed, which are using other companies to do their shipping for them. 

ModAF offer two options for shipping; 

  • ModAF RED Shipping
  • Regular Shipping

I elected for their ModAF RED Shipping, with the order reaching me in exactly 6 days. That's less than a week, so ordering on Tuesday resulted in me getting it the following Monday. Quite amazing, considering its coming from the other side of the world. I have to give them honest credit here, that is the fastest I have ever received an order from any vendor I have reviewed. 

They claim their ModAF RED Shipping option enters their priority queue and gets shipped much quicker than regular shipping.

What Countries They Don't Ship Too

Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Taiwan, Croatia, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Romania, Spain, South Africa or the United Arab Emirates.

ModAF Support

I am not sure how many people work at ModAF but their support is beyond believable. They truly live up to their Responsive support team claim as seen on their front page and in their video. My ticket was answered in less than 2 hours. Simply email with any query and a ticket will be created or go to their helpdesk to lodge a ticket. After that, expect to have your query answered ASAP.

They also have put together an array of helpful information:

Props to their support team for putting together such a huge amount of information. 

Final Thoughts

I think that ModAF are the real deal! I ordered their Modalert and can't honestly say that everything from moment I first placed my order to the moment I ingested their product was perfect. I would recommend them to friends. Don't forget to use my coupon code sickreview for a discount and please let me know in the comments about your honest thoughts on ModAF.

Disclaimer: The content in this ModAF review is purely information and NOT a substitute for diagnosis, medical advice, or treatment. You must seek advice from your qualified health care provider with any queries and not Modafinil may require a prescription in your country and may have side effects.


  • I’m definitely interested. I was reading on reddit that a few people ordered from them in the past and never heard or got anything.

    So I’ll be back to see if your review.

  • Hi have you been able to try the recommended vendor MODaf – i can’t get their page to even launch.

  • Can’t wait for the review, was devastated by afinilexpress closing since they’ve been my go-to and I need moda for my constant fatigue.

  • Hi Anton,
    Are you able to provide with a review of Modaf?
    Are they legit? How is the delivery, customer service and protection of data?
    Thanks for your reviews.

  • Kirsten j maguire ONLY accept pmt via bitcoin! Ffs. They couldnt make it any harder could they? Im a techno dinosaur , not a f’ing clue do i have! So before i have a major anxiety attack over the stupid bitcoin issue, i would like to know if the new mob are any good. Also is there another mob i could use , say one that accepts paypal (cos least its easy). (The anxiety is far too real & debilitating to even ATTEMPT creating bitcoin wallet, buying, using etc) I need a better option. Im hoping that you may have one i can get my head around. Regards kjm

  • Okay, what? So they ship to only a third of the world? I mean going by 2019 populations, out of 7.7 billion people, they only ship to 2.6 billion. I happen to be in one of those unfortunate countries (and statistically speaking, I was likely to end up there, as 2 out of 3 people will be). Afinil express often got the packages through (or the companies they employed), and even if it got hung up on customs, they had solutions for that, to not ship to 2/3rds of the world and have no alternatives is very troubling.

    I would love to use ModAF since Afinil Express handed them the torch and (going by this review) they seem trustworthy, but I can’t if they don’t ship to my country. Are there any vendors with similiar level of reputation that ship to at least 50% or more of the world?

  • My Past Lives

    Thanks for this review. I was just about to fill up on my next six months of Mod and was shocked to see that AE had shut down. They were such a great company! I’m prepared to give ModAF benefit of doubt. I’ll use your affiliate link and make a purchase a bit later today. Thanks for the news!

  • A concerned duck

    Just placed my order, am hopeful for its arrival. Will update if it’s legit!

  • At the top of the Page, it says 30% off coupon inside…where is the coupon…the time will come were advertisers won’t be able to say whatever they want, not impressed.

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