MaxCFD Review – Deposit, Withdrawals, Scam or legit?


Are you interested in investing your money in stocks or commodities? Or perhaps you’re excited about getting involved in Forex? Regardless of how you wish to invest your money, you’ll first need to find a suitable broker. There are many excellent options out there, but many people have begun utilizing Max CFD. This broker offers a wealth of options for traders. It gives them the ability to trade stocks, commodities and currencies. It also accommodates long and short-term trading. Is this the right broker for you? You’ll find out below.

Max CFD Location

When attempting to determine whether or not a broker is legitimate and safe, it is often a good idea to check out their physical location. If the company is located in the Middle East or Asia, you should probably be worried. With MaxCFD, this is not a problem. The company is actually owned and operated by Chemmi Holdings Limited, which is based out of the United Kingdom.

This should provide the trader with a little added peace of mind.

Crypto Currency

Over the past few years, more and more consumers have decided to get involved in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Unfortunately, trading in these currencies can be difficult at times. The good news is that Max CFD actually allows users to trade in various crypto currencies, including LiteCoin, Etherum and even Bitcoin. If your sole intention is to try to make money with crypto currencies, you’ll find that MaxCFD will be able to meet your needs in this precise category.

Opening An Account 


Some Forex brokers make it incredibly difficult to get an account up and running. This is definitely one of the perks of using MaxCFD. The broker has completely simplified the signup process. In fact, you do not need to make any deposit whatsoever to create an account. On top of that, there is no registration fee. Just remember that you will eventually need to make a deposit to begin trading your money with this broker.

Also, be very careful when signing up. You’ll need to choose between USD and EUR. Your currency of choice cannot be changed after your registration has been completed. Other than that, the signup process couldn’t be easier. Take note that you will need to make a minimum deposit of one hundred bucks!

Plenty Of Payment Methods

While you’re at it, you should familiarize yourself with MaxCFD’s payment options. They’re plentiful. In fact, you should have little to no trouble signing up with MaxCFD and funding your account. With this broker, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of payment methods, including major credit cards, debit cards, and even digital payments options. This broker accepts China Union Pay, Neteller, and Skrill.

In order for your deposit to be successful, you’ll need to take steps to identify yourself. For instance, you’ll need a picture ID, documentation showing your current address, and possibly your social security number. After your identity has been confirmed, you’ll be able to make deposits and withdrawals as you see fit.

Plenty Of Assets


Some of the Forex brokers are a little limited in terms of stocks and commodities that are available to traders. MaxCFD doesn’t offer a lot of stocks, but their stocks are actually pretty good. The company allows traders to invest in some of the most popular stocks from around the world. This includes Coca Cola, 3M, Bank of America, Disney, Exxon Mobil, and more. In terms of commodities, you’ll be able to choose between three, gold, silver and oil. There are also three indices that traders can choose from.

MaxCFD isn’t the most versatile trading platform in the world, but it does offer a pretty good amount of options to choose from.

Proceed With Caution

When it comes down to it, there is nothing that suggests MaxCFD might be a scam of any kind. Nevertheless, it should be known that an initial investigation of MaxCFD concluded that it was not licensed or regulated by FCA, FSB or ASIC. Still, the broker has received several negative reviews from previous users. By all accounts, it seems to be a legitimate broker, but users should be very cautious when they sign up for any unknown entity. Since this broker is fairly new, it is best to stay on the side of caution. What do you think? Have you made money with Max CFD? Let me know below in the comments.





  • MaxCFD is a good honest company! Happy to be a client

    • in what way because you are one of the very lucky few…

      • Hi William,

        Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

        Could you please drop us an email on, or provide me with your Customer ID I will see to it that one of our support representatives looks into it and escalates it as soon as possible.

        We hope to hear from you soon.

        Kind regards,

        • Sincere APOLOGIES from Legal MaxCFD? For what? Scamming William and stealing his money? What a Joke!

          • im trying to close my both accounts with max cfd and they wont let me close . keeps saying I have a bonus on my account. which I did not ask for. if I want to close my account then I have to deposit 1k in my account otherwise all the funds will be lost. I’ve put more then 5k in my account since January 2018 and still they are asking for more money.
            total they have took more then 55k from my account since November 2017

    • Total scam. I have reported them to the Australian Federal Police and Australian Securities Investment Commission. My bank is making recovery efforts on my behalf to get my money back. Since I told them I had reported them, they don’t answer any emails or phone calls.

    • MaxCFD it’s rubbish, I am waiting to get my money back since 3 months but no result every time the told they are just support team they can’t do anything, I had balance £250 after a month they told me I have to cancel my withdraw and submit again, so I did , then my balance shows £200 for I haven’t done anything,
      I am wondering they will ever give me my money back

      • Hi Silvy, It appears like the same old excuses they tell everyone that tries to withdraw money from these Thieves MAX SCAM CFD! One wonders, Does this Company have a CEO? I have Demanded that the CEO Contact me and tell me what’s happened to my USD617. 81. I haven’t heard from anyone other than the “Your request has been referred to our Finance Department and we will update you soon as we hear from them. Do they have a Finance Department one Wonders? Why is this Company Allowed to Trade when it is very Clear, They are Stealing Money from Hardworking People like Us! Is there a Law in the UK that Protects People like us from these Thieves? MAXIMUM SCAMMERS OF ONLINE TRADING!

    • MAXCFD Is a 100 percent fraud company. Please donot trust these b*****ds.

    • Have They Piised in your POCKET BROTHER?

  • Made some profits with MaxCFD now and am waiting to withdraw, I am hoping it all goes well.

  • I recovered my funds from a scam broker, at first everything was going well till i put in a withdrawal request. It was one issue after another. I had to hire a refund professional to get my money back. glad im out of this mess.

    • how did you recieve your fund as i am in the same situation now.

      regards william

      • Be careful ! This so-called ‘refund professional’ is just a secondary scam designed to get even more of your hard earned money out of you (Have a guess about the posters integrity). They’ll ask for significant monies up front ($5,000) but won’t give your professional qualifications and business registration etc. If you challenge them, you won’t hear from them anymore. So take care !

        • Hi David,

          You are absolutely right, a lot of these “refund professionals” are secondary scams. I try my best not too approve their comments. is owned by Cactil LLC an American company that has helped return millions and has a full page of testimonials. If you really wanted too then you could probably find out where the company directors live and work.

          You can chargeback a company yourself for free but these scam brokers know how to refute all claims in order to get a chargeback dropped. You only get one shot at a chargeback claim sadly so it does make some sense to use an honest Charge Back company with a great depth of experience. If anybody wants to send me undeniable proof that are dishonest I will remove all recommendations but for now I will continue to promote them and continue to delete comments promoting “secondary scams”.

        • David Lucas: FYI, I just received a full chargeback from my bank thanks to I would never have been able to get that without them. They’re professionals, very knowledgeable and don’t give up! I very much recommend them to anyone else who’s been scammed online.

    • Who did you use? I have the same issue with these b******ds.

  • Just a warning for anyone reading…. do NOT invest with MaxCFD. They are refusing to give me my money back.

  • Do NOT invest with MaxCFD. This is a professional scam.
    Read all on-line forums. Hundreds of people have been conned
    They are refusing to return my $20000 investment
    They are thieves that need to be brought to justice
    Unregulated and unlicensed

  • MAXCFD IS A SCAM, they are con-artists and blatantly take you money, then have the audacity to ask for more when I have made a withdrawal request. They have email addresses, phone numbers and an address, but NO finance or accounting department to pay people back there money. It’s sad that the good people can be so greedy to deceive people on an on-going basis. DO NOT SPEND MONEY WITH MAXCFD.

  • It appears to be a total scam. Deposited money, made 56% profit and although I have received an email that my account has been fully verified, I have been waiting for my money since beginning of December.
    Now, nobody answers my emails, telephone call, and the trader that used to call me daily, called from bogus non-existing tel. numbers.
    I am starting fully blown legal action now, including a lawyer report to the fraud squad and the Companies House –

  • hi ,,, Same story here. trying to get a withdrawal and I keep getting the run around .
    I was told I need to verify my account , but I did not pay via credit card and I refused to provide CC details.
    I gave them my bank account details to pay directly .
    no responses to date.
    the broker I dealt with is Steven Wilson and Will Johnson
    money lost ,,, I should try some voodoo magic on them, to teach them a lesson.
    My money taken will mean nothing then and I will reap with the benefits of their suffering.

  • Same issue, been trying to get my money withdrawn since Dec’17 and keep getting the runaround that it is with their Finance dept. Checking my account today and the withdrawal request is showing canceled and there is a $50 inactivity charge!!!

    Anyone have success getting their funds withdrawn and if so how ??

  • hi guys ,

    I was one of the few lucky ones to get my money back , after a lot of work.
    1. contact your bank to get a recall of funds back . I was handed to the fraud dept of the bank
    2. go to the local police station and open a fraud case .
    3. hand the case ref number over to the bank .
    4. print the payment receipt to show proof of deposit to MAXCFD , you will ne surprised that this will be a local account.
    5. if it is a local account ( account paid from your account to another account in your country) , get a credit report done on that company that you paid to.
    6. the credit report shows all details including contact details and addresses.
    7. facebook / linkedin and google search the names of the directors and company etc.
    8. once you have the correct company / persons , call them up and request your funds immediately providing your account details for the refund . Tell them that a fraud case is opened and that unless you receive payment , further action will be taken against them .

    MAXCFD is a Ponzi / scam working between South Africa / Mauritius / UK and US. Operated with various companies within those countries .
    once you have located the local receiving party of your funds , no further documents are required .
    I got my money back without having to complete any MAXCFD verification forms, note that the forms can be used for identity fraud too ,, so there is a bigger risk involved when providing personal info that MAXCFD requests.

  • Will never get your pay out that you request. Total scam all the way. DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD RYAN OR AMY TELL’S YOU. STAY FAR AWAY!!!!

  • MaxCFD is a fraud and scam company, why police are not shutting down this scam company. they have to bring it to justice and punish them. Why no police taking action on this company, police easily can block this website…but why they not taking any action…..? Victims have to sue the police!!!

  • I have a very bad experience with MaxCFD. They threw up every obstacles they can think of to prevent me from withdrawing. They even played the game of saying the withdrawal request is “PENDING” giving me the comfort that all is good and it is just a matter of time. As a result, I did nothing with the account. Guess what? After a month they charged me USD50 for inactivity and canceled my withdrawal request because there is now not enough money for the original request. After much protest they say they will look into it. And another month past, they deducted another USD50 for again no activities even though they were supposed to be looking into the wrongful inactivities charges in the first place!

  • MAXCFD – Both good news and bad.

    The good –
    In Jan 2018 I paid in Eu 3,250 and was able to withdraw Eu 3,041 by
    15 Feb. The reason for the shortfall was mostly for “Inactivity Fees” and Eu Forex value variances. All transactions managed by agent Ben Klein who was always very responsive with frequent calls to me answering my email inquiries.

    The bad –
    In May after being called by new agent Ben Walker when he suggested revisiting investing once more – I still had $250 still left in my open account – and because I had been able to withdraw previously I went ahead and confidently deposited incrementally up to a value of Eu 20,500 up until mid June 2018, by which time I had exhausted my accessible reserves.

    In late June Ben Walker advised that he was being promoted into a senior position and that he would no longer be able to manage my investment on an ongoing basis unless I could invest a further amount to reach the Eu 100,000 required “VIP bracket” for the portfolio group that he would be managing. He emailed to me suggesting in a email that I should persist with finding the money, otherwise if I so chose, he would authorize the closing of my account and have my then value of Eu 36,500 (yes, a “profit of some Eu 16,000! – I have a MAXCFD statement of the value balance) returned to me via my bank. I could not comply
    and confirmed this via email but nevertheless and, without my express or tacit authority, he
    (aka “Finance”) transferred my account to the VIP bracket.
    I complained and Ben Walker stated that he would attempt to persuade “Finance” to arrange for repayment and the closing of my account. After repeated communications – he would occasionally still call me and respond to my emails – but eventually by mid August I started to threaten legal action after which all communication from him ended.
    As of now I have access to my account via the website. Currently my position reflects a value of potentially Eu 28,000 inclusive – a gain of Eu 7500, but I would be happy if only my original investment was recovered
    Since then I have been viewing “agencies” similar to your portal in order to find via which safe channel I can proceed reliably to recover my locked-in invested funds.

    I look forward to your advice

  • I need help!!!

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