Alex Becker Review – Is Market Hero a Scam or not?

How Alex Becker Changed My Life


It’s 2014, I am about 17 years old and have just searched something related to “lamborghini’s’ on YouTube and Alex Becker has popped up. I see him drive his Black Lambo and start to feel a bit of jealousy inside of me. The jealousy fades into desire and I eventually find myself inside Source Wave, Becker’s free SEO training company. “Hey Dudes and Dudettetes'” vibrates inside my ear drums and I’m hooked. His marketing ploy has worked, or has it?

I end up going through every single one of his free training videos and eventually learn the basics of SEO and more advanced techniques like how to use Private Blog Networks. I build my own site and small PBN just as Becker instructs and plan to use it as portfolio for further work. A couple of months after this I end up applying to every single SEO Job in my country and get an in house SEO Job at a financial company. I was a high school drop out with no work experience so it was pretty amazing I was now at this point making more than my teachers who most likely thought the worst of me. I never made contact with Alex, never bought any of his products and I was probably just a number in his google analytics to him but at that period he had changed my life.

I quite quickly figured out I hated being an employee and ended up quitting that job almost exactly 1 year after I got it but I still stuck with Internet Marketing. Becker’s influence still lives on within me and I’ve now built up my own online business that is growing every year.

I am now going to buy his book and will sign up for Market Hero and give you guys an honest review. You might think I have reason to be biased with the review considering the guy changed my life and all but I promise I won’t. I will let you know what I really think about Alex Becker in 2019..

Market Hero Review



Price: $99 p/month

What it is Market Hero

Market Hero is a stand alone email auto responder service that is mostly by the looks of things sold through different courses. If you are thinking about buying Market Hero then you will most likely have seen a Wolf Mug advert on YouTube or something similar and gone through a webinar. There is also the option just buy Market Hero outright. Only other email autoresponder I have ever used in the past was aweber. I don’t do email marketing professionally but I will still try my best to give a good honest review of Market Hero, if you want an extremely technical review you should probably leave this page.

How much it costs


The price has changed quite often but it’s currently at about $99 per month or about $900 per year. You can use the free trial like I did which really is free provided you cancel within 14 days.

What’s inside?

Instantly after you put in your credit card details you get redirected to a what at a first glance looks like an upsell page. What it actually is though is a 4 part on boarding section that explains what you are about to see inside Market Hero and how to use everything.

Free Stuff

Here it is possible to skip all of the 4 videos but they take about a combined 10 minutes to watch and you also get bribed with a free Market Hero t-shirt if you do end up watching them.

More Onboarding

After the 4 part on boarding videos for some reason you get further on boarding videos, Honestly I got a bit confused at this point even with all the videos but I will now attempt to give you a summary of what is inside Market Hero and what you can do with it based off the videos and what I’ve actually seen with my own eyes.

Dollar value per lead
You get to see how much the leads inside your market hero account are worth and how much money they make per email and other cool stuff like that.
Segmentation, Segmantation, Segwomenation… Yes… It is possible with Market Hero to segment all of the men, boys, women and people in the entire universe. Seriously though, you can quickly segment people who didn’t open your email, people who clicked on links, bought stuff, didn’t buy stuff and other very intricate stuff. I don’t remember being able to do that last time I used Aweber.
You can funnel the f**k out of stuff with Market Hero. Simply embed an option button direct from inside the platform onto your website and start from there. This is probably the best feature of Market Hero, you can automatically split test your funnels to really narrow down to the best converting headline or sales copy. I can tell you from personal experience that split testing can really double or triple your income in a drastically short space of time.
Import leads from other auto responder
You can import your leads from other Auto Responders you decide to leave and you can import them by uploading a CVS file. From what I seen in the video there is a stricter than average process for verifying that your leads have legally opted in your list and nothing shady is going on. This is because Alex wants the delivery rate for ALL customers of Market Hero to be great and one bad list can really effect not just one but the entire customer base.
Legally bound not to steal your leads
I think I remember seeing a comment somewhere on YouTube saying that Market Hero was just set up so Alex could just steal everybody’s email lists lol. Once you import your leads into Market Hero they are legally bound not to email them so if you can prove that they do that then feel free to sue them for every single thing they own.

Refund Policy


Most of the criticisms I have seen have come from people complaining about the refund policy. In terms of the free trial offer for only Market Hero, it’s pretty clear cut. If you cancel within 14 days then you won’t be charged anything. I actually used the free trial to write this review and cancelled with no issues or charges at all.

With the H-Com 2020 Program and others, things get a little bit more confusing but still make sense if you take the time to read the terms and conditions. I have never seen anything like this personally but in order to get your money back there is an action based refund policy and you must have done things like watched all of the videos in the course, created a store with at least 5 products, installed the Smar7 app and other very specific things that show you are serious.

There are also different rules for the HeroCONSULTING program, 8x Academy, VMA Program and Hero Black Card. Honestly my brain hurts reading all of the terms and conditions but I can see why there a bunch of complaints out there and I can also see why Alex Becker is a multi millionaire. Folks, just make sure you are 100% committed to completing whatever course you sign up for, the fact is most people will never complete the courses they buy but that comes down to you and not Alex Becker, I would say that he just capitalizing on that which he has every legal right to do.


There really is not a lot to say about the Market Hero support other than it is really good. They have english speaking people available to answer your queries instantly through live chat for free. Can’t really get any better than that.

10 Pillars of Wealth Review


Me reading at the pool

10 Pillars Of Wealth is only $5.99 on kindle or free with an audible trial. If you have ever read any of Alex’s Facebook posts then just imagine this book the same as those but x100. If you enjoy the posts and like me find that you usually learn a thing or two from them then you I am pretty sure you will like 10 Pillars of wealth.

The book starts out with the 1st pillar explaining why working for yourself is a better and safer solution than being an employee. He explains how working a Job for the rest of your life is actually a more risky solution and that creating your own business is safer. If you are just starting out on your journey and are currently an employee then this chapter should really give you a slap to the face. If you are like me though and have been running your own business for a while then you won’t really take much from this first chapter and you might find it a bit boring. Don’t put the book down just yet though if that is you because it does get more in depth.

The next chapter goes over setting up systems in your business so that your money works for you. I learned a lot from this chapter and found it similar to the stuff from the book “e-myth” but actually found Alex Becker’s writing more fun to read. Following that Alex covers making sure you have the right mentality, he talks about how you need to believe in yourself to the point that you think you are the absolute best. He says that if you want to be in the 1% of millionaires, there is no room for people who doubt themselves. He also uses some morbidly extreme examples about how you need to take responsibility for your own actions. This was quite a motivating chapter and I enjoyed it. The following pillars continue in a similar fashion dishing out further very specific actionable advice for becoming wealthy, if you want the full details and not my sh***y overview then just go ahead and buy the book. The one criticism I would give this book is that it sometimes feels like Alex repeats himself a lot and is just trying to hit the word count on a 10,000 word essay, I would guess that comes from his lack of experience and this being his first published book.

This video is pretty much the book summed up…

Spekter Review


Alex Holding a Spekter Prototype

I am really big into nootropics and give a lot of credit to them in helping me achieve success with my online businesses, especially when just starting out. I’m not going to lie, I am kind of nervous about putting something inside my body that “Alex Becker” has created but when Spekter is released I will buy it and review it.

July 2018 Update: My Spekter XT-01 Review has been published.

My Recommendation

Since posting this review I have had multiple emails from people asking me what course to buy. First of I don’t sell courses and secondly I really hate the majority of online courses. Mostly the ones aimed at beginners created by sociopaths.

Don’t me get wrong, I still buy courses now and again. The last course I bought cost around one thousand dollars but it was very specialist, high level and I was extremely familiar with the guy who created it. I wouldn’t recommend that to beginners reading this post for obvious reasons.

If recommending a course will stop the emails coming to my inbox, then I would go for Wealthy Affiliate.


It’s the only course I’ve have seen (with my own eyes) make people build profitable websites and campaigns. It isn’t perfect and some of the reviews out there reflect that but I would be happy to recommend it to friends & family.





  • A lot of the information in market hero academy is outdated. Even some of the products he tries to upsell are no longer in business. His refund policy is laughable. Although he guarantees a 30 day refund, good luck getting. He will tell you to prove you implemented every step in the program and verify you made no money. IMO, Alex Becker is a scammer.

    • Hi Terri,

      Possible to clarify what you mean by outdated information? You mean in the list building or promotion of the products component? Would you say it would be relatively easy for someone without an already functioning business to start from scratch, finding both “trip wire” $47 type membership products, as well as promoting the high ticket webinar products the course claims to have access too?

      Many Thanks

  • I recently signed up with Market Hero and the experience was a nightmare. I checked out the software. It’s rather complicated so I wanted to cancel. I cancelled within their 24 hours timeframe. Instead of cancelling, they emailed the list of tasks that must be done within 30 days before I can cancel. So I tried, but because they have no telephone help, it was impossible to learn how to use their software. Instead, they charged me again instead. Total charged $732.00.
    I filed a complain with BBB and the Federal complains online. I’m also sending my paper works to my credit card company.
    New customers BEWARE!

    • Hi Salote,

      You are a good person posting this. I was just about to sign up but your experience made me think. Thank you

    • I had the same experience. It is impossible to complete all the tasks required within the refund timeline. God help you should you have a family emergency. The guy is a sociopath. He cares not one bit about anything except keeping your money. He knows he will never get another opportunity. I have never encountered a more unethical, uncaring company in my life, not to mention shoddy quality and misleading deliberate deception. Anyone partnering with him soils their reputation by association.


    • Thank you so much for posting this. I was just about to sign up too!

  • Unfortuntunately I made this mistake Oct 20th 2017 got burned for $997.00 money I can’t afford to lose, hate to think every online marketer is a thief and a scammer. it’s the 23rd now and no help, just hype.

  • Total scam, mailchimp offers better functionalities, the email builder is terrible, the refund policy is a joke, their customer service a bunch of disrespectful rats. Do not give your money to those people, consider real autoresponders out there.

  • I too was scammed by Market Hero. They only got me for $99.00 but I believe it was their intention form the beginning.

    I started the trial and attempted to stop in 4 days before the end of the trial. Customer service said I did not have an account and did not have anything to cancel.

    On the 14th day of the trial my credit card was charged 99 bucks.

    After contacting them again they said I had to log into the account and cancel the cre3dit card. They had just indicated a few days prior that I did not have an account.

    Total rip off and thief!

  • Thank you for the HONEST review!
    so tired of seeing Wealthy Affiliates putting lame reviews up only promote their WA link!!!!!

  • Anonymous Reviewer

    They got me for the $997 for Market Hero and the training. I signed up for the 3 payment plan and then realized this is not what I needed, I needed a Shopify course. They released one shortly after, I asked to switch because I wouldn’t be selling through webinars. They said no. So here I am, completed a lot of the training, and no resolve, out $997 or in that arena. Then I recently took one of his webbys, Matt Schmitt, now involved, who sold me a course for $300 last April, now it is on YouTube for free, and Devin Zander who works for Shopify has his own YouTube channel, and gives away a load of info just there. Shopify has one of the highest paying affiliate commissions in the industry! They make make about $1200 for every sign-up. To make a long story short Becker and his team charged me $366 a month for 9 months when I signed up to a 3 payment plan. I posted on the FB Page, got blocked, did get refunded, but not for the whole thing when I never used it because it was wrong for me, but no apology, just told that I must have signed up multiple times when I didn’t. Becker can swear his ass off on Youtube, that’s OK, makes no sense. Take your own chances with Becker, he is not an expert in anything except for marketing. He hires people out to do his software. Workhorse is a bomb! I went with Sherpskaker. So as far as email marketing, yeah he ain’t no expert there either. He just hired out someone to make a program.

  • I’ve had good results with Becker’s H-Com program, and now I’m considering weather to sign up for Market Hero or not. It sounds like people have had some negative results, but I would assume that it might be a little complicated in order to do all the things that it claims to do. That doesn’t mean to avoid it unless you believe you’re not that technically savvy. You do have to be a little patient with yourself figuring out the quirks of these kind of technical tools.

  • I was on the webinar and listened to all the products and services the course had to offer. I wanted to do a bit more research before i purchase. Something told me to find the name of the people in the reviews that they posted from Facebook; some people were not real, others were like a dummy page. As i read through the reviews, I also realized that it seemed that all the reviews were written by an expert writer. Surely everyone is not punctuation saavy. That was enough of a red flag for me. Also, most of the reviews were outdated. Like from months ago. No thanks.

  • So as of right now, this VERY moment, on mothers day 13.5.18. I’m trying to cancel my subscription, and they have locked me out of my account, I tried messaging the online help (they don’t have a phone number), the messenger is saying that they don’t see my account with them but I was able to access my information when I went back to my history, I was able to REMOVE my CARD INFO and Cancel my subscription, I don’t know if it will go through though because the messenger is saying I STILL they don’t see my account information….. Wait my bad I just realized I was on the wrong thing, I had Hero TRAINING and I was trying to access MARKET Hero. I cancelled my stuff and it’s pending cancellation.

  • Maya, did you loose your initial payments? You say you canceled your subscriptions but what about what you had already paid, will you get a refund? Thanks, Jerry

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