Lawyer Backlinks

Backlinks for lawyers

Purchasing powerful relevant backlinks for your Law Firm Website can have huge results. It’s possible for your website to shoot up to page 1 and you could be well on your way to generating multiple new clients in one day from all the free targetted traffic your website will receive from Google.

If you’re doing SEO for a Law Firm Client or for yourself you should get some Law Firm backlinks, Here is the 4 main things I look for when purchasing Law Firm Backlinks

  1. Permanent Links
  2. Do-Follow Links
  3. Unique hosting/No Footprints
  4. Good quality unique niche relevant content

If they don’t have all 4 of this things my law firm clients are at risk from Google penalties and I won’t even think about touching the backlinks.



I always get my Law Backlinks from a guy called “catapultz” on SourceMarket (check out the service)

His backlinks tick my 4 major boxes and I always get good rankings increases for my law clients after ordering but also note I ordered some of his Extra PBN build services that helped me get my clients to Position 1.

Good luck and leave any questions in the comments.

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