Ketologic Review 2019 – BHB, Discount and More

Do you feel like you could lose a few extra pounds? Are you lethargic and tired all of the time? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you’re a lot like me because that is exactly how I have been feeling.

The truth of the matter is that I’ve had recently started to put on quite a bit of weight. I finally decided that enough was enough and that I would make a change in my life. That easier said than done though and I quickly found out that getting rid of the excess weight is much harder than putting it on lol.

I cam across Ketologic a couple of months back, Took the Keto 30 challenge, and the outcome was really quite shocking. Would I recommend it to others? You’re going to have to keep on reading to find out.

The Claims


Let me start by going over the basic overview of what KetoLogic has set out to do. The diet program claims to provide the consumer with an abundance of benefits. For starters, it claims that it can help you lose weight and feel more energetic. It also claims that it’ll provide you with better sleep, more mental focus, and make you feel better too.

These are some pretty bold claims in my opinion, and I was sceptical when first reading them. Is it possible that the Keto diet can actually fulfil all of those claims? I would have to say that for me 90% of those claims where absolutely spot on for me. I was shocked at how great I started to feel.

Let me elaborate further on my result but please remember that this is my personal experience and the experience could easily change from one person to the next.

Plenty Of Optionsfuel-your-best-sample-pack

One thing Ketologic that makes them stand out from the crowd is that they offer an abundance of different products. They clearly have invested a lot of time to come up with the number of products they have.

At first, I was a bit overwhelmed trying to choose something, but my confusion quickly turned to love when I discovered that the company offered a Keto BHB Sample Pack.

The sample pack is really cheap for what you get, and it’ll give you the opportunity to experiment with all that the company has to offer. I really like the fact that you can try out all three flavors for yourself without committing too much. This is definitely something that you’ll want to try out for yourself if you are a Ketologic newbie like I was.

Tip: Be sure to check out the sampler and experiment it with it. This will ensure that you like the products and you’ll have no trouble finding the right flavor.

The Tastes

I have heard from friends that a lot of Keto drinks and shakes aren’t that great. The good news is that Ketologic’s products are actually delicious. I consider myself to be a very picky individual and I actually liked the taste. All of the available flavors are great.


Another great thing to mention in this review is that they offer great packaging. When you receive the package, you won’t have any problem whatsoever getting it open. Just use a pair of scissors to cut the tape open. After you’ve done that, you’ll be able to open the packaging easily. It couldn’t be easier. And, you can guarantee that the contents of the package are going to remain safe from the factory to your door with everything inside sterile.


Unfortunately, Ketologic doesn’t have anything like Amazon Prime yet. You’ll have to be patient when buying directly from this company. I would say that the wait is completely worth it though. Don’t get me wrong, The company does offer priority shipping, but you’re still going to be waiting a few days. The only good thing here is that the shipping is completely free and tracking is included.

Payment Options

I am assuming you don’t live isolated in a cave and have a credit or debit card… If that is the case, you won’t have any trouble ordering Ketologic products. It is nice that the company accepts PayPal. That is going to make a huge difference for a lot of customers. If you want to make sure that you’re able to get the products you’re after, you’ll definitely want to shop with Ketologic. The PayPal checkout option is going to keep you safe too!


You should always do your research behind a company before ordering with them. I only found one way to get in touch with the company and that is through email.

It is a shame that the company doesn’t have a chat system or a phone number that I could find. The company’s email customer service is pretty good, but it would be nice to have other ways to get in contact with them.

About The Company


Like I just said earlier, it is always wise to learn more about the company before jumping in head first. I did a little bit of research for you. The company is based out of Burlington, North Carolina. When looking up the address, it does appear to be legitimate. With that being said, you can definitely have a little more peace of mind when investing in the products sold by this company.


  • Company is based out of the United States
  • Products taste pretty good
  • PayPal checkout option is available
  • Definitely gives the user more energy
  • Can help support steady weight loss
  • Delivers more energy to the user
  • Discounts are often available



  • Shipping can be very slow
  • Support chat would be helpful

My Final Thoughts and Advice


At the end of the day, I sincerely understand why so many people love Ketologic. The products available from this company worked exceptionally well for me. Taking the Keto 30 challenge definitely changed my outlook on life and health. The products gave me a boost of energy and helped me focus during my workouts. In the long run, they helped support my weight loss goals. Just remember that there are a couple of small problems with the company. The shipping is definitely slow, and it would be nice if support staff could be contacted via chat. Aside from that, the company is great!

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