JAFX Review – Deposit, Withdrawals, Scam or Good?

There are many excellent brokers on the Internet and this can make it very difficult to find the right one for your individualistic needs. Many people have experimented with JAFX and a lot of traders believe that the broker is the best in the business. It certainly offers plenty of excellent features and the minimums are incredibly low. Nevertheless, it is in your best interest to better familiarize yourself with this broker and its services before signing up. Read the comprehensive review below, so you can determine whether or not JAFX is right for you!

About JAFX

It is generally a good idea to gain a better understanding of JAFX and its parent company. You should know that the website and company are owned and operated by JAFX Limited. All payment services are handed by JAFX EOOD. The payment solutions for the broker are based out of Bulgaria. The company has been in business since 2013. Also, the company is a fully ENC Forex broker.

This combination definitely helps to put the user’s mind at ease. Nevertheless, you should learn more about this broker, before giving them your money and business.

JAFX Assets 


One of the best things about JAFX is the company’s assets. A lot of Forex brokers are very limited in terms of asset options and this is where JAFX really hits it out of the park. Traders that begin utilizing this broker will be able to choose from a variety of investment options. In total, they’ll be able to choose between 47 currencies. On top of that, they’ll be able to make trades in 107 stocks. Even better is the fact that the minimum trade size is just 0.01 Lot. The company offers access to some of the most popular stocks, including Walt Disney, Cisco Systems, Comcast, Baidu, and even Citigroup.

You’ll also be able to use this broker to trade in commodities and CFDs. Commodities available include copper, natural gas, oil and more. With JAFX, the possibilities are plentiful.

MT4 Platform 

Another thing to remember is that the JAFX broker utilizes the MT4 trading platform. MetaTrader 4 is very popular and it is used by a lot of Forex brokers. The software, which was developed by MetaQuotes Software, was released in 2005. Since then, the software has improved substantially. Another great thing about JAFX is that you can use this broker with your mobile device. Clients have access to the broker’s trade tools through an iOS and Android mobile trading app.

If you’ve experimented with Forex trading in the past, there is a good chance that you’re experienced the MT4 platform. So, you should have little to no trouble figuring it out and utilizing it right away.

Auto Trading 


JAFX also provides users with access to an auto-trading system. Wouldn’t you like to put your money to work for you all day every day? There is no doubt that you would. JAFX’s auto trading system is available 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. This system will go ahead and place your trades for you automatically. This ensures that you’ll be able to sit back and relax, while the software takes care of the rest.

If you’re confident that the system will work better than you, it is highly recommended that you check it out. Of course, a lot of traders would rather remain in complete control of their trading decisions.

Managing And Opening Your Account With JAFX JAFX-Create-Account

Since JAFX is dedicated to making their client’s experiences as easy as possible, the entire registration process in simple and straightforward. To begin, all you need to do is head on over to their website and enter in a little bit of personal information. Once your account is setup and you are logged in, you will have to upload some verification documents before you can start making trades. These documents are used to verify that you are who you say you are. After all, customer security and privacy is of the utmost importance at JAFX, so they want to ensure that they are really dealing with you and not someone pretending to be you.

Photo identification like a passport or driver’s license will be required to open your account. However, if you do not have access to these types of documents, a banking statement or utility bill will work as well. After your account is verified, you will be required to make a small initial investment before you can start trading.

Did you make a profitable withdrawal with JAFX? Let me know below in the comments..




  • Been a client with JAFX for about 1 month now and everything is so far so good

  • Love how they’re integrating with IML now too!

  • I made a deposit but bank was charged 3 times. Not only is my money not available in either trading or landing accounts but customer support is. no help at all. This is ridiculous.

    • Have you tried contacting your bank or MyChargeBack.com?

    • Having the exact same problem! I deposited a large amount 3 days ago and still have not received it, and the email and chat support has been terrible with no resolve. Anyone have any luck with contacting them and if so, how? I tried contacting the phone number they have but left a voicemail and have not received a call back. I deposited via BTC, and it was a large sum of money so I’ve been pretty stressed about it.

      • I’ve been playing with house money and have tried to withdraw since last week but was told they are changing banks. The chat responses are generic and don’t answer my questions . still waiting to see if they will transfer funds to my bank acct

        • I ended up receiving my $9000 and am trading with it now after over 5 days and tons of anxiety lol. I am really hopeful I don’t run into the same problem withdrawing….let me know if you have any luck?

        • I wanted to get an update on your experience with withdrawing funds. I have been trading with JAFX for about 6 months now and haven’t yet had sufficient ‘luck’ in the market to warrant a withdrawal.

          Should I be concerned with funds?

      • I am waiting on a large withdrawal to proccess and it’s been 11 days now. The transaction is still pending and I can not get any help via the chat line. I have left voicemails and requested to be contacted by e-mail, phone, or text. I have not been contacted and I am extremely upset! This has been a horrible experience!

      • Have they given your money back??

        • Took 2 weeks or so but yes, had to call and email a million times. I have since switched brokers.

          • Who are you using now! Jafx was recommended to me but the reviews are very off putting.!

      • Nathan,

        Now it’s June, how’s your issues? Got solved?
        I recently put withdrew request, quite nervous now. 🙁
        Thanks for any updates!

    • Same happened to me! With in the last couple days. I think they just started ducking with people’s money cause I deposited before and nothing happemed

    • Did you end up getting it taken care of?

  • Everything is great…UNTIL you try to withdraw your money!! I withdrew $2500USD on the 30th January and the status is still PENDING!! Countless emails and chat sessions have still left my money in pending status!! I was told several times that it will be approved in 24 to 48 hours and each day passes with no change. The latest news was they are changing banks and to wait another 24 to 48 hours. I truly beleive they are having financial problems and are using everyones funds

    • With the amount of new comments flooding in, it definitely looks like something strange is going on. Keep us updated.

      • Anton, I think jafx is a scam. I deposited 100$ twice on the 5th and 6th both of them never went through but charged my bank. So now I have no money to show anywhere lol. And they’re customer service is garbage. I can’t even live chat anymore they cut me off.

      • I also deposit money to jafx within America but from one week its pending what should I do now I am in hurry .

  • I just opened an Account with JAFX a couple days ago and my account was verified. When I tried to fund the account, I received a message from my bank stating they declined payment as they believed it was possibly fraudulent. The payment registered as “gpay vaawatop, a jewelry and watch shop, in GUIYANG, China.” In this case, I am happy my bank declined the transfer as this seems suspicious.

    • It happened because the company is not US based. I had to call my bank to et them know I need it approved. If you are with Chase especially they will block it. I’m about to try withdrawal and see what happens. I suggest you wait and see before you deposit any money.

      • Thanks for your reply. I’ll keep an eye on this thread to see if folks are successfully able to withdraw. Thanks!

  • Did anyone recieve funds as yet because i want to use these guys but seeing these post makes me wonder and want to hold out. So many broker horror stories on recieving what you work hard for….. sigh

  • We stumbled upon this thread and would like to officially respond to your comments above to hopefully put your minds at rest.

    Lets start from the top…

    Toni – We have had a few cases like this and one of the root causes was that when our system was overloaded, clients were multiple clicking the deposit button instead of waiting for the transaction to finish. If you have not done so already, please contact support and they can either credit the 2 other transactions to your JAFX account or we can simply refund them via the card processor.

    Nathan – The delay with your BTC deposit is due to the blockchain.info API not working correctly, we use their API to automatically check to see if BTC deposits have been made to the auto generated addresses. During the time it was failing, we had no way of checking to see if the BTC was deposited automatically and relied on manually checking each pending deposit. I’m sorry for the delay however it was credited to your account.

    Jah Light – Yes we have changed banks for our wire solution however that is complete now and wires are going out as normal. I guess with “House Money” you are referring to profit and if this is the case then you would be free to use any withdrawal method and not limited to bank wire.

    Dian – No we are not ducking with peoples money. Please try and understand that we are growing extremely rapidly and trying to keep up with demand by hiring new staff all the time.

    Michael – I replied to your comment on FPA however here it is again for everyone else to see:
    Hi Michael, after reviewing your situation internally, I am extremely ashamed to say that you are right. It was handled in a very poor manner and your withdrawal was indeed delayed. Our wire transfer provider recently changed the bank they use to send funds which in turn created a delay in sending wires. Not only that but it also created a backlog. I can also see that you were not notified of the delay and your transfer was pending from the 30th until it was sent on the 9th. I am extremely sorry about this and will put procedures in place to hopefully stop it from happening in the future. I also saw you had an additional wire transfer pending in the backlog so i have gone ahead and expedited it and sent a little extra as a gesture of good will.

    Dian – I have reviewed your situation and i can see that your missing deposits have been located and applied to your account the same day you left your message on this thread. I must admit that the live chat support was terrible that you received and i will address this internally. I am extremely sorry that you experienced bad customer service and a delay in your deposit being processed.

    Luke – Yes, this happened because your credit card deposit failed with our primary processor and was cascaded to a secondary card processor. As this is a shared MID, we have no control over how they process it however the funds would have landed with us and been credited to your JAFX account. It is not a scam, it is just the way that particular processor charges you.

    I would just like to point out that there is no client to history that has not received their withdrawal from JAFX.

    However, there are times where certain aspects of the business are delayed, such as a withdrawal when we change our processing bank or a deposit if the automated function of that deposit fails and needs to be dealt with manually.

    JAFX is going under rapid expansion which is putting a huge amount of stress on our processes. We are constantly hiring new staff however to train these staff in an extremely short period of time to a high level is near impossible.

    We are trying our best to not have to close registrations whilst we improve internally however i can assure you that your issue will eventually be resolved.

    For the purpose of helping everyone out on this thread, i have setup a VIP support route that i would like to invite you to use so we can ensure that your problems have been fully resolved.

    pass: 4E127H
    (Pass will expire in 7 days)

    • Thanks, for this response! I have been using you since I started st the end of last year and finally made enough to take out some profits! I feel better that you are trying to make things better!

      • Hi Craig,

        Did you get your withdraw fund yet?
        I just started withdraw funds (not get to the point profitable yet, still getting my lost back, just try to get some deposited money back first) and I am worried seeing this post 🙁

        I put my request yesterday and it’s is pending now.

        Thanks for any updates.

    • I need help with a withdraw that I have been trying to do and it isn’t letting me. please Thanks

    • Why does credit card processing charge fee’s when the website says zero fee’s it is misleading clients? Beware, people, you will have to send them your bank statement to get a refund which is ridiculous.

  • I put in a request on Feb 2 2018 for withdrawal of 203usd to my credit card …………account status said pending for 1 day approved the next day…waited 5-7 days nothing came thru my credit card..contacted customer service via chat they said wait till feb 13 waited still nothing.. contacted the customer service via chat they said its gonna take 7-30 days ..what a joke

  • Hi Noor, i’m sorry that you think it is a joke but it is clearly stated in the FAQ that it could take that long. The reason it takes that long is also out of our control, we approve your CC withdrawal within 24 hours and then ask the payment provider to refund the transaction which can take that long. However your profits would be sent via an alternative method such as wire or BTC which is a lot quicker. In future, if the withdrawal time for CC is too long for you, may i suggest you read the FAQ and find a deposit and withdrawal method that is better suited for you?


    My friends and I are traders and it’s been almost a month we are waiting for bitcoin withdrawals. This is ridiculous.

    No support, no vip messages ( as indicated in the post above), no email answer. Unacceptable.

    The only thing they told us a couple week ago is thats «  the blockchain network is saturated ».

    What a joke !! Especially telling that to people that work for many years with blockchain and know exactly how it works fundementally.

    We are right now making sure to spread these types of reviews all over the web, we cannot let other traders loose their time and money with Jafx.

    Especially knowing that some traders live only with trading ( i.e. us) and waiting a month for a withdrawal ( or maybe hoping) can be very very problematic.

    You can now be sure to loose a lot of customers, we will never recommand to use jafx !!

    We are still waiting for the withdrawals, and a compensation for all the damages caused.

  • I’ve Been waiting 3 weeks for JAFX to put add my money back to my landing account . It was a withdraw to a bank that doesn’t accept international banks ( yes , my fault i didn’t know) They kept telling me to wait for the money to appear bank in my JAFX account , ( yet they’ve been saying this for two weeks ) yet nothing has been done STILL.

    They dance around your questions via their chat system just to keep your hopes up . Its a really deceptive practice they have going on .

    I recently requested $1500 on the 2-21-2018. It was just approved today 2-28-2018 . so now i wait to see if they’re actually going to send me my money . All of this is happening While I still have no word on my first withdrawal they said should’ve appeared in 5-7 business day -_-

    Moral of the story here is STAY AWAY FROM JAFX!!!!

    • hi Arie,

      Did you received your $1500? How many business days?
      I just got approved withdraw on Jun 4, it’s been 6 business days now

      Thanks for update.

  • Janetakyirefi

    My partner and i issued a withdrawal command for about 14 working days now but it has not hits my account. Meanwhile they said it will take a maximum of 10 working days to get to your account. Am just scared, please help.

  • Looks like I’ll also be waiting a while for my withdrawal – no sign of it at all. I wish I’d seen this post about Jafx before using them.

    I was with xm.com before and absolutely fantastic hassle free service, fast withdrawals, all good so I’ll be going back to them.
    A friend recommended Jafx for lower spreads, but I don’t think he knew about the problems at the time.

    This is all really worrying and just glad I didn’t deposit a large amount like some of these other customers! This trader needs to sort out their operational procedures and their poor customer service or you know what bad reputation can do to a company!!

  • I deposited a wire of $5,000 to the given bank account in Poland on 3/6 of and I have not heard back from anyone about if JAFX has received the wire or not. My account now says the deposit request has been cancelled for $5000 but I’ve already deposited the $5000. Its been nearly a month and nobody has confirmed with me if my deposit has been received.

  • glad i search this post, doing small amount withdrawal just to see if its working has anyone revived funds from jafx?

  • I’ve been with Jafx for about 4 months and my experience with adding funds have been terrible. For days I continue to get the ” Credit/Debit Card Deposit Temporarily Unavailable”. I’m missing out on trading opportunities because of this and looking for other options now. I’m somewhat happen that I found this thread because I was about to send a large wire instead but will definitely not send now. They continue to give the excuse that they’re “adding more staff to meet the demands” but it’s been months now and they’re having the same exact issues. I’ve been in the business long enough to know that it doesn’t take that long to meet demands. Beware for serious traders and look for other options. I feel sorry for the person that has to respond to the messages on this thread because they’re all consistent with what I’m experiencing.

  • Update – Tracy… I have checked the funding function 4 times since the previous post and nothing has been resolved. This is a joke and seeing the overly positive reviews on other forms are suspicious and outlandish. Even when the site worked, there were still major issues. They really need to own up to their issues and accept responsibility. I received an email 3 weeks prior stating that the issues with FUNDING were RESOLVED…What a joke. You guys are making money either way, why not reinvest and meet the demand of your customers. I don’t get it. It’s an easy fix.

    • I’m in the same boat as you and Wongaw I wired money and still haven’t received it. I also keep getting hit with that card message but one day it worked fine but the next it was back to that message about their updating banks.

      • And I did my wire on the 9th of this month.

        • Hi MyShawn,
          Did you receive your wire yet?
          (The wire you did was put money into JAFX or withdraw request?)
          Thanks for any update. I did my wire withdraw Jun 3, still not arrive my account yet. Today is Jun 15th.

    • Strongly agree with you Tracy, what can we do?

  • so this helped reassure me alot, i paid money for a forex mentor based in los angeles his name is tyleespitia @tylerespitia i think its just kinda sketch how hes promoting jafx as his broker and has all these videos courses…. but he calls out stocks right before they shoot up in pips!! like his leggit in calling proffits but to me its hella sketchy he is promoting jafx for his broker who is unregulated, to make money you need to be able to withdrawel your proffits to own that money!! and all this negative feed back is giving me a red flag alert! this information helped donr be a fool do your research and make shure your money is secured

  • I have been using jafx for a few months. Deposit with cc went in automatically and deposit with bitcoin was available in my trading account same day on a saurday. I havent tried a withdrawl yet but they do say max of 60 days when you withdrawl to your credit card after initial deposit. Its not just jafx that is having issues with cc updating system lmfx is also baving the issue. Some things just arent going well with thier massive growth. Last thing you want to do is make them mad.

  • Can I get help please! I fund my account yesterday BT I don’t see my balance in my account what should I do please? Any help?

  • I’m kind of annoyed. I have deposited a large amount into my account so I can start trading live, and I still cannot trade live because my transactions are still “pending” it’s been a couple of days now. Customer care has been very good about getting back to me, but I was told that I would just have to wait it out to see what happens…..I would love to start now, but I can’t.

  • Wow funding issues back to back…Not to mention They turned off my chat option. We may need to stay away from JAFX. DAMN… Any other broker recommendations besides LMFX…”Asking for a friend” 😉

  • I’m about funding my JAFX account with BTC, but i need to be sure i’m not going to receive delays as i have lost some money to them when i tried funding with CC during the time their card processor was down. On the site i can’t even find the customer care desk to chat with and get better clarification. Anyone did a btc funding and withdrawal lately with them?

  • I have not done BTC withdrawal but I have done BTC funding recently (May’2018) to jafx. It worked perfectly. jafx detected the BTC transfer realtime and it was approved and available in my jafx account within 60-90 minutes of BTC transfer.

  • Anybody called them? What’s the number?
    +44 20 8089 1402 (UK)
    +61 39 9997 331 (Australia)
    The site shows these 2 numbers, I tried, did not go through.

  • Update:
    Finally my fund arrived on June 25,
    it took a while but it went through.
    So hope this could give you guys rest of peace.

  • I requested my wire transfer on June 22nd and keep getting the run around. Gave it the 7 days they said it required, despite my bank saying it only takes 24 hours for a wire transfer. They just give generic answers and attempt to push the transaction back 24-48 hours. I sent out a tweet stating their phone number doesnt work and then I called and someone actually picked it up and said someone would get back to me in 24-48 hours. Still waiting…….

    I sent them a bank statement as requested 8 days after they initiated the transaction and they replied saying it would fully be investigated. Wrote back 4 days later thanking them for investigating it and asking them to expedite it and they asked me for another bank statement, to which I said no.

    They are buying time and seeing all these responses, I’m starting to wonder if they have financial issues and are trading with our money. Remember, they are an unregulated broker. If however they don’t return money in a reasonable time, I beleive it to be wire fraud. In which case, I’m considering reporting them to the US Department of Treasury Financial Crimes Division, FBI Internet Crimes division and using some political connections to ensure this doesnt happen to more people and they are blacklisted from doing business in the United States. I will give them 1 month which is more than reasonable before doing so, because its less than a $500.00, but it seems that this isnt just me..

  • Raymond Martinez

    I tried to withdraw $300.00 to pay a bill from my trading account, and still haven’t received it. It’s already been 3 weeks! Costimer support still have not answered my emails. When I submitted the request I got confirmation email that I did everything correct and a confirmation email but no money.

  • They do not want to give money back…i ask for withdrawal and they just cancel it…..looks very suspicious.

  • Has any one tried withdrawing in BTC? Every time I deposit in bitcoin it only takes hours to see it in my MT4. Maybe they will send BTC faster.

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