iPage Review 2016

My background with hosting companies

At my last Job I had opened hosting accounts with over 100 different hosts for SEO purposes, because of this I feel like I have a good depth of experience with hosting companies and can provide a genuine review to help other people.


My thoughts on iPage.com

This blog Sick-Review.com you are reading right now has been read by thousands of people over the past 5 months and has been hosted on iPage.com during that time without any issues.

Originally I wanted to go with Hostgator and can safely say that was my worst hosting experience I have ever had to go through. If you want to wait 2 weeks for a reply to your support queries feel free to sign up with them. Luckily I managed to find iPage.com after my negative experience with Hostgator and have been happy ever since. There live chat support is a particularly impressive and on a busy day you only have to wait around 30 minutes for live assistance from a English competent support representative.

I pay $3.75/mo and have the WordPress Started package, I have multiple websites hosted on this one account and different email addresses as well. Adding new websites to your hosting account is slightly difficult and you might have to use the live chat support to get help but hey… at least you have that option for help, right? I feel like iPage is an old school tried and tested host that simply gets the Job efficiently. No fancy buttons or crazy branding, just good quality WordPress hosting!

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