IMarketsLive Review – Real Company or Scam?


iMarketsLive is a company that has been around for a few years now and they have garnered quite the reputation, especially in the trading industry. The company does offer financial trading software that helps people with trading, which isn’t unusual in today’s competitive Forex market. You will find many brokers that are offering this kind of service. However, what’s really unique about iMarketsLive is that they offer a network-marketing program, which is built right into their services. This is like an affiliate program where you can receive unique rewards for recruiting more people into the organization. This brings up the question of whether the company is legit or not and what they have to offer.

An Overview Of The Company


iMarketsLive was actually launched in July 2013 by a man named Chris Terry. The site so far has a customer base of 55,000 and they network out of 120 different countries. They are literally a worldwide trading company. The company is based in NYC and the CEO Chris Terry really had made much of himself before launching this company. He doesn’t seem to have any extensive knowledge in the trading market before launching this site, although he did dabble some. He even worked for Amway in the 90s. iMarketsLive does offer Forex trading with network marketing and Terry certainly does have experience in trading. In fact, he boasts about being a multiple eight-figure trader with eighteen years of experience.

A Look At Their Products

When it comes to products iMarketsLive has four different components to choose from.

  • FX Signals Live – This is a hands free trading service that does all the work for you. Basically, the program uses unique algorithms to mirror trading techniques of experts in the industry. The software just invests in the best possible trades for you. So, you literally don’t have to know anything about Forex trading to make money.
  • Live Training Room – iMarketsLive does offer a live webinar program that will teach you the market if you want to learn. You can watch the CEO Chris Terry makes trades, as he explains what factors he considered before making the trade.
  • Harmonic Scanner – Harmonic Scanner is a program that is designed to identify and explain patterns in the Forex market. This will provide you with the techniques and know-how that you need to learn to recognize patterns and make wise trades on your own.
  • Training Education – This section of the package is basically just a library of videos, webinars and articles that cover information on the Forex market. If you have any questions or want to look up information about the market, this will be the section that you refer to.

It should be noted that the only way you can take advantage of the affiliate program is by signing up for the IBO Platinum Package, which is a few dollars more. So, if you want to try your hand at the recruitment aspect of the business, you are going to have to invest a little bit more.

A Look At The Recruitment Commissions

The recruitment side of the site does have a nice commission payout and could be lucrative for someone that has previous skills in the area. It doesn’t seem like there are any informational videos or webinars that provide recruitment training, but it could be quite lucrative for the right individual. There are four different tiers that can be accessed and they offer different commission rates.

  • Tier 1 – This tier offers a five percent commission payout
  • Tier 2 – Tier two offers a five percent commission payout as well
  • Tier 3 – The tier three status offers a ten percent payout
  • Tier 4 – The final tier offers an impressive thirty percent payout

In order to unlock tier one status you have to recruit two members. Tier 2 status will require you to recruit six members, tier three requires recruitment of nine members and the final tier requires recruitment of twelve members.

Final Thoughts

iMarketsLive has plenty to offer. There are also some risks too. With this in mind, you should carefully consider your options before making your final decision.

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