How To Take Modafinil To Study

Concentration Pills For Studying

Taking Modafinil won’t force you against your own will to sit down with a book and start revising for 10 hours solid. However.. if that’s what you want to do it is possible.

How to use it

Start preparing the night before you plan to take Modafinil and layout 50mg or 25mg (if it’s your first time) next to your bed with a glass of water. Set your alarm and wake up as early as possible. You should wake up early so that the effects taper of earlier in the night meaning you can maintain a healthy sleep schedule. It doesn’t matter if you feel tired and unmotivated once waking up because that soon won’t be a problem.

After about 1 hour of taking the Modafinil you should feel the full effects. Without the effects it’s easy to start browsing Facebook for hours getting zero work done. With the effects though once you take the first step to read or write something Modafinil will amplify your concentration and focus to levels you’ve never had.

You don’t need to do anything else now, It’s not uncommon to realise hours of passed which feel like minutes. Kind of like when you’re doing something really fun.

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