How to become Instafamous?


So you want to be IG Famous? Imagine waking up in the morning, unlocking your mobile phone and seeing thousands of new followers, comments and likes. Your follower count has gone from 400 to 40,000 overnight! A dietary supplement company emails you and want’s to work a brand promotion with you.

This is the story and reality for a select group of Instagrammers these days and it makes sense. Your thousands of followers begin to like your online persona and are happy to buy a dietary supplement you recommend.

Instagram Checklist

Good IG names

You are looking to build a brand people want to follow so start with a strong foundation and choose something easy to remember. That could be your real life name like “John Johnson” or a nickname “Big John” but avoid things hard to remember like “xxJohn424556xx”

Choose your niche

Choose a niche you would enjoy Instagramming about. Some examples I have seen on Instagram are:






Vegans (Instagram is perfect for vegans to tell you they’re vegan everyday)

Taking Great Pictures

Take pictures of your niche regularly with all the relevant hashtags. Make sure you have your face visible to build your brand and fame.


Now you’ve got your brand name and niche you need to network. Start interacting with people who follow your competitors by following them and commenting on their pictures. You can also find a famous person in your niche and try workout a shout out in exchange for something monetary.

Buy real instagram followers

You should think about buying real instagram followers before you start networking. If you have 10 followers and you start commenting and following people in your niche it wont have the same effect as if you had 5,000 followers and they will be less inclined to follow you back or give you a shout out. 

Do you want to be famous today?

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