Edgedale Finance Review – Website Shutdown? Scammed or opening again


Currently at the time of writing this the Edgedale Finance website is down and not loading. As of now it’s not clear if this is a temporary thing or if they have closed the front door permanently and kept all their clients money. Even though the website is down it is still possible to view the website through an archive.

What they offer


On the homepage of their archived website it states that they allowed their clients to trade Stocks like Facebook, Commodities like gold, Currencies like EUR/USD and Indices like Nasdaq and DAQ. It seems like they offer a wide varied range of options for a lot of different kinds of traders.

Are they licensed?

It would appear that they are not licensed to market themselves towards countries like the United Kingdom and don’t have any other appropriate licenses like CySEC for example for some other european countries and the USA. It would seem that their location was never really made public and that their legal setup may have all been based off shore.

Account Types

EdgeDale Finance’s account types start with an entry level offering for traders who are looking for get their first start into trading. It comes with an Ebook and Investment guide an to be eligible for the entry level account type you need to invest a minimum of $250.

The next account one up in the their is the Preferred account type which comes with 2 risk free trades, bonus, account manager and some other things like free expert weekly consultations. To get access to this you need to deposit a minimum of $5000 with Edge dale Finance.

The second highest account is the “signature account” which is for traders who deposit a minimum of $50,000, it is quite similar to the similar to the other account types. The highest account offered is the Premium account for people who deposit over $250,000 and this (I’m serious) comes with a free iPhone 6, which may or may not be the greatest deal ever.


Now that their is website has apparently shut down it might be quit hard to get one of their representatives to speak to you but if you want to try their UK phone number is +44 203 807 1406 and their email is support@edgedalefinance.com. It looks like they claimed to be based in London like most online scam brokers do these days but if you were to go and take a visit to their address listed it is very likely you wouldn’t find anyone who works for Edgedale Finance.

Final Thoughts

It didn’t look to good with Edgedale finance when they first opened and it really doesn’t look any better now that their website has shut down. If you have deposited money with them then it might just no be possible to get it back through their website of course and phoning them might not be a good option either. You should always take great care before depositing money with brokers incase things like his happen in the future. Let me know in the comments if you deposited money with Edgedale prior to their website closing.

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