Brain.FM My Full Day Review – Coupon, Discount 2019


Yesterday I had trouble falling asleep and when I did managed too, I had a really poor quality sleep. This morning I woke up feeling completely unfocused and lethargic, no amount of coffee would have been able to help me.

I remember my friend mentioned something about Brain.FM and I thought that today would be as good a day as any to finally pull the trigger and try it out. I honestly don’t know why I put it off for so long because it was quite literally just a one click sign up with Facebook login. There is no credit card info required and you instantly get 5 free sessions. Where is the risk?

Waking and trying Brain.FM

After I am logged in I am greeted with a dashboard with free options. Focus, relax or Sleep. It’s about 8am so I press focus and as soon as I hear the low rumbling speed walking pace beat I feel more mental clarity and I find it easier to get on with my task at hand.

When I read how they mentioned they have neuroscientists working to create the music it kind of doesn’t really sound believable. I am glad I ended up trying it though despite that because as strange as this may sound, I definitely do feel something going on in my brain.

When listening to other music the words often distract me or if it’s a playlist then the tempo changes often. The music on sounds like the soundtrack to an epic sci-fi movie and for me it really does improve focus. This almost has the same effect as a nootropic such as Modafinil.

Brain.FM Meditation

You don’t just have to use Brain.FM to improve focus, in the evening after working I thought I would give the Brain FM meditation a shot. I decided to the choose the unguided audio since I already have experience with meditating and have my own routine.

I am going to be completely honest here, I really didn’t like the music here and found it incredibly hard to relax too. It had the opposite effect and I now know that I prefer to meditate in silence. I am sure others will like it but it’s just personal preference.

Brain.FM For Sleep

At the end of the day I was still feeling pretty wired from all the work I had done so decided to mediate with some Brain.FM music. It does help but saying that, I don’t think it’s a reason to pay for Brain.FM because I have also used youtube videos that have helped me fall asleep in the same way for free. I think their specialty is in the “Brain Focus” space and not putting people to sleep.

If you are really struggling falling asleep you could try a natural sleep aid like vita fusion sleepwell.

Some Tips

  • Make sure you have a task ready at hand before starting up as it won’t magically start taking control of your body and forcing you to start writing out quantum physics.
  • Try and wear headphones and don’t just play it through your laptop speakers for maximum effect.
  • Block Facebook or any other addicting apps with something like Appblock if you are serious about getting rid of procrastination and improving focus.
  • Why not combine Brain FM with a nootropic such as Spekter or Modafinil if you really want to supercharge your focus.

Will I end up paying for Brain.FM?

Once my free trial ended I went over to YouTube and searched for something like “music for work”. The stuff that showed up just didn’t have the same effect on me like the music on BrainFM did, they really have done something special over there that I cannot quite explain.

Free Trial and Discount

Try it for yourself, sign up for the discount & FREE trial here and compare it to the free music on YouTube. I really think the majority of people will feel the same way I do. I am going to look at this buying decision through a ROI perspective, for just $47.40 I can get access to BrainFM for the whole year and even it that improves the quality of my work everyday by just a little bit then that could cover the cost of buying Brain FM times a hundred. It makes sense.

I will be paying for Brain.FM

April 2019 Update: Since writing this reviewThis is the first piece of music on YouTube I have found that has really helped my “ADD” type symptoms. It is still not as powerful as Brain.FM but pretty good.

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  • Hi Anton, I tried the to aid sleeping. I read you could trial 5 free sessions so I tried it out a couple of nights ago. I selected Sleep and programmed for 7 hrs. I went to sleep quite quickly. I did wake during the night, turned over and went back to sleep, aware that the music was still active. I felt very refreshed in the morning having slept well. HOWEVER, if I’ve not slept well for a few nights and get really tired I do sleep eventually anyway, then, after one good nights sleep I again have several nights of intermittent sleep or I wake after 3 hrs and that’s it! So, I wanted to test for the consecutive 2nd night for the 2nd free session but it told me that I had used up my free entitlement and I would have to pay for a subscription to continue. Now if this really works I won’t mind paying, I know how important sleep is for your general good health but I am sceptical considering it will not allow further free sessions to test it out. When I’m tired I also can’t focus during the day so it’s interesting to read your report on that aspect but I’m primarily interested in resolving my sleep issues. In the meantime, I will try to test via an alternative means before I buy – or abandon.

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