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Official Warning

The UK Financial Conduct Authority have in 2017 issued an alert against the unauthorised 10markets. They believe they are targeting UK customers and carrying out activities they are not authorised to do.



Have you been scammed by 10markets?

If you have been scammed by 10markets and lost your money then contact MyChargeBack asap for more information on getting your money back.



  • My account manager has to be the baddest apple on the 10Markets tree. I deposited $20000USD and quickly determined trading FOREX was not for me. I requested that autotrade never be used. After two months requested withdrawal of all funds in the two accounts. Account manager James Larsson decided to not honour my request and started trading to lose. In four days the accounts dropped from $20700 to less than $250 and were essentially empty.
    How do I get my hard earned money back? I have requested 10Markets to respond to my allegation that my manager, in obvious cooperation with support@10markets, acted both recklessly and illegally in the management of my accounts. There has been no response.
    Suggestions welcome on possible courses of action I may pursue.

    • Please send me proof, Maurice

      • I also had 36K – (now negative) in my account – as soon as i wanted to close my account they put in multiple trades with comms deducted on random trades. So in short Anna Kaplan, John Penrose, Michael Berg, Daniel Beck, Jay Goldman, Ronnie Stein have not done their job (unless their job was just to get peoples money) and in my opinion untrustworthy. have been chasing them for some one to explain why my account was binary traded to a massive loss when i explicitly said NO BINARY TRADING.

        • I have also lost $39000 and I want us to do something about it. We must all stand together and nail these guys. We should do everything in our power to: 1) Get our money back
          2) Close down bad companies like 10Markets.
          Starting with them. specifically.

          • I have contacted trading standards here in the UK. You might try that in the US too. They will take action if there are enough people complaining about mis-sold services. I have also lost my money in one trade that I didn’t get any saying in and had no reply to my complaining emails. Nor will they pay back my remaining £92.50.

        • Is this John Penrose from SwissRoyalBanc?

        • Yes, they scam ! Account can not never be negative !

      • Same happened day after I put in a withdrawal request. Next morning my account manager set me in a trade that wipe out my funds 8k leaving me in a negative fund. -£97.

    • the same has happened to me 36K down the drain, of course they kept the commissions…. I am now with the “recovery” team who have lost me around 60% so far… stay away from these managers..

      • I enjoy 10markrts service.. In profrit of 1000usd

        • Try to withdraw your money – That profit means nothing if it stays on your computer screen.
          Look at what happens when you put in a withdrawal request. Just in heavens name don’t invest anymore money. You will loose it.

        • im also in very nice profits there.. yes maybe its slow but i took my profits in the end.. and im still trading there and enjoy

          • I took out 14,000 out of my 50,000, process took a week and half – my portfolio manager asked me what i needed it for, and told me that the money is on the way.

            maybe its a matter of which portfolio manager you land on – Ask for Kafka – my portfolio manager

        • Hi did u make
          Money with this company

        • My advice to you is to bank it

          • I have my account manager Kafka as well and I deposited £9000 which went up to £70000 but lost again due to my bad trades, Kafka helped me withdrew 3000, started again by depositing £4000, account again is up to £18000, came to know about there scam stories tried withdrawing £4000, 2weeks gone nothing came through, lot of calls by other managers giving me ideas for good trade, Kafka disappeared no contact, please share any idea you may have how to get the money back as the money is still there

          • Hi,

            You should contact our complaints assistance team. They should be able to help get your money back.

    • i had the exact same problem as you Maurice i put $2000USD and some lady called Andrea Bennett. she wanted me to put more money in but i didn’t she told me not to use Auto trader and i agreed with her and not to use , but when i decided to withdraw my funds no one would talk to me but then one guy called Patrick Klein called and said – My name is Patrick Klein, I have been assigned to help you maximize the potential of your trading account at 10Markets. – then when i asked him what has happened to my withdrawal he said he phone me back in 5 minutes – no phone called ever came back , the money was in my Account when i did the withdrawal , then they waited me out and said you money is set up in the Auto Trader and the account has $24 in there , WHAT A SCAM AND FRAUD AND ANDREA BANK SHOULD BE SACKED , this is the most disgusting service i ever seen , 10 markets are the worst ever , if they had guts they refund there clients money ,

    • I heard the stuff from some guru called Jake something & an old antiques trading saying sprung to mind; “If it’s too good to be true it probably is”. As soon as the phone call came from an Asian woman who passed me to some African sounding bloke, I just knew it was shit.

    • Sounds familiar , I was trading for 2 years with a broker called L binary , out of the blue they disappeared with all clients money including my 20000
      . I am still trying to find the frauds.

      • The had very bad experience with 10market.i deposit 250and within 2days $30went missing .i decided to withdraw my fund immediately.our problem is that we do not want to trade with legitimate brokers.10markets has no licence.

    • Initially I was trading binary and was showing a profit when it closed, I was so happy and I withdraw the money but somehow my broker, Chris Aames call me again to deposit more money on forex, as I had no experience so I follow his instruction, after two days I notice my balance has dropped tremendously and I lost usd 7960. Where is the problem coming from, in the forex platform he purposely ask me to buy 4 contracts instead of one and also created duplicate assets, never advise me to use “stop loss” in the forex platform in order to bust my investment.
      I hope somebody will look into this matter and prevent more victims, and best of all I can recover some losses from there. Thanks.

    • Much the same happened to my £15,000. My account manager placed all the trades and managed to lose all of it in a few months.

    • Mark Paterson

      Knowing nothing about trading I left it to my allotted Pro Trader to do. After depositing £10,500 I watched it quickly disappear. £5,000 of that was taken from my account without me knowing. Not realising until it was too late. They have no morals, do not listen and do not respond to questions. Not a good place to invest. The only investing should be done by the fraud squad!

    • Please Please this is a scam, you can see your equity growing, but you do the press withdrawl it will say admin controlled. which means you are not in control. Once I said I can’t remember my password to login it took seconds to put my password from him my security is not there on this platform.. Brothers and sisters please please donts go on this platform we work hard for the money we get. humble suggestion please please don’t go for 10 market platform its a scam I lost £12000 and yet when called no response get out if you can ,what ever your balance is there try to withdraw you will know the true colour of your 10 market mentor.. Please stay away

    • there are all scam sites binary … they need to be registered with each province they interact with , check registration for ur province they will most likey be on investor warning list as they are in my province OSC , u need to show ur transactions , to get ur funds returned in the future when the osc as example will be bring them to court

    • They are scammers and you have lost your money !

    • 100 % scam ! Take contact to police !

    • Matthew Wilson

      Oh dear,So sory sony,yuv been sucked by a snake .I have listened to 1 of their con sales dept account managers trying everything possible to get biscuits outa my
      piggy wiggy tin for ages.Just listening carefully will give u the clues to a criminal mind with evil intent.I told the Xunt to f off in a polite manner.Gawd blimey charlie ,the Xunt realised ee was exposed but like a recidivist clothed in stripes for life ee has reincarnated imself as a holy grail of a devil;and that is wat ee is!No one looks after yer peebles better than ye.

    • Hi all.. I’m just deposit $250.00 to the 10 markets account. Today, they want me to put some more amount. Toby(10markets account manager) asking for my online banking details and using team viewer to look at my laptop screen also. I’m follow the step and then i feel doubt about it. I’m searching about 10 markets in google & many negative comments about this company. So how i want to get my money back? I don’t want to continue with them anymore. I’m from Malaysia & I don’t know how to get this problem solve. Please help me. Sorry for my bad English.

    • I ask to withdraw usd 238 after losing some money on 250 usd and the balance become 0!!!. Binary Robot 365 not linked to them they say.

    • Finally 10 Markets return my usd 250. I appreciate their effort. However I will not use them again as meta trader hard to use,

  • I am a client of 10markets. I am entirely unsure of how other real clients feel about this company, but I really feel they are a scam. In order for clients to put in deposits they are quick about it. But to contact them and ask them for status updates it takes weeks. Even closing the account is like begging them. Sometimes, they have trades done that is not on the platform and they will suddenly appear with the trades at negative balances. I have screen shots and conversations as proof.

    • Hi Samuel,

      Please can you send me the screen shots and conversations as proof. I am working on an updated version of this post.

    • I always feel that 10 markets have no interest in the client. They just want you to deposit more and more and then give you a credit that locks you in – and in my case I was close to being able to withdraw and then suddenly over the course of 4 weeks they traded my account to a loss… taking commissions of course.

    • Sanuel I am a victim aswell, understand but stay out mate as to save a trade ask for deposit is neverending my humble suggestion get out as soon as you can .press withdrawl amount you will see the true colour of you mentor. God Bless stay safe.

    • they need legal id in order to accept your deposit .. mine should of paid out double , they kept the wins , ignored me , then asked for my id to be able to refund , they then insult me by pointing 12 the amount they wanted to, they put this in with id after bothering me for the id, as they know they cant accept in the first place without id as i found out … legal id is a drivers id not a health card , health card wont be accepted just as u were to apply for a loan , u need legal id .. they are a scam they need to be registered by law with each province they interact with ,, i live in ontario which is the osc they are on the list for investor warning and will be brought to court for not being registered and returning victims funds

    • Yes, I agree with you that they are scammers ! I lost my money in there too. All the money you invest in there you will allways lost too !

    • I think that you want to keep your money ! Never invest 10 Markets / Whitestone or you can wave your money to googbye !

  • What a horrible experience with 10 markets..Stay away……..started in February with $500USD I was very quickly talked into another $2000.00USD. I then I had a life changing car accident and requested my money back because i was not able to concentrate on learning to trade. I was then talked into having Dylan Woods manage my account until was able to get back on my feet…long story short….my account was then traded away to $32.00 as I watched my account lose money I requested that all trading be stopped and nothing happened. The final answer was… there is nothing they could do for me……A big and expensive lesson learned..It’s all a big money grab…be careful….Is there anything more I can do

    • Hi Mike,

      Sorry to hear about your car accident. Can you send me screenshots and proof to back up your claims against 10markets? I will compile them into a new post along with some other claims.

    • mike – Dylan Woods is my new account manager he is part of the recovery team (lost of teams in 10markets) but all he want is more money – it feel like a lot of people with gambling issues managing money – still never seen any of the low risk trades i.e.. 3-5%

      • Just this guy made me to loss over 10k eurs. After a year I had 20k profits and then I asked to withdraw Woods told me what to do and after those wises my account was wmpty and no activity was on. Woods was fourth trader with me. Obviously Woods is the home-devil, who took the money to 10Markets. There was Jay Goldman, Jane Klein, Thomas Wehrmann, John Penrose, Michael Burg, Michael Paige, Daniel Cooper and Vanessa Halloway. I think that all are cheating people to give money. Every one say: put more money and… And when you have lost everything they say, it is cosiquence of your stupid decissions… This is the true. But dont worry, I´ll found them one day.

        • james oloughlin

          Hi Ken , I have also been misled by 2 cowards , Gabriel Nelson and Michael Burg , I would join you in locating these 2 individuals , I would like to cut their ears off place them in their hands and await their screams , I have a wicked streak that Id like both of them to witness , I invested heavy with little to show for it almost 12 months and down almost 20,000 sterling , these bastards are in it for themselves , commission upon trade placed , incorrect info , lets take DAX , screen shot was sent to myself showing a trade , cover with a TP 10,000, sell , I should have known this was false information by the very margin of a fall , he says you have to be patient , DAX 12711 and climbing , has not stopped since trade placed , I am now doing my intel on these individuals, I am ex service heavily into seek and find.

          • Christina Windley

            Well good luck with that. I like to envisage them in orange jumpsuits. My account got to £61,000 profit but I could never withdraw a penny as there was always a reason why I needed to add more money in order to make my account save to withdraw or why I needed a decent balance to make another money making trade which would pay out on Friday …. ‘so keep it in a while longer, you know I offer you great advice’. When I became more determined to get money out Gabriel Nelson hastily talked me through a 21 volume trade which immediately dropped my Free Margin from a safe level to 32%. My heart stopped and my balance 61k disappeared within the day. Over the next few days they persuaded me to put in more money in order to keep the account afloat so I wouldn’t lose my £28,000 equity. Of course it all disappeared. Gabriel Nelson said ‘well you’ve learnt some lessons but in a year sell your house and come back and I’ll make you £20,000 a month on your £200,000 investment’. Holy Hell … really! Two weeks later John Baker sent me an email … I’m from the VIP Department I can help recover your money in safe measured way as I’m not happy with the final outcome. Bottom line – no they would not refund me the Spread Cost of the 21 volume trade but suggested I transfer another £8500 or even £16000 to do a sure thing Google trade. I have reported them to Action Fraud, The FCA and am trying to get some money back through my Bank and Credit Card companies under Section 75. Charming and convincing as these guys appear to be they put useful talents to evil purposes. Their mothers would be ashamed of them. I trust someone does catch up with them and holds them to account.

    • All what they learn is how you will lost your money, you know !

  • I am a 10 markets client 10 markets is a scam they are quick to help you until you deposit the money ..they nolonger intrested in you when i asked them what happened to my money they just say “the system must have lost the money and you must deposit more money like really they promised that an account manager will help you but that just bull shit & even if u send emails they just ignore you.This people are not even decent to tell you why & how you lost the money…but yet they expect to suck you dry… VERY DISSAPOINTING

    • Please check your email inbox, Noria.

    • yeah – I agree I can see the “automated” trades that just take my cash. I had a fully managed account not an automated one – when asked what happened to Anna Kaplan my manager I was told they parted company with her. I feel she left because the may have seen something very bad with the trading

      • One thing that I would recommend and advise everyone here who has a complain that is never allow any broker company to manage your account or funds they will do this to everyone always manage your own account or give it to someone whom you trust and is can be physically reached in person.

    • That is very true.

    • I was their client too and I had to say that they just want your money ! Do not invest any more or you lost all your money !

  • I am a 10 Markets client.I am also thinking that 10 markets is a scam.I have started with 250 USD on january 2016 then requested me to add 1000 USD then again 1000 & 500 USD to my account.Now from 3 weeks i am not getting any response from them,i messaged many times but no reply.I can’t withdraw my funds also as now it is showing temporarily suspended. Atleast they should tell us we lost our money or not.Disgusting brokers ……very very disappointing…
    My personal request to everyone please don’t put money in 10 Markets …be careful.

  • I have invested 500 US dollars. In two weeks the deposit became 1504 dollars. More than two weeks I try to withdraw money. The support service is silent.
    Never contact this office.

    • Ema H.,10markets

      Dear Alexey,
      Please be advised that we’re trying to get in touch with you on the phone and email for the last several weeks, although there’s no answer from your side. Please contact us here: Julia.s@10markets.com, this is one of our best Customer Success Managers for further discussion.

  • I can’t see say profit and thy r not contacting me I m so upset

    • Unfortunately there are risks of losing money with these types of trading and vast majority of people WILL lose money.

      • Where and who is the best person to speak to about my account. My account has got a suspension on it my account manager can’t be reached and l’m stressing out have tried to call you but no response what should l do?

  • Wow i was about to deposit………….After reading every ALL BAD reviews. Admin comment are a typical………….make it hard for the customer. Admin could easily check all these claims in there own company. Instead of trying the delay tactics. I liked all the assets they trade. Each time i have talked with them to get any good customer service answers. There comment is you are NOT a customer as you have NOT deposited funds. This is true. But there whole attitude for a new customer is so poor.
    How do you get business with out your greatest asset.YOUR CUSTOMER?????????????

    • Hi Kim, I’m not sure what you are trying to say? I can’t understand your English.

      • LOL
        That´s a joke?
        After all this feedback i will not trade on this F***

      • That’s BULLSHIT did you read that.
        Kim I feel you but you should have done your research first honey then you would have seen how rude there customer service is and the amounts of monies they have suck dry from people.

  • Comment deleted upon users request.

    • Hi, You are free to do what you like. I am just here to be the only website to let the truth not be suppressed because of money.

      • Hi Admin.

        Could you please delete my comment on this page as I have resolved my issues with 10markets. Many thanks

  • Beware, beware. All brokers and regulated brokers there is always more black sheeps in the organisation. Especially can’t imagine country like UK is one of the most high scam in the world earning their reputation through cheating is their way of style. These brokers are quick like leopard reaching out to you through phone before one can finished update personal information but slow as snail the minute raise the subject on withdrawal. This is the biggest problems with this industry on the subject on withdrawal especially if traders not reside within their country and their authority done nothing to stop unethical practise within their society. They knew nothing you can do about it and their webpage also stated this is a high risk investment and yours hard earn money place in the hands of inexperienced brokers sharpen their skill. Don’t you feel strange regulated brokers should accept US traders instead vice versa do not accept US traders because most of these regulators body are from Europe, they belongs to same flock of scam and they knows US citizens are well protected by their government avoid having any political pressure in the later with America. Once regulated will not accept US traders. There are brokers for years still telling you in progress getting regulated but true intention never want to be regulated because any issue traders no where raise complain as they do not have bide by any authority.

    A piece of sound advise to all traders

    1. Never deposit fund with brokers without getting first the compliance
    document verify and acceptance meeting the eligibility for withdrawal
    avoiding later excuses from brokers the document do not compliance.

    2. Traders must check the mode of deposit accepted for online gambling,
    forex and casino before making deposit. Some countries do not allow
    debit card or prepaid issue by any financial organisation bearing Visa
    or Master logo due to security reason. Example like PayPal do not allow
    online gaming, forex and casino but do note there are brokers with
    PayPal signage on their brokers website on case by case basic accept
    PayPal but traders must getting black and white verification from
    brokers whether yours PayPal accepted for withdrawal. Brokers interest
    want you to deposit fund and never care less yours withdrawal issue.
    Do not accept brokers request for higher deposit beyond your means,
    trades for you if you sign up with trading software, these brokers are
    good talkers and often are not a good doers, giving great promises
    and assurance but fail to deliver.

  • I’ve used 10markets for a year now and I only have good things to say. Withdraw – I see many comments about the withdraw. Yes 10markets has a very complex process of withdraw, because of bonus system. But the bonus gives more options to trade and buy more stocks. Initial deposit – at $250 it’s some high for the average guy. Trade execution – extremely fast. I’ve had stop limit orders executed flawlessly as a stock was selling out and dropping like a knife. Very thankful for getting me out at my stop price. Customer service – I have not had to deal with the customer service department much, but the time or two I did they were pretty helpful and courteous. Fees – lowest I’ve seen. If you trade frequently, daily and have a small account the $10 each way commission you pay to other discount brokers can add up quickly. 10markets charges pennies and I’ve spent many weeks testing trading ideas with10markets and their low commissions helped a lot.

  • I spent 20 years in the investment business so I do know a bit about trading, getting good executions, the importance of keeping costs low, and customer service. I would give 10markets the highest possible marks.
    Would recommend them without hesitation to anyone,

    • Comments from J.Korh and Steiger were most likely left by the same person based on footprints they left.

    • Michael Goodwin

      Really so why can I not withdraw my funds!!!!

      • I agree admin. I stupidly invested the £250 they wanted and was called back from what seemed to Switzerland. My appeals for my refund is always a waste of time. I was contacted initially from ricci cooper who grabbed my money and mr Zachs tried blinding me with figures and markets etc. He asked for my credit details but thankfully I said no. This has been ongoing since end of may.

  • so much of which is written above in all the posts has happened to me , qbits and 10markets deserve each other , they are just one big scam . i am partially disabled and live on a govt benefit . i put money in to try and get a better life and lost the lot .


    • Dear Bryon, please be informed that your account was connected to the automatic trading software of your choice that was trading on your behalf.
      I would like to highlight the fact that this automatic trading software is not an organic part of 10Markets. Our product is a panoramic Trading Platform that offers a wide variety of trading tools for all kinds of traders.
      Many automatic trading software developers choose 10Markets for our fast trade execution.
      If you are not satisfied with the results of your automatic trading software please contact support of the automatic trading software developer.

  • I faced the same problem as the rest of the traders. Deposited my money with 10 markets but tried countless times to make withdrawals. All they do is to ask me to make more trades. More recently they have been ignoring my requests and emails.

    My money is still in the account. Any advice for me?

    • Dear Lucas,
      We in 10Markets always inspire to give the great customer service to our clients.
      We tried to find you in our Client Area, are you our client? If yes, we will be more then happy to help you, please send us your Client information to support@10markets.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.
      Miss Ema H.,
      Customer success & satisfaction

    • kiss that money goodbye as 10M will either ignore your request or in my case put your account on some random trading program and loose the lot.

  • I started trading with 10Markets in feb 2016 with my first deposit of 1500EUR.
    After I funded my account with my account manager he informed me that I will get a call from a broker the phone call came pretty fast, 24h after I funded my account. My portfolio manager teached me the platform and showed me the education videos, I need to say it’s really worth watching them they will help you a lot in understanding the market.
    Now the part which I liked less about 10markets – when I asked for a withdraw request they first asked me for documents I did not provide them right, I tried again and they still did not approve them until I noticed a documents attached to the email ( kyc guide or something like that ) were they explained and showed in pictures how to provide them the documents and my documents got approved right away.
    When I then opened a new withdraw request it took longer than written in the terms and conditions, but 10markets was in all time in contact with me and there support always tried to help me and get information about my withdraw every time. It took a little longer then I though it will but I received my money with 2059EUR of profit which I traded with my broker together.

    • This is the same person as Steiger and J.Korh. I can see see your footprints VPN or not 😉

    • Seems to me that the owner of 10M sounds like the wolf of wallstreet lol. Getting money and keeping peoples hopes up. Gaining personal income for him/her with the other brokers in the same company……. Hmmmm

  • Marius Pakker

    I have been asking for refund of my initial deposit as I am not capable of providing you with the necessary documentation needed for verification. Instead I keep on receiving phone calls pushing me into trades I do not want.
    For the last week I have sent 4 mails requesting to return the deposit. This should be no problem as I never traded anything, simply because my account couldn’t be verified. Result: no money, no answer, not even acknowledgement of receiving the mail. See email below which was sent 3 times.
    Instead I checked today I discovered you have started trading without my authorization. How is this possible when the account has not even been verified. I request you to immediately stop this illegal trading and to return my initial deposit.


    As reported 3 times before, I cannot supply the requested information and documentation, so I want to close my account. As I have done no transactions, just return the initial deposit into my credit card. Appreciate your attention


    • Update

      I noticed they started trading with my deposit without my approval or without verification of my credentials. This is highly illegal and I will forward this information to my juridical adviser for further action. I have sent 6 emails and spoken to 3 different so-called portfolio managers. All to no avail.
      Don’t touch this company!!!!!

    • Dear Mr. Marius,
      Please send us your Client information to support@10markets.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.
      We in 10Markets always want to give the best and fast customer service to our clients.
      Miss Ema H.,
      Customer success & satisfaction

      • Yes well I did a Transferd 1,000.00 Australian which in there terms was $760.00 US currency. I have sent 7 emails & also I have attempted to call Jay Goldman on Skype plus SMS him no response so far. I have also sent heaps off emails to Dylan Woods no response yet. Sounds like I have been ripped off as well ?

    • I’m in the same situation I have not given them the document that is required to start trading. I’ve asked for my money to go back on my credit card.
      they have said it has to be done and sent me the reference number but still no money has shown up in my account.

  • George Hamiltin

    I joined on Thursday 30th June and deposited £250, sent them pictures of recent utility bill, bank account statement & driving licience with picture verification, they said they would contact me friday morning, now its monday 4th July, will i be able to stop all proceedings.

    • Hello Mr. George Hamiltin ,
      We in 10Markets always inspire to give the best customer service and the best experience to our clients.
      Please send us your account number or email to our support: support@10markets.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.
      Miss Ema H.,
      Customer success & satisfaction

    • Michael Goodwin

      Forget it I was told no problem in getting my money back 9 months later I cannot even get them to reply. Mike Burg supposed to be an Investment banker but cannot even reply to an email!

  • Director Dlamini

    Thanks for the eys opener as I was about to deposi

  • Director Dlamini

    Thanks for the eye opener as I was about to make a deposit

  • I am desperate to withdraw some money from my account, but the system is writing that the withdrawal is suspended until I fulfil whatever I dont know. At the beginning of the month my account manager asked me to look for money to top up my account. I borrowed £1300 which I deposited in my account. This was an an understanding that I will withdraw half of it at the end of this month I am trying to contact the support team but I am not getting an answer quick enough. What do I do and I need that money back. Can someone help me

    • This was not to discredit their services but they were not responding quickly and I was disappointed to hear that I could not withdraw my money, otherwise their services has been commendable.

  • From down town in Australia!
    Well, where do i start… these people ought to be found and must be reported. I was receiving call after call from 10 Markets promising me the world. I continued to insist with them that i was not interested…though they just kept on promising me the world! (ADMIN YOU WANT PROOF I HAVE THE PHONE CALL CONVERSATION RECORDED) ?

    I have now been left out of pocked for the amount of $330 US (David Navarro) how do you sleep at night?
    These people 10 MARKETS are a fraud. My merchant bank confirmed with me this morning that these people have no regulated authority nor license to trade with Australia. My bank is sorting this out for me and i will be reimbursed.


  • From down town in Australia!
    Well, where do i start… these people ought to be found and must be reported. I was receiving call after call from 10 Markets promising me the world. I continued to insist with them that i was not interested…though they just kept on promising me the world! (ADMIN YOU WANT PROOF I HAVE THE PHONE CALL CONVERSATION RECORDED) ?

    I have now been left out of pocked for the amount of $330 US (David Navarro) how do you sleep at night?
    These people 10 MARKETS are a fraud. My merchant bank confirmed with me this morning that these people have no regulated authority nor license to trade with Australia. My bank is sorting this out for me and i will be reimbursed.

  • Glad i read comments before commiting me to online fraud thers to much of these in the world, dnt want to work for a living but are vultures to honest people hard earned money.


  • 10 markets is fraud. They took my money 2760 £ . At the beginning I told them I am not interested and asked for refund or withdraw my money to Dylan Woods who is Porfolio manager there. He keep promising. He promised if I sign the agreement he would give me my money back and than I signed it . He felt like legally strong and now he ignore me.not even answering my phone calls. I m sick and tired. All I know is he is fraud and his office. I could hear some body screaming over the phone at the back. Obviously to other fool like me. I was not aware of any of the investments. That they were playing so far. I am angry and upset. I want my money back. Could some body help me please !!

    • Dear Shraddha Gurung
      We in 10Markets always inspire to give the great customer service to our clients and answers to all questions.
      Please, forward to complaint department Julia.s@10markets.com for more information.
      We will be more than happy to help you.
      Miss Julia S.,
      Customer success & satisfaction

      • What about offering to help other people that you’ve taken their hard earned money and lost? My personal experience is you ignore and steal peoples money. You should be bought to justice here in the UK.

  • Shraddha gurung

    Please please please beware of this rogue trader. I deposited £2750 when I change my mind and want to withdraw Dylan woods said that I could and going to transfer money. But after that he traded my money without my authority and made all loss. How could some trade my money with out my authority. This real scam. Isn’t there any financial service aothority to monitor and regulate this fraud people. These kind of people has no ethics and integrity should be punished as rogue trader in prison.

  • Shraddha gurung

    Even though I lost my money due to Dylan woods rogue trader.plesae spread message about this fraud people through social media to stop being another victim

  • Shraddha gurung

    Please beware of these rogue trader. I deposited £2750 when I changed my mind and want to withdraw Dylan woods said I could and will transfer.But soon after start trading without my authority and lost all my money. These people are fraud have no ethics and integrity.How come there is no monitoring and regulating authority to keep on eye on these fraudulent. These people should be sentenced in prison as rogue trader.

  • Shraddha gurung

    I will spread message till I die

  • If you made it to this far in the page then you have done the right thing because now you know that 10Markets are nothing but Scam , There so bad that im making a website so people can really see what there about , There auto robot is a Scam , There manners is Shit , There attatude is Shit and from what i have been reading there trading is Shit, Only a fool would put money into there account , I have many Screen Shots of this website and there software paying me the wrong price and when i send in Screen shots to manager and complience and tec team they still not fix the price difference , So the long and short of it is they dont give a shit about there customers only themselves ,,,if any body want to see screenshots of there software paying me the wrong price then email me at Troydirect1@crawler.com so i can email them to you and we can put the evedence all over the internet ,,, This company needs to be shut down ,, They should go to jail for steeling peoples money because that is all they do, very unhappy , cant wait till i finish my website to show the world what there about ,, Troy


    • I have several skype-txt saved, but those do not help?

  • I am also thinking that 10 markets is a scam.I have started with 250 GBP on 27 August 2016 then requested me to add another 1000 GBP to make it worth while me investing and making as much profit as possible. I can’t withdraw my funds also as now it is showing temporarily suspended. Only 19yrs old and I want to get out of it now before matters get worst. All I can think is I’ve have lost all my money ! Great !

  • I am elderly and stupidly paid $250 US on 5th August, the following day I was assigned a manager David Zachs who conned me into putting another $1000 US into my account as the original amount was not enough to trade with. By the end of the first education session I was completely confused and asked for my money back. I was told to send proof of identity which I did but my account has been temporarily suspended because I have bonuses. How can I have bonuses when I have not traded anything and have not activated the account. I have sent numerous emails to David Zachs, Johan Humphries, Rachael Davis and Michael Berg the so called head of the department. They have refused to name the Managing Director or give me his email address and they are now ignoring my emails and my request for my money to be returned. I definitely think it’s a scam.

  • I have had a bad experience with 10 markets as a I am not an experienced trader.Been with them 3 weeks and lost 3k. Mrs Rachel Davies promised to take her word for it and they are good. Referred me to Dylan Woods. Did open two open trades with the two and all disappeared from my account. Dylan promising it is trading the market. All done via teamviewer online and Skype. Put 1K on a trade on oil 28/10/16 and he said with stop loss so not loose, guess what! On Friday 1800 got only £50 and on 28/10/16 he did a £50 trade loss without informing me. NEVER TRUST THEM AND SAVE YOUR MONEY GUYS. They are scams and I will take things further.

  • Pleas STAY AWAY from these people. I have also been conned into putting over £5,500 as Dan Kensstone and David (might be David Zachs too). I changed my mind after coming across this site by googling. I spoke to Dan that I changed my mind and wanted my money back. Then he became very aggressive why I changed my mind so he lost his 6% commission at the end of the month. He told me that I should’ve done my due diligence before I put money in. What a great advice from a rogue trader. He also mentioned that 10markets has had some legal cases so they are actually aware of their rogue behaviour. I have requested many time to withdraw my full balance. So far no reply at all. Be ware! 10markets is not registered or regulated in Europe. They can’t be trusted. It’s a 100% scam!

  • I’m a new client if 10markets.

    All those support is only there if you keep filling their pockets with hard earned cash.

    Initially I lost money USD$8000 on one trade only when they applied a fake credit that did not affect the percentages.
    By the way I wanted to close that trade when I was only $200 out. They stopped me from doing it.

    They forgot I teach economics and maths

    Used my knowledge to work back on my account and now I can easily generate USD$1500 a week without any tips or manager input. Just follow te trends and stay in the margin. Don’t get too carried away with their special offers to make you money once in a while.

    It is a full time job to attend to your open trades

    My account manager and the risk manger absolutely hate me for it.

  • Hello.
    This is my story.
    10markets.com-pay to me part 1 money. And don’t want pay another part!
    I’m wait from 15 august!
    This is scr from account and withdrawal request: http://c2n.me/3CtBbcP.png

    Support by mail-don’t answer.
    Online support also- http://c2n.me/3CsGnPN.png

    This is the Big Boss from 10markets.com, Michael Burg, and this is his answer to me:
    -By Vadym I don’t owe you nothing
    -If you talk to me like that I will make sure your ticket will be delayed for years

    Video proove! My chat with Michael Burg https://youtu.be/vgl3euLXlIw

    Be is be carefull with 10markets.com

  • I have been trading with 10 markets for about six months, I deposited the required £250 and after sometime my account manager told me to add money £1300 which I did not have have but had to borrow because he told me we are going to put up 2 lots of gold trade which will yield £600, so I believed him and borrowed the money which I am paying up to now. My account manager David Zachs was not calling me sometimes for two weeks so it forced me top trade on my own sometimes which made my account to go down. Now the last trade where the reamaining balance was about £600 , he put a trade of 500 pounds which was lost, now my account is empty . I reccomend that you dont go near the 10 markets because they are untrustworthy and reckless. They only want to take peoples money and they dont help them. They have mde me lose confidence in other brokers and given me bad experience

  • Robert Phillibs

    I have left a comment last week here about my experience with 10markets.com and how quick they are to call me by ( Rachel Davies) and promised they are very good in doing things professionally using stop loss etc, and referred me to Dylan Woods who is the best account manager. He has made me loose 3K in two weeks because i am not familiar with the platform setup. He promised he will do things by STOP LOSS setup but he DID NOT and I lost £ 3K within 2 weeks. How come this was not published?

    Robert Phillibs

  • Scam Scam Scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t waste your time or money! they make you add deposit, they will mess up the trades, once you want to withdraw cause you get angry, they put you on trading software that is loosing your money!!! they will give you bonuses that will only restrict your account from withdrawals!!!! David Zachs biggest lier!!!all of them bunch of a scammers!!!!!!

  • People!I had the same problem. As soon as I asked to withdraw my £6000 they turned automated software that lost all the moneys within 24h. They are scam, all of them David Zachs,Michael Burg, Tom Keen, Dylan Woods, Mia Maliki. Everybody has to report it to https://www.vfsc.vu/ it’s the body that gave them licence. 3 times I asked for withdrawal with a space 7 days between and there was no action. I had no bonuses no nothing all it was my money. What a scam!

  • Bunch of thieves they will not let you withdraw your money

  • I’ve been a customer of 10markets 1 year for now.
    I don’t open a lot of trades,don’t buy a lot of stocks, but I will say 10markets ranks amongst the best in this category to my mind . Binary options i liked less… iI don’t know which company better.
    Tools – pretty standard stuff and performant overall. It chooses speed and utility over flash, which I appreciate.
    The apps – I didnt like it realy, it isn’t work and uncomfortable app.
    Good luck guys!

  • I lost £10,000 with 10markets, they started trading my money without asking, then when I asked to withdraw they ignored me. A guy Jay called me to say I had to wait more. Then after ignoring me 3 more time and 4 months they returned me £2,000 of 12,000. I asked to see the transactions but they have ignored me since. BE WARNED, THIS COMPANY IS NOT UK REGISTERED SO YOU CAN DO NOTHING ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY.

  • I’d like to help to my father-in-low.
    He was misleaded by a Slovakian women, Rita Simon Kostina (was born 20th of Aug. 1985, Tornala in Slovkia), she dissapeard in the begining of the summer. My father-in-law paid 15.000$ to 10Market. We tried to withdraw the total amount several times from the begining of the summer without any result. First time they complained the KYC identification. We did this identification. Then they asked a clarification of our data and credit card information. We also did it. Now they’re complaining the KYC identification again…
    We had may official complaints (also by lawyer), we got answers (from Lara Schäfer and Laura Münz) without any result.
    What can we do? What do you think, if we go to the press or media with the story can help?

  • Dear users! Please trade online only with security commission certified companies. Any online company that has not certified with Cysec (security commission of Cyprus) should not be trusted.
    Don’t waste your money.

  • I just want to say that was impossibility return all the money of my account by withdrawal.

    The told me lies to avoid return my money like that the KYC document was missing at time to send them the right document to do it.

    After three months they take almos all my money without permission from my account.

    They are a big thieves, and if you want to lost your money just trust of them, and you will see.

    By my side i will never rest about to put bad reviews in order to say to everybody that 10markets.com is a big fake. They are a completely scam

    They should to know that i will never stop to say bad things of them because one time that the money is into the 10markets.com account platform is a period of time that your money will disappear from your account.

    Let me to say that all people that had worked with them knows that Magali Gonzalez and his team are just thieves.

    I let my email with the target that they contact with me, but it i will be difficult and will be difficult too that i will not to recover my money. But 10markets.com team always will be on my mind and anywhere, anytime that i was i will put a bad review from they. THEY ARE JUST THIEVES THAT PLAY WITH GOOD PEOPLE, THAT JUST WANT TO KNOW HOW TO OPERATE RIGHT.

    • Hello Mr. Freed,
      We are really sorry, that you have got such a negative impression about 10Markets.
      We in 10Markets always want to give the best customer service to our clients.
      We will like to find a way to help you and solve the situation that you tied yourself into.
      Please send me your account number or email to my personal email: Julia.s@10markets.com and I try to see how I can help you.
      Miss Julia S.,
      Customer success & satisfaction


  • I agree Freed, stay away from 10 market lot of promise but lies and not honest.

  • I started to trade first time in October with a small amount with Malcolm Brown. We trade with Binary. We had a good and bad trades as well. My money was was goes down, maybe I was not lucky, than I meet with Danny Morgan. I can say, from November till this time he he helped me to increase my balance to triple. Now I have to take out a small amount from my account, but I wish to put more to grow my balance up. Thank you Danny Morgan, 10Markets for the opportunity.
    Peter. London

  • Never trust 10 markets. Especially Sharon…she will call you and fantazise with your dreams and ask for your location 16 digit credit/debit card number and finally your ccv.then in less then 5 minutes you account is cleared of the agreed sum of money.when it comes to you asking for a withdrawal you will have to oblige with prepared regulations as money laundering laws, anti terrorist laws and send the all necessary documents.after that is all done they tend to keep quiet and all emails directed to them will read as undelivered cos your email is not corresponding. Real CHEAT they are, Readers out there don’t fall for their traps.MAY THE MIGHTY ALLAH DESTROY them for their follies.

  • My mum agreed to invest £250 but you’ve taken £2500, this has put her in financial difficulty and caused her bank charges as she went overdrawn, she is a pensioner and cannot afford to lose this amount of money, she’s asked for a refund but was refused, this is DISGUSTING, give her, her money back please, none of this loosing it business.

    • Dear Tania,
      We in 10Markets always inspire to give the great customer service to our clients.
      We tried to find you in our Client Area. We will be more then happy to help you, please send us your Client information(email or account number) to Julia.s@10markets.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.
      Miss Julia S.
      Customer success & satisfaction

      • I have given you the information a response please,my mum is in severe financial difficulty because of this, and I’ve just found out she’s turned off her heating and isn’t eating properly due to lack of money, pleas give her a refund immediately as I’m sure 10 markets don’t want to be responsible for the ill health or worse of a pensioner,I am really worried about the stress this is putting her under.

        • Still response surprise surprise

          • This company is disgusting they took unauthorized money from my mums account which made her go overdrawn, she is a pensioner and is now in financial poverty, she can’t afford her bills so has kept the heating off which has been detrimental to her health, she is so stressed I’m so worried about her, she wants a refund but gets ignored I hope this company realise I will hold them fully responsible if anything happens to my mum

  • I joined 10 markets a few weeks ago, i told them i wanted to put 250 pounds in but i made a mistake on my card number and when it refreshed i did not realise that the amount had gone to 1000 ,i put my numbers in again and they took 1000. I said i didnt want to put that amount and asked for it back and was told that when i was verified i could withdraw it. Got verified and still cannot withdraw anything. Looks like i am going to lose 1000 pounds, i fancied a try of this but for more than i thought as im a pensioner (i should know better ) i was hoping to supplement my pension.
    I was sent to them by a JASON TAYLOR , THE BRIT METHOD wouldnt care but they dont even have that option on their site.

  • So many thanks for the person who create this website to help everyone. Cheers dude

  • 10Markets is a brand operated by Whitestone Securities Limited.
    When you check the company it says the Whitestone Securities Limited is dissolved. That means the company is not exist. But 10market is exist. How it is possible they serve their name under the Whitestone Securities Limited? That mean everyone can built a web site with fake company. No one can track it. right?
    I think it is a millennium style of earning money and a big advantage to get rich from hard working people!

  • These people have somehow brainwashed my disabled, widowed father out of over 150,000 GBP in 9 months, money that he needs for his 24hr private homecare. They have been promising a payback of at least 25k within a week, for over 6 months now, but alas, nothing has arrived yet, but they are still hounding him with phone and skype calls to invest more and more of his hard earned lifetime savings. I think its disgusting and would love to find out who these people are, visit them, and dish out some Old School Justice, then burn down thier offices.


  • Wow reading all this just started to scared me off . I just opened an account without being smart about finding out first.
    Now it seems that i’ve made the worst decision for the start of 2017.

  • Ive invested in this as it was endorsed by no other than Sir Richard Branson via an email add. Then wached the video from Mr Green. aka the green machine who promise a $500 I’m still waiting for an “account manager” to call, five days now, stoped holding my breath
    Iv you want to invest your money talk to someone face to face

  • Hello everyone.
    I’m having an issue with my withdrawal from 20/12/2016.
    So far I have received 250 GBP only.
    10Markets are refusing to pay remaining balance of 15100.94 GBP on my account.

    After contacting 10Markets on Live Chat I have been told that my account is under investigation.
    When I asked why I was not informed about any delays or how long will it take and whom shall I contact regarding the matter no straight answers were given and the chat was ended by 10Markets. Furthermore the chat function disappeared completely. Tried to logon to my account and received an error message although prior to our conversation it was ok. To my surprise on my other device the chat was working just fine. So I tried to contact 10Markets again, but they ended and disabled the chat one more time.
    In my last email I asked 10Markets to settle my account within next seven days by 13th of January 2017 (Ticket #VEWQ1). No response from the company.

    After reading these comments:
    It seems 10Markets are doing this to a large number of people.

    Please see screenshots of my experience:

    On one of the forms 10Markets displays London address 16 Upper Woburn Place, London, WC1H 0BS.

    Phoned building receptionist today and they informed me that neither 10Markets nor Whitestone Securities Limited, Vanuatu FSC License No. 14692 have never had premises there and they have had quite a few enquiries recently.

    • well done good investigation! 10Markets is a brand operated by Whitestone Securities Limited and it is dissolved many years ago)))))

  • Chad Muller???

  • Anyone who feels defrauded or scammed by 10 Markets should report what happened to them to Action Fraud. The report goes to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. They review the information given and assess whether there is enough evidence for the police or appropriate law enforcement organisation, such as Trading Standards to investigate your fraud. Information provided can be matched against thousands of fraud reports each month and used to disrupt criminal activity as well as used for prevention advice and campaigns.

    • Dear Mr.Bryan,
      We see that you opened an account with us in the end of November, decided to withdraw some of the funds in December, the withdrawal was processed within 5 business days.
      After some trading during December and January you decided to close your account which was done successfully within 1 business day and the remaining balance was sent back to you.
      In case you had any technical issues with trading or any other concerns, please forward an email to or complaints department representative – Julia.s@10markets.com.

  • Wow so many blind eyes! there is no 10 MARKET on the planet. How can you invest your money on a dissolved company!!!!! Always important that Investigate the company and person before doing this.

  • Hy,10market is worst they just take money and nothing,hope that they lose everything because they robbed people,is not serious ,i m so so nervous that I can’t speak with them because they dont respond at my calls and emails,they ask me for money and after that nothing,so so unhappy with this .

  • I deposited £250 with 10M in January 2017. Having seen all the negative reviews, I then asked for my money back before doing any trading. Luckily, I had funded the deposit on my credit card, and the credit card company were very helpful in getting the deposit back for me. I have just had the money refunded on 22 February. I know I should’ve checked these reviews online before dipping my toe in the water and I feel I’ve had a very lucky escape. Once I’d funded my account, I had a very speedy and persuasive call from David Zachs who said he was my “broker” and tried to persuade me to deposit an extra £2,000 as the initial £250 they requested “wasn’t enough to make sensible profits”. When I continued to sound doubtful he told me I wasn’t a suitable investor and I should get a refund. However, this took several emails and calls to achieve. Avoid them. It’s a scam. If you want to take the risk, make any deposits on a credit card, so the credit card company can help you get a refund under consumer credit law if you later want one.

  • I was about to invest my hard earned money. Iam out!

  • Comment Removed Upon Users Request.

    • Thank you for your support.
      We have reached an agreement with 10Markets and the matter has been closed now. Please could you delete my reviews as this is a part of my agreement with 10Markets.

  • I have read the reviews on line and find to my horror you are a scum, I want my money back, or I will take it further. You are the pits!!!

  • They are now in New Zealand under the name of ” The Kiwi Method”, Dylan Woods is the contact/portfolio manager, there also a Jake, and a Edward Lee(s) and a lady who sounds Asian.
    They have adds on yahoo… The spiel about not letting the bank know what you are getting into sounds shady!!

  • Sorry mistake on name Edward Rees not Lee(s)

  • sorry that is Edward Rees

  • I have just deposited 250 euro with them and now I’m wondering was I a total idiot. Can I request it back. I haven’t started trading yet

  • I agree with you that it is scam ! I deposit 16500 euros and naturally lost everything, just like all you too. NEVER INVEST 10 Markets / Whitestone ! YOU LOST ALL YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY TO A SCAMMER !

    • See thru whom you have transfered your money, Visa Card has protection clauses, and certain agencies are powerful enough to get the money . But a lot of hardship and correspondance to be carried out. ” 10 MARKETS IS BOGUS OPERANDI SCAM OPERATORS PRETEXT UNDER LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE.”

  • 10 markets is complete scam. Please stay away from them. Once you have deposited your fund, there is no way you could possibly get them back. Do not believe in digits that grow in your accounts as they are nothing just a numbers. 10 markets are based in Israel and they are nothing but just a fraudster. If you have already involved in this, report to your bank and let the fraud department handle this case without further delay.

  • Report to your bank please.

  • So we now know 10markets is a scam… What’s the next best thing for newbies?

    Looking at the posts and having been sucked in by my Portfolio Manager, Dylan Woods (if that’s his real name) who has an American accent, I am well in the “high loss” category with over a £0.1m + loss. Never mind I can get over it. However I conclude that 10Markets is a SCAM and as in my case the potential for being scammed by them is in the “RED” high risk sector. My advice is to keep well clear of 10Markets and deal with more trustworthy companies. I’m not bitter, just sad that 10Markets have taken a short term morally deceitful approach and not provided the investment returns they said they would.

  • I too have e’en scammed by 10 markets they called me and after investing the $250.00 my manager Paul Bryce told me to invest another $250.00 in order to generate considerable profits he then added a $1000.00 bonus and then asked me to deposit another $3000.00.we opened a Contract on Gold Vs US dollars in two days the investment started showing profits so I ask him to withdraw some of my profits to put towards my credit card.
    He told me he patient then took out a contract on mex peso Vs US dollars that quickly started to eat up my profits,that scum Paul Bryce then called me telling me for us to close the trade on Gold because it looks like gold has reached its peak, my contract take profit was at 1300.00 with me getting $6900.00 we closed the trade at 1250.00,he opened multiple trades on sugar and overnight my entire investment was gone.
    His explanation was the markets turned against us overnight,how can a broker be so deceitful, don’t ever invest with 10 markets they are a scam.

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences. I was contemplating to invest with them and was ONLY left with making a payment of $250 but after this, I am saved. .

  • Give me back my money you scamming bar stewards!

  • I initially placed a small deposit with Matt Mitchell from 10 markets, who true to his word supported me and help me make a small profit, I then attempted to with draw my funds which was a nightmare within it self. However I was assured that this was a one off and I made a further deposit, unfortunately my initial account manager Matt had left the company and then I got thrown into the mix with Micheal Burg and Dylan Woods. I’ve never had the privilege to meet to rip off merchants like these. Rather than managing my account and supporting me threw several safe trades, as originally discussed and like my initial experience. I have since found out what they wanted me to invest in was extremely volatile and then when I noticed my account going the wrong way, I contacted them and asked for advice. They insisted my invest was safe and secure and not to worry. Next thing I know my whole account was gone

  • Few months ago got ripped off by 10Markets. Usual, started off £250, then £2000, then that wasn’t enough according to Gabriel Nelson, so another £5000, then something was crashing in the market, so Micheal Berg needed another £5000 to prop up the account. Then another £5000 would see a big profit, my Arse! Eventually I had handed over £27500 to these scamming bastards over a 6 months period. They put back £2000 on my credit card to keep me interested. My so called account got up to £150000 at one point, but was advised to leave it running, when I wanted to bank it, then funny enough something crashed and it all disappeared while I was trying to contact Gabriel Nelson over night! So in 6 months I managed to get scammed out of £25500. If anyone knows the whereabouts of these crooks, please let me know as I have a baseball bat with their names on!

  • 10 market is ready scam , I am scam US$25,000. How they work is initially with your smaller investment they advised you what to buy make such you win and afterwhich they start to encourage you to invest more . Once you deposit more they will start make every trade losing and even enter a big trade to lose every cents.
    After checking I learn as a company like 10 market they can manipulate the trade by initial ie a buy and they will put in a sell so what ever your lost they will earn . For a legitimate company the buy and sell is between clients only .

  • 10 market is ready a scam company,at first I read here but still don’t believe as I did not how it work , I have been scammed of almost US$40,000. How they work is initially with your smaller investment they advised you what to buy make such you win and win, afterwhich they start to encourage you to invest more . Once you deposit more they will start make every trade losing and even enter a big trade to lose every cents.
    After checking I learn as a company like 10 market they can manipulate the trade by initial for instance a buy and they will put in a sell so whatever your lost they will earn . For a legitimate company the buy and sell is between clients only .
    They know most of us are aware of how they can manipulate, they will keep remind that they earn buy the commissions when we trade with them .

  • I invested approximately 10,000GBP with 10Markets. When I asked to withdraw they ignored my emails.
    I contacted a lawyer but unfortunately they are not registered in the UK, so you are powerless to do anything.
    After 2 months of pleading, they gave me 1,800, and said the rest was lost, but again, would not show me any transactions.

  • I fell for an advertisement that claimed to be a brilliant idea of the ANONYMOUS GROUP. I signed up and I got called back straight away. I decided to give it a try with 250€ only (minimum). Afterwords I didn’t feel well about the whole procedure and quick decision so I checked up “tenmarkets” on the internet. Of course I found more bad than good comments about experiences so I got scared even more.

    To complete my new profile on tenmarkets I should have filled out different papers to prove my real address and that I was the owner of that banking account. I DIDN’T FILL OUT ANY OF THE OFFICIAL PAPERS. Of course they tried to call me several times, I simply didn’t answer and didn’t upload any documents.

    After two/three month while checking on my bank account, I discovered that tenmarkets had withdrawn me back my 250€, probably because they weren’t allowed to work with my money. peehh, what a luck!!!

    Please be aware, that as soon as you sign up for something like tenmarkets, your EMAIL-ADDRESS + your PHONENUMBER are sold to filthy stuff like tenmarkets. I got calls from Switzerland, the UK, and recently from the US, my email-account, which I opened just for tenmarkets (no one else knew this address untill I signed up) is now bursting with SPAM!

    I really hope that this comment will help some people!!!

    All the best,


  • They are same as Dax Markets once you want to withdraw the next morning there will be zero in account with lame explanation that markets were bad with no history.

  • The same as everybody I too started investing with 10Markets and totally i invested Us$ 16,500/-. I was trading cautiously knowing that lot of cheatings were taking place with the Brokers. I traded in small quantities and brought up the balance to a level of US$ 57,000/- by the end of December 2017. My portfolio mgr. Tony Diaz a scoundrel was so nervous , he introduced to me another tutor Mr. Dorain Sanchez expert in higher level of trading to boost up the account. The names may be bogus they are using and this guy started dictating the trades to be carried out. He started opening up trading in high volumes and gradually my account was turniong in red. By the time i felt that things were running out of hand on 23rd Jan.2018, day he started clearing all the profits (Hedgeing) and within minutes all the datas wiped out from the screen leaving me blunt. He said Goodbye and your mgr. will contact you.Upon my call to him I said you would rather killed me by poisoning, and again i emailed sayingb you were silently watching what was happening and i’m refering your name under legal proceedings no reply recd. Further I tried to access my account with Ten markets it has been blocked. Then a chat message that 10 Markets is “SCAM OPERATION” a contact was established, Mr. Wiliams of 10Markets, but it seems they are playing ‘”cat & mouse”. Groups claiming to help the victims of scam, all these groups seems to be associated with these “Bogusoperandi” and are linked with this site.The London Stock Exchange should take a strong stand against these bogus Brokers, syphoning out millions of dollars and the name of LSE is getting tarnished.

  • Wow… dodged a bullet with 10markets.

    Is MaxCFD genuine? I am thinking about making a deposit with them.

  • Stay away from this fraud scheme. Being a regulated broker means nothing. They change rules as they want. First the client must have a trading volume of 15 times bonus size, then they increased this to 30 times. The only think they care is your money. They will continue to change the rules so that you can lose more money. Do not deal with these cheaters. Thanks to calgarysecurity d0t 0rg who helped me get almost all of it back. I lost a whole lot of fortune to these retards, I moved from one broker to another and found out all them 3 were the same fraud, over 90k lost until, I didn’t even have money saved for my funeral anymore, I was at the suicide point.

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