John Crestani Review – Is he a scam?

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  • The program Jhon Crestani is offering, is a HUGE SCAM. The picutres and articles/blogs he have on google page , anyone can do that in a matter of 6 months to come on Google first page(by using Search Engine optimization). This is a huge scam. He first trap you in $47 a month then John/Adam or God knows how many guys with different names calls you if you are serious about this program(Selling you something without telling you anything) give me your Credit Card details for $18 k/$5/$10k payment. They charge you depends on how their mode for a day. I have paid from 3 accounts to find the scam and trust me he is selling BS.
    I request everyone, have mercy on your hard earned cash , for which you spent hours and hours at work. The money you earned is your blood & sweat. Don’t throw it away to some idiot’s dream plan, which has no real results .
    The scam is probability trap. if he got 1000 people in trap with $18k/$5k/10k per person(you do the math) , he already had his fortune

    • Thanks for your comment Tipu.

    • So you gave him 18k meaning 18,000$ , and another 5,000$ then another 18,000$??? Then you did this again three different times from three different accounts? Well, you must be rich then what do you need the program for?

    • I only offer a $47 /monthly marketing course and coaching program, and a $297 paid ads training course.

    • You’re an idiot, do you really expect us to believe you gave him close to $50,000 just to test and see if he was a scammer?

      If I were you, Anton, I’d delete this guys comments on your site – it’s a good way to get sued.

      John (not crestani)

    • Wish i read this sooner… im in the process currently of getting my money back from them, just bought into it today(im 21 years old) and called my dad and he had told me to get my money back asap.

  • Hi Anton,
    This Super Affiliate System by John Crestani is a scam. I’ve recently been through the funnel myself so I have a very clear view on it.

    I can say that the Internet Jetset course itself is not a scam as it has decent content and information to be learnt by beginners. However, the “system” is not really a system. It’s pretty weak as it offers no tools for beginners to use and start building their online business. What John offers is a list of links to external websites and software. Some of the links are even naked affiliate links without any guidance.

    The most critical thing is that he makes unrealistic claims. He claims that beginners can earn their first commission within 2 hours after joining if they follow their training closely. He even claims that you can start earning anywhere between $100 to $1,000 in the first week. As experienced marketers, we know that these are impossible. There’s a pretty steep learning curve in the IM industry and it takes months of consistent efforts for beginners to start getting the grasp of it and start making money.

    In his introductory webinar, he mentioned that this is not a “get rich quick” scheme. But he claims to earn first commission within 2 hours afterwards. Isn’t that contradicting and isn’t he eating his own words?

    From this point, you can see that this system is a scam despite the course may be decent.

    I speak from experience. I spent $234 and hours of research to analyze this system.

    What’s your thought?

    • Danilo Miranda

      I agree with some of the things you said but look…

      Earning your first commission in 2 hours ‘and it’s not literally, it can take a few days, or weeks, I’m a student of John’s program and I’ve seen different cases, but whatever… But, there’s a HUGE difference between becoming rich and earning your FIRST commission

      Think about, a lot of people who join John’s course doesn’t believe that affiliate marketing is something real, and the feeling of earning you first commission whatever the value, it change you mind completely

      It’s one of the first steps of the course, aaand the first module focus entirely on mindset and changing your limiting beliefs


    The Internet Jetset Program is not a scam. I have been apart of the program and what John teaches to his students, works. I earned my first commissions in 3 days. John Crestani is the real deal and teaches everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. The course covers everything you need to know to get started in affiliate marketing.
    Hope this helps!

  • You lazy ass….coming soon….you are that lazy?

    Try OMG and Kotton Grammer

  • From what I have found from The Internet Jetset program is that it does add some value but mainly if you uare just starting out and as far as the link jacking section which is an added bonus, it is a complete joke and I would just ignore that part.

    The SEO that is taught in the link jacking section is nothing but spam and a waste of time.

    Other than that, the Internet Jetset program can provide value if you going through the whole program.

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