Stack Options Review – Scam or Real, Withdrawal, Deposit Information


During your search for a brand new broker to invest your money you will probably come across hundreds of different options. Some of them might look great but they could be straight up scams and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what ones are legitimate and what ones are fake. Read guides like this one before pulling out your credit card is a smart way to try and protect yourself a little bit. During my personal search I came across a broker called StackOptions, let’s take a look at what they claim to offer.

About StackOptions


StackOptions state that they offer the latest technologies for their clients but upon further inspection of their website but there was not much more information what exactly these technologies were and there was no information find on whether they use the MT4 trading platform or note for example so I would have to say that they don’t use the MT4 trading platform which isn’t great for some. On the homepage the they do seem to have live real time quotes streaming quotes but this can be implemented quite easily with various plugins and sometimes can make a broker extremely legitimate even though not a lot of work was actually required.

With StackOptions it looks like you can trade Stocks, Indices, Commodities and currencies all through their platform. Some stocks it appears you can trade include Adidas, Barclays, Airbus, BMW and whole range of other similar stocks. On the homepage they also have a section that appears to display recent profitable trades from their clients although it is impossible to say if it is genuine it definitely looks good.

Is your money safe?

StackOptions state they respect their clients trust and make sure to follow international AML Regulation standards to protect your deposited funds. When loading their website I can see that they have encrypted their domain with an SSL certificate which will make some of your information safe when signing up but that doesn’t have any impact really when your money is held in their bank accounts.

They do state though that once you have deposited your funds with their company they will hold it in segregated accounts. This actually means according them that in the event of any sort of crisis your money will not have been affected. If you are a new trader with Stack Options it is likely that you will be vetted to confirm you have enough financial stability to make trades.

StackOptions Education


Like brokers Stack Options have an education academy section to get new traders up to scratch but it states that you do need to at least create a free account to get access. The interesting thing here is that when you take the time to sign up they don’t have any ebooks, webinars or video courses and it just shows you some text that says coming soon.

Account Types

Currently it looks like Stack Options do not have a lot of account types for potential clients to sign up with and don’t have a free demo test account that a lot of other brokers provide for clients who want to practice with fake money first. They do appear to have an Islamic account which they state is sharia compliant and with a no riba policy.


StackOptions have a live chat displayed on their website although when I tried open them up to chat with a representative nothing happened which makes it same like with both the education and live chat not working the website is a actually not complete.

If you would rather speak to someone via phone which can sometimes be a better way to get your question answered then they have a list of different international numbers like +442038071338 for the UK and +61291889379 for Australia. As well as that you can email them at or

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  • Hi , this stack option really Zionist type I lose my money usd100 someone name Victoria acct manager keep calling me everyday to invest binary option she said very secured its allowed by bank negara beginning usd100 on April 2017 I did transaction after two weeks they called me to double my money n I refused broker by broker changed n last broker name jay henry he told that acct dept already refund my money after I request when I checked with my bank there was no transaction or floating acct at bank n they started change email n phone number till today.. I curse all of them took my money

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