Spekter XT-01 Human Enhancement Review – Alex Becker Nootropic

Spekter is a “nootropic” brainstormed by Alex Becker and built by a small team of experts he has hired. At the time of writing this, not much information is known but by looking through his various Facebook posts I seem to remember him mentioning something about it working on the gut and aiming to improve focus. spekter-website-homepage-2018

If you don’t know who Alex Becker is then I will give you a brief rundown. He is a self proclaimed internet multi-millionaire who trains people on all of things marketing. You may have seen his YouTube pre-roll ads or heard about him through his Source Wave training company but this Spekter venture is definitely a big step in a very different direction.

I might be crazy but I have made an internal commitment to try Spekter out when it’s released and hopefully I can be one of the first to provide a genuine review.

Check back soon when it’s released!

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