Psychoactive Substances Bill – Can you still buy Modafinil?

The definition of psychoactive:
(chiefly of a drug) affecting the mind

Will the Psychoactive Modafinil be illegal?

It is of my opinion that you will still be able to purchase Modafinil online legally from the UK after May the 1st when the Psychoactive Substances Bill comes into affect. However, it seems clear that things like Kratom and Phenibut will no longer be eligible for importation into the UK, Let me explain why I think Modafinil will be unaffected.
Reading through the list of exempted drugs from the Pyschoactive bill we can see that the following is exempt:

Caffeine, Nicotine, Tobacco Products, Alcohol and last but not least our friend Medicinal Products.

If you didn’t already know, Modafinil is a medicinal prescription only medicine available on the NHS used to treat conditions like the Brain Disorder Narcolepsy. You can only be prosecuted with possession of POM without prescription if the drug is on the misuse of drugs act. It is currently not on the UK misuse of drugs act leaving the POM status to literally mean nothing.

Things like Kratom and Phenibut seem to only have been available legally so far as their was no existing laws covering them. That is until May the 13th of course….

So it looks like you can relax if you are a Modafinil user and carry on as usual.

May 3rd UPDATE:
I emailed and they told me orders to the UK are still going through fine.

May 13th UPDATE: has issued the following statement “It was announced that the Act will come into force on May 26th“.

June 2016 UPDATE:

I have ordered Modafinil from India and it arrived while clearing customs.



*I, the author of this post am not a lawyer or a medical professional, anything written on this website should not be taken as legal advice or fact. Read through the references to make your own assumptions and order Modafinil through safe vendors like Modafinilcat.


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  • Don’t suppose you have an update on this?

    Are modafinil orders still being recieved as of May 13?

    • Hi Liam,

      Right now I am waiting on a second update from I have updated the post with an article stating that the Act will now become Law on the 26th of May. After the 26th of May I am going order Modafinil to the UK and document what happens. I am optimistic.

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