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Another one bites the dust…

ModUp has officially ceased all operations 🙁

Check out AfinilExpress or DuckDose for cheap good quality Moda.


I first discovered Modafinil back in 2016 through Modafinilcat who have now shut down and are unfortunately no longer an active vendor. During that time there was a lot of other vendors under their spotlight that I didn’t really pay attention too but now the dust has settled with Modafinilcat I’ve started looking around more and even reviewed a bunch of new vendors like Modafinilstar, DuckDose and Afinil Express. This review though is on old school vendor who have been around since 2012 which I think is a very good sign.

Products keep it nice and simple by offering you either Modalert and Modvigil with the options for either a 2 weeks supply at around $50 and 20 weeks supply at around $300.



The whole delivery process was pretty much seamless and as fast as humanly possible. Just like the products there are a couple of options for delivery. You can get a 7 day delivery for $24.99 and for standard delivery it’s $17.99 for 21 days. Keep in mind though that these delivery times are probably just a guide as it really depends on where you are located in the world. It actually could arrive even quicker like it did for me! To arrive from India to the UK it took about 6 days and everything was packaged nicely and intact which is exactly what you would expect from a one of the oldest Modafinil vendors out there on the web.


I have taken Modalert and Waklert before so I am familiar with what the effects should be like and delivered on that aspect. Their Modalert too me seemed like high quality legitimate Modafinil which is exactly what I expect from a genuine online vendor. When taking Modalert I like to pre-plan the night before.


How I take it?

Before I go to bed I will lay out a glass of water and a snapped in half pill. Then I will set my alarm for around 6am, open my eyes, swallow the pill and go back to bed. After that there is no need to hit the snooze button as eventually the effects kick in and I wake up about 30 minutes later feeling fully charged ready to take on the day with all tiredness gone. It’s important to wake up early for me and take half a pill because it’s fairly strong for me and I like the effects to taper off fully at around 11pm so I can get a normal nights sleep.

How it helps?

It helps by eliminating procrastination and improving focus. It’s common for me to be able to do a 12/14 hour work day when taking just 100mg of Modalert. The same can’t be said for everyone as we all have different bodies which means we will all re-act differently.

Side Effects

Common side effects for me seem to include slight nausea and thats about it for me personally. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water when taking this stuff and techincally you should really consult with your doctor before taking these kinds of smart drugs.



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