ModafinilStar Review – 7% Discount, Coupon, Code Inside


Why I ordered from Modafinilstar?

Ever since Modafinilcat closed their doors to the public I have been on the lookout for the next best vendor and writing more reviews. During my search one of the hidden Modafinil vendors I found was one called This is run by a team in India where Modalert is actually produced by Sun Pharma.

Modafinil Star Discount

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2 weeks ago

I placed an order from them so I can share my honest experience with you today for free.


As you can see I ordered the sample pack from them. Included is Modalert, Waklert, Modafil MD and Piracetam. So far I have tried the Modafil MD and Piracetam as I had already tried the others.


I was really surprised with how good the delivery was. When I found out it was being shipped from India I did have my doubts but really everything was quick. I took about 5 days to arrive at my home in the UK from India. Once it arrived everything was neatly packaged and there was no damage to any of the packets.


Support with Modafinilstar is a good as you can get. You can use their email for anything you don’t want to read by other people. Their email support in my experience was quick and had coherent helpful replies.


For 100 Modalert from Modafinilstar you can currently expect to pay $0.89 per pill vs some competitors like Afinilexpress who charge $1.60 per pill for 100 Modalert. With Bitcoin you get a 5% discount and every returning customer on their second order get’s a 10% discount. If your order get’s lost then you can also claim a refund although apparently that very rarely happens.




  • Yes. I ordered from them. They are indeed a good one. Very appreciable service.
    Can you let me know some major side effects of taking moda daily? I take 200mg everyday

  • These guys was not willing to ship to Canada so I went through skypax. It came here in 12 days along with 10extra pills. I will be back with them.

  • I’m very happy with MStar. 10 days to the Boston suburbs, 5 days quicker than previous vendor. They also threw in 10 for free. Will use again & again & recommend to friends.

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