Market Hero Review – Is it a Scam or not?


Market Hero is an email Auto Responder created by Alex Becker from Source Wave. It is now live in 2017 and currently you can sign up for a free trial.

“Email is still the best way to sell, and when I mean sell I mean get some one to click and buy something. You have to be able to get your customers emails, get them to open, and get them to click. Emails is the king of closing and making sales (Hence why I have such a marketing boner for Market Hero) In short EMAIL IS SUPER IMPORTANT.”



Alex Becker 2016

Market Hero T-shirt

Market Hero T-shirt

More info coming soon!!

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  • A lot of the information in market hero academy is outdated. Even some of the products he tries to upsell are no longer in business. His refund policy is laughable. Although he guarantees a 30 day refund, good luck getting. He will tell you to prove you implemented every step in the program and verify you made no money. IMO, Alex Becker is a scammer.

    • Hi Terri,

      Possible to clarify what you mean by outdated information? You mean in the list building or promotion of the products component? Would you say it would be relatively easy for someone without an already functioning business to start from scratch, finding both “trip wire” $47 type membership products, as well as promoting the high ticket webinar products the course claims to have access too?

      Many Thanks

  • I recently signed up with Market Hero and the experience was a nightmare. I checked out the software. It’s rather complicated so I wanted to cancel. I cancelled within their 24 hours timeframe. Instead of cancelling, they emailed the list of tasks that must be done within 30 days before I can cancel. So I tried, but because they have no telephone help, it was impossible to learn how to use their software. Instead, they charged me again instead. Total charged $732.00.
    I filed a complain with BBB and the Federal complains online. I’m also sending my paper works to my credit card company.
    New customers BEWARE!

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