Alex Becker Review – Is Market Hero a Scam or not?


Market Hero is an email Auto Responder created by Alex Becker from Source Wave. It is now live in 2017 and currently you can sign up for a free trial.

“Email is still the best way to sell, and when I mean sell I mean get some one to click and buy something. You have to be able to get your customers emails, get them to open, and get them to click. Emails is the king of closing and making sales (Hence why I have such a marketing boner for Market Hero) In short EMAIL IS SUPER IMPORTANT.”



Alex Becker 2016

Market Hero T-shirt

Market Hero T-shirt

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  • A lot of the information in market hero academy is outdated. Even some of the products he tries to upsell are no longer in business. His refund policy is laughable. Although he guarantees a 30 day refund, good luck getting. He will tell you to prove you implemented every step in the program and verify you made no money. IMO, Alex Becker is a scammer.

    • Hi Terri,

      Possible to clarify what you mean by outdated information? You mean in the list building or promotion of the products component? Would you say it would be relatively easy for someone without an already functioning business to start from scratch, finding both “trip wire” $47 type membership products, as well as promoting the high ticket webinar products the course claims to have access too?

      Many Thanks

  • I recently signed up with Market Hero and the experience was a nightmare. I checked out the software. It’s rather complicated so I wanted to cancel. I cancelled within their 24 hours timeframe. Instead of cancelling, they emailed the list of tasks that must be done within 30 days before I can cancel. So I tried, but because they have no telephone help, it was impossible to learn how to use their software. Instead, they charged me again instead. Total charged $732.00.
    I filed a complain with BBB and the Federal complains online. I’m also sending my paper works to my credit card company.
    New customers BEWARE!

    • Hi Salote,

      You are a good person posting this. I was just about to sign up but your experience made me think. Thank you

    • I had the same experience. It is impossible to complete all the tasks required within the refund timeline. God help you should you have a family emergency. The guy is a sociopath. He cares not one bit about anything except keeping your money. He knows he will never get another opportunity. I have never encountered a more unethical, uncaring company in my life, not to mention shoddy quality and misleading deliberate deception. Anyone partnering with him soils their reputation by association.


  • Unfortuntunately I made this mistake Oct 20th 2017 got burned for $997.00 money I can’t afford to lose, hate to think every online marketer is a thief and a scammer. it’s the 23rd now and no help, just hype.

  • Total scam, mailchimp offers better functionalities, the email builder is terrible, the refund policy is a joke, their customer service a bunch of disrespectful rats. Do not give your money to those people, consider real autoresponders out there.

  • I too was scammed by Market Hero. They only got me for $99.00 but I believe it was their intention form the beginning.

    I started the trial and attempted to stop in 4 days before the end of the trial. Customer service said I did not have an account and did not have anything to cancel.

    On the 14th day of the trial my credit card was charged 99 bucks.

    After contacting them again they said I had to log into the account and cancel the cre3dit card. They had just indicated a few days prior that I did not have an account.

    Total rip off and thief!

  • Thank you for the HONEST review!
    so tired of seeing Wealthy Affiliates putting lame reviews up only promote their WA link!!!!!

  • Anonymous Reviewer

    They got me for the $997 for Market Hero and the training. I signed up for the 3 payment plan and then realized this is not what I needed, I needed a Shopify course. They released one shortly after, I asked to switch because I wouldn’t be selling through webinars. They said no. So here I am, completed a lot of the training, and no resolve, out $997 or in that arena. Then I recently took one of his webbys, Matt Schmitt, now involved, who sold me a course for $300 last April, now it is on YouTube for free, and Devin Zander who works for Shopify has his own YouTube channel, and gives away a load of info just there. Shopify has one of the highest paying affiliate commissions in the industry! They make make about $1200 for every sign-up. To make a long story short Becker and his team charged me $366 a month for 9 months when I signed up to a 3 payment plan. I posted on the FB Page, got blocked, did get refunded, but not for the whole thing when I never used it because it was wrong for me, but no apology, just told that I must have signed up multiple times when I didn’t. Becker can swear his ass off on Youtube, that’s OK, makes no sense. Take your own chances with Becker, he is not an expert in anything except for marketing. He hires people out to do his software. Workhorse is a bomb! I went with Sherpskaker. So as far as email marketing, yeah he ain’t no expert there either. He just hired out someone to make a program.

  • I’ve had good results with Becker’s H-Com program, and now I’m considering weather to sign up for Market Hero or not. It sounds like people have had some negative results, but I would assume that it might be a little complicated in order to do all the things that it claims to do. That doesn’t mean to avoid it unless you believe you’re not that technically savvy. You do have to be a little patient with yourself figuring out the quirks of these kind of technical tools.

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