Lion Markets Review – You might have got scammed..

There are many excellent brokers out there, but many simply aren’t worth your time or money. Unfortunately, a few brokers tend to launch, take money and then disappear months later. Lion Markets looked like it could be a real hit when it first launched just a while back. Unfortunately, the Forex broker has turned out to be a major disappointment. What is Lion Markets all about and should you consider signing up with this broker? You’ll find the answers to these questions below.

About LionMarkets


LionMarkets, a binary options broker, was established in 2016, offering investors what is known as the “SpotOption” trading system, an innovative, intuitive program that includes several binary options for trading stocks and commodities.

Headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, Advanced Innovated Securities Limited offers its clients with flexible time frames that range from 30 minutes up to 60 minutes, as well as payouts up to 89%.

Minimum Amounts 

You should realize that Lion Markets wasn’t a total bust. The broker does have a few perks. For starters, the broker offers very low minimums. This helps to ensure that almost everyone can get started with this company. Even if you have a very limited amount of money, you should have little to no problem getting started. This broker has a minimum deposit of $250. This isn’t too bad. Simultaneously, users will need to make a minimum trade of $10.

Even if you have a limited amount of money, you shouldn’t have too much trouble using this broker. Nevertheless, it might not be worth your time.

Asset Options 

Another thing to remember is that many brokers are limited in terms of assets. This can be problematic, since a broker might not allow you to trade in the stocks and commodities that you wish. Or, they might be missing out on crypto currencies and traditional currencies. This is another category that Lion Markets did fairly well in. This company has a maximum of 140 assets. They offer a little bit of everything and will most likely be able to satisfy the needs of all traders.

Regardless of what you’re interested in trading, there is a good chance that Lion Markets will be able to meet your needs. Nevertheless, you might want to check before signing up.

Payout Percentage 

Before getting in too far, it is essential to figure out precisely how much you’ll be able to receive for your successful investments. In this category, Lion Markets seems to be do a good job. The company offers a maximum payout of 89% on all successful trades. This is on par or higher than the alternatives. Unfortunately, there is one slight problem with this claim. A lot of users have been unable to get their money. The company has been slow about processing withdrawals and some consumers haven’t received their money at all!

So, the 89% figure is great. Sadly, it is unknown whether or not the company will actually deliver. By relying on the responses from past users, there is a good chance that the company will not.

SpotOption Platform 

Another thing to remember is that Lion Markets uses the Spot Option platform. This might not seem like a big deal, but it is in the long run. This specific platform is very popular and it is commonly utilized by Forex brokers. If you’ve traded Forex in the past, there is a good chance that you’re already familiarized yourself with this specific platform. With a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll be able to trade in stocks, commodities and currencies.

Even if you’ve never used Spot Option, you’ll still be able to figure it out pretty easily. It is uncomplicated and straightforward.

Consumer Sentiment 

Unfortunately, there is one major problem associated with Lion Markets. The website has apparently shut down and many past users are still waiting to receive their money. Sadly, there is a good chance that these individuals will never get their money. If you’re willing to gamble it all on a shady Forex broker, you should try your luck with Lion Markets. However, if you want to avoid throwing away your money, you should run for the hills.

It is truly in your best interest to avoid Lion Markets like the plague! Find a company that is more reputable, so you do not get swindled out of your money.


Did you manage to withdraw profits with Lion Markets? Let me know in the comments below!


  • Hi, i invested on Lionmarkets Last year november 250 $, and after few minutes i got a phone call from the broker, James Lorenzo, he wanted to show me how he can trade, ok the balance grew in few hours up till 600-700 euros with 60 seconds trades, and because he is so good, he asked me to deposit more, but by bit i deposited about 17000 dollars and and the account grew to about 35000 $:s, and i then got a phone call from James, that he made for me a secure trade, 15000 $ for grude ois go up and 15000 $ grude oil go down and with 180% return! So i will get 12000 $ profit for sure! But it was a long term trade ending 28.2.2017, so he kind of locked my money and the remaining 3500 $ he invested euros go up, even all knew it will go down for a short period.

    Anyway bit by bit i made withdrawals but only totally about 6000 $:s. Later before the grude oil trade was finished, he opened me a new better vip platform and i saw that the account balance was about 7000 $:s higher as it should be, and he asked, that we could now make some trades, i said that i have not that much in my account, but he said dont worry now we just made trades. Ok we won almost all trades we made and the account balance was again about 2500 $:s higher. The he said to me, seems that the account balance was not uppdated and asked me to deposit 5000 $ more to cover the trades we made and claiming that he can not withdraw anything before that.

    So i had not just like that 5000 $, i had only Visa Electronic card and not 5000 balance only 1500. So then i got 42000 more and the account balance was about 52000 dollars and the answer was always the same, we can not make anyway withdrawals, because you owe us 5000 $:s!!! Even the balance was 51000 $:s!!! Few weeks after i could not log in to my account, because they closed my account. And no answer for the mails to, why the account is closed….now all Lionmarkets websites are not working, the app is not working, telephone is not working….so i Lost 11000 $:s. THANK YOU VERY MUCH LIONMARKETS!!!

  • REGULATION NOTICE: There are many binary options companies which are not regulated all around. Most of these offshore companies are not supervised, connected or affiliated with any of the regulatory agencies such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), National Futures Association (NFA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

  • I got scammed by a bogus broker not long ago, I had to go through so much to get a refund. Im glad this is over and putting it behind me. Most of these brokers cant be trusted.

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