KontoFX Review – Deposit, Withdrawal, Scam Or Real?


KontoFX brand new cryptocurrency CFD trading broker, they provide the browser based software to execute trades on all currencies to customers from all over. They accept customers regardless of their skills or experience and have account options that can assist beginners and season pro’s. This Hungary based company claim their mission is to satisfy the customer first


What you can Trade

Over 50 Cyrpto currencies available to trade on and various account types to choose from. Some pairs you can trade on include BTC vs USD, BTC vs EUR, BTC vs GBP and other similar pairs. As well as other crypto such as Ripple, IOTA, Etherum, Dash and Litecoin they also offer Stocks, Indices and Commodities.



The training provided by Kontofx for beginners include various guides and webinars and you can access some of them without evening signing up as a customer. For example on one of their learning pages they run through quite an in depth review of what crypto is and why it is so great for trading. The glossary page also gives a paragraphs on things like each Crypto explaining who founded each of them and even attempts to explain the blockchain. KontoFX also provides education on technical analysis that explains how to read trend lines, downturns and other vital knowledge that will help you make money with their platform. It is a good idea to read through them first before creating an account if you are feeling unsure.



KontoFX have followed suit from other brokers and installed a live chat feature on all pages. When we tried to test it the response time was very clear and our query was answered well enough. We however tried to load the contact page it wasn’t working and instead just kept refreshing repeatedly which was slightly worrying. Fortunately though it did start to work on  found both the phone number +44 1217263858 and emails info@kontofx.info, support@kontofx.info which both seem to active.

Account Types


KontoFX doesn’t complicate things for users and offers 3 basic options for customers. The first one is a Self-Trading Account which lets you trade on your own. It says this can be used by beginners but some of the others might be a better choice if you are extremely new to the game. The second account is an auto-trading robot which predicts market patterns while being pretty much hands off for the customer. The final account type is the Social Trading Account while this isn’t robotic it isn’t far off it since it let you copy the trades of other professional traders.


All of the 3 accounts come with 24 hour support 5 days per week, 1 on 1 training, webinars streamed live, analysis from the markets and “exclusive events” although now much more info is given on what they are.

Payments and Deposit

While it is actually free to sign up and create an initial account on KontoFX to start trading there is a minimum 500 euro wire transfer starting deposit which is pretty standard. Payments for KontoFX can be made with Wire Transfer, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa which does leave an option for protection in the future in the event you get scammed.

KontoFX Withdrawal

If the time comes when you want to withdraw some of your balance from Konto then it is said to take approximately 1 week for the payment to be processed. That time cannot be guaranteed and is influenced by various card and bank processors.

Your Experience?

Are you a current or past KontoFX customer? let everyone else know about your experience in the comments below. We can’t 100% confirm if KontoFX are actually based at Northside Business Centres, 2nd and 4th floor, BC91 Office building, Váci út 91, Budapest 1139, Hungary and some of the other reviews online don’t look to great. Help everyone else out with your feedback.


  • I had experienced a terrible business with KontoFX. Once they had minimum money £250 in their account, their account managers push you to deposit more money and shockingly, they even advise you to take a loan or credit card. With me, their account manager even attempted to convince me to install a remote control “anydesk” software so that they could take your money out of your bank account into their KontoFX account. And once you money is gone, they do not complete any withdrawal request. They start saying that some “Robot” are trading with your money and withdrawal is not straightforward. OMG!
    What a scheme of Fraud. Please spread the word to help vulnerable people.

  • This man Mark SCHUSTER strung me along for months and took my whole life savings. $400,000. He pretended he was my best mate. Called me his partner! After I asked for my capital back to buy a house he remotely logged in to my bank and cleaned the last $5,000 from my bank account. Now he won’t answer calls or emails. The whole thing was fake. All the trades he showed me were fake. This guy is a total con artist and I was 100% scammed. All the good reviews are fake. They are professionals and they have been doing this for years. The last one was called kayafx. The Australian police say there is nothing they can do. My whole life is ruined. Won’t someone please stop them!! I should have trusted my family.

  • Sure, what’s your full name and address so I can pass you on to the Australian federal police to have a chat!

    • Jimmy, no need for comments like that. I’m trying to help you. Share some proof to back up your claims or your comments will have to be removed.

  • I don’t think your trying to help. Reviews shouldn’t need proof. If you remove my comments you are one of them. Apart of the problem. Why would I make these claims for no reasons. I am trying to stop them from taking another vulnerable persons life savings. What kind of proof would you like. They are clearly a scam. They don’t even have a real mt4 account. They won’t give anyone’s money back. They aren’t licenced. They are on several websites with warnings including IOSCO’s warning page… honestly you tell me what proof you require then.

  • Hi I am Gary watts
    Hi I am Gary watts
    Kontofx is a scam I have been with them since August, I lnvested £250 pounds to start and it seemed like they were making good profits so I lnvested another £750. I then added a further £1000.i asked to withdraw money from the account and £200 was credited to my bank account. I was contacted again by my account manager Chris asking me to take out a loan of £26000 because of a big event about to happen.
    I decided to take out a loan of £10000 and added to my account, through coinbase as advised be my account manager. We agreed I would receive the loan repayments every mouth. I received 1 repayment and now I can’t contact them
    the profits were good to start with but then they stopped.
    do not invest your money with this company thay are very convincing but full of s*** I have recently found out my account manager uses at least 2 different names and works for at least 2 different companies
    This is a joke, they report me to trustpoilot within minutes of posting a review. They don’t want others to realise they are a scam. All I can hope is that trustpoilet see my evidence ( of which I have a multitude of)
    After posting my review i did receive a call stating my account manager no longer works there. What can they do to pacify me and stay with them, I told the guy in no uncertain terms I no long want to stay with them,all I want is the money I put in, not worried about the profit. I withdrew concent to use my account.
    Now they are trading my account and losing all my money. funny that they have not tradeed my account for 7 weeks but now they choose to on a deliberate loosing streak.
    Every trade they have ever made on my account has allways been under 3 minutes, today thay have opened 5 trades on the same currency and just left open that are draining my account so that they dont have to give my money back, they are currently losing 2000 pounds almost 800 pounds are swaps.

  • This is not what I wanted to read. I feel very foolish to have been scammed out of 250 euro which converts to much more after exchange rate. I am so pleased I refused to open my bank account on line so it could be seen by my ‘manager’. My husband will not be happy.

  • I have tried getting my cash from konto fx. They have strung me along they said they will trade for me. But now when I want to withdraw cash from my konto account they say they can’t help me cause the money is in the market they might lose all the money I have tried for weeks asking for help even my bank can’t help me and I need this 250 euros to register by the end of this week please help me

  • Konto FX is a big scam before they used the name KAYAFX now KontoFX same scam new name if you got scammed do not believe the nonsense your account manager tells you this i a scam scheme they work on you report them tother police an do not send any more personell informations to these scammers they will steal from your account what ever they can get !

  • angela nicolaisen

    I havent had any bad experiences with kontofx, They have been quite good actually. I invested the 250euros at my own choice and had a little dabble but its just not for me as I dont understand trading at all. I am a single mother struggling like anyone else in life. I havent had anyone trying to get me to invest m ore or take out loans and stuff and I have applied for a refund on my remaining balance that Im sure they will process over the next few days, these things have processes to go through its not that unusual!!
    I think if you knew what you were doing on the stock market thing, this would be a great platform to use!! Thanks for the experience kontofx its just not for me….

  • Yesterday 26/03/2019 i checked my account i had £18790.00 no trading since 06/03/2019 i spoke with my agent about withdrawing all of my money as i need it urgently today all of a sudden my money is reduced to £8750.00 i tried calling my agent did not answer so i emailed him he called me and tells me there is been a change in market trends so i asked him explanation specific to my account he has no specific answer he showed me the open market where money was invested he asked me to visit another website coinmarketcap WEBSITE where market has changed to 2.33% so i asked him to explain more about loses because £10000 .00 difference is not 2.32% he has no answer keeps giving me nonsense answer. THIS IS SCAM.

  • My name is S. Chetty
    In October 2018 i invested 425 euros with kontofx , i have been logging on and watching my money grow and drop.
    i am not so into stock exchange or currentcies , but i tried to see what it was all about.
    this so called accounts manager will call me all the time to invest more money. my answer was always i want to see
    how this little i have invested performs before i do anymore investments.
    I had numerous calls from them, some times they were rude and arrogant.
    5weeks ago they set me a whatsup message asking to call me at a certian time of day, but unfortunetly i was
    not available.
    I then sent them back a message asking them to refund my money , they messaged back saying because i did not take thier call, i was going to be charged .
    To this day i havent recieved any feed back or my money.
    People should watch out for this crowd , they a bunch of SCAM artists

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