KayaFX Review – Here is what I really think


Whether you are just starting out as an investor or you consider yourself an intermediate trader there is a good chance that KayaFX has something to offer you. Not only do they operate a variety of different platforms around the globe, but also they strive to provide professional and unmatched customer service. If you just have a simple inquiry or need help on an investment, KayaFX always has someone standing by that can assist you.

Fast Trading Executions


Sometimes the major success of a trade can depend on how fast you are to act. If you see an opportunity and get in touch with your broker, but he doesn’t have the resources to make the fast buy or sell, you could miss out entirely. This is something that KayaFX really gets right. KayaFX promises all of their customers’ fast and accurate trading platforms without any delays, regardless of where you are located. This could be the competitive edge that you need to make it big.

A Variety Of Trading Instruments

If you really want to diversify your portfolio and learn how to maximize your profits like the pros, you need to have a little something in all the tradable markets. This is something that KayaFX really provides to their customers, as they have a wide range of trading instruments available. You can trade in commodities, indices, or even stocks. If you lose on one there is a good change that you might gain on the other. That will completely cancel out any loss you suffered.

Various Platforms

One great thing about KayaFX is the fact that it offers various platforms. Whether you’re at your computer or away from home, you’ll always be able to find a way to trade using KayaFX. You can always take advantage of the Webtrader. This browser-based platform will give you the ability to trade directly from your computer without needing to download or install anything. You can also trade on the go using the mobile trading app. It is available for Android and iOS smart phones. Finally, you can download and use MetaTrader 4.

Most people are very familiar with this software. In fact, if you’re traded Forex in the past, there is a good chance that you know all about this software.


In order to trade with KayaFX, you’re going to need to open an account and make an initial deposit. Sadly, the minimum deposit is pretty steep. It is 250 Euros or 250 pounds. Many people aren’t willing to invest that much right from the beginning. Especially when you’re not sure how safe the company is to begin with. The company only accepts two currencies, Euro and pounds. They offer various deposit methods, including WebMoney, Neteller and Skrill. You can also make your deposit using a credit card or wire transfer.


In order to withdraw your money from KayaFX, you’re going to need to complete a verification process. To do that, you’ll need to provide the company with several documents, including proof of identity, address and card ownership. You’ll also need a declaration of deposit form. It should also be known that it can take up to 10 business days for your withdrawal to be processed. Therefore, you’re going to need to be patient.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there is plenty to like about Kayafx. Still, there is a lot to be worried about too. It is unknown how legitimate the company really is. It could be the best way to trade Forex, but there are still plenty of risks involved. If you want to trade with KayaFX, it is advised that you do so with caution.

One comment

  • On their website and on facebook, Kayafx act as if they were real professionals. But I can tell you, they are really more like masters of none – the only thing they are good at is to pull people their hard-earned money out of their pockets. They are just poor scammers! More information at


    I cancelled my account, but it wasn’t possible to withdraw money. My invest was 70000€. They made delaying tactics. Some weeks later they started unauthorized again trading (Kayafx-trading is only a fake and in my case handmade manipulated). They dropped down the account and now it is nearly minus. I reported to the police.But it’s not easy to get them. That’s why I will tell it everywhere: Kayafx has no license and they are blacklisted by FCA. Never trust them.

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