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Headspace-LogoHow I discovered the app?

I first discovered headspace after watching a Tai Lopez video, He is a life style guru and a real life living meme after his viral “Here in my Garage” Lamborghini infomercial sales video. He had made a short video about Headspace which I can’t now find, It looked like a shady paid advertisement. I actually contact Headspace to ask if they paid Tai Lopez but they didn’t get back to me which leaves me to believe that they did intact pay him. Regardless of whether they paid him or not for some reason I still wanted to download the app based on his advertisement. The app was free for 10 days so I felt like I had nothing to lose.

Wish I had found it sooner..

I wish I had found HeadSpace so many years ago, It would have saved me so many sleepless nights and helped me cope better with anxiety. I have used free mediation videos on YouTube to help me sleep and when I’ve felt depressed but the Headspace app really is a one up on those free Youtube videos.

The Founder Andy Puddicombe


Andy narrates the sessions and co-founded the app

I was thinking it would be so easy for someone to just re-create an app like Headspace and get a bunch of affiliates/paid traffic to promote it as an anti depression/anxiety solution which is something Headspace does not currently do (from what I’ve seen anyway). I then actually looked at the company more and found out that Andy was a legit buddhist monk and studied it for years. That really shines through to me when he does the guided meditations in the Headspace app. Knowing that about Andy makes me respect the company a lot more and any competitors popping up without Andy’s experience don’t deserve the same amount of success in my opinion.

Has it helped me?

The headspace app has 100% helped me, I remember sitting down after finishing the first ever free session and not believing how a simple 10 minutes of concentrating on my breathing could make me feel so good. As I have now been doing the meditation a bit more long term I have learnt to take techniques from the app and use them in real life scenarios.

I am going through the depression pack currently as it’s something I have dealt with from a young age. I think it’s quite powerful really as the app is helping bring a lot of stuff I’ve hidden in the back of my mind to surface.

Headspace Premium

After you have completed the 10 day free meditation series you have the choice to pay for premium which gives you unlimited access to different meditation packs and a bunch of single meditation sessions. I think it’s a really good investment and I am sure most people have spent $12.95 on far worse things in their life times (I definitely have anyway).

Premium Packs


Performance-Headspace Sport-Headspace Health-Headspace

Premium Singles

Included in the Premium Singles currently is the following: Sleeping, Sport, Fear of flying, Walking, Commuting, Running, Eating, Cooking and Cycling. There is also a SOS pack that you can use for whenever you feel like you’re having a breakdown.


$12.95 – Monthly ($155.40 per year)

$95.88 – 1 year access

$149.76 – 2 years access 

$419.95 – Life time access 

I am currently on the monthly subscription plan but after just doing the maths right now I can see I would save about $60 by paying for 1 year in advance. The more I use the app the more I see it as an integral daily part of my life.


Consult a medical professional as soon as possible if you think you are dealing with depression, anxiety or insomnia.

There is currently no affiliate program for Headspace so I am not making any money from this post.

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