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DuckDose Has Shut Down Effective Immediataley


Another one bites the dust. During my 2 years reviewing Moda vendors I have witnessed Modafinilcat, Modup and now DuckDose all shut down and I am sure there are countless other small vendors that have also fallen.

I remember the day DuckDose was launched, back then they were of course a small vendor but they we were one of the few that worked extremely hard and built up a solid reputation.

Today April 10th 2018 they have shut down, their domain was registered on April 11th 2017. Presently there is no official reason for them shutting down, they just left us with a generic “We would like to move onto other things” statement. If I find out anymore information I will update this post but for now adios DuckDose and for anyone looking for a new vendor then check out AfinilExpress or Modapharma.


Why I bought Modafinil From DuckDose


Ever since I watched the film Limitless and was introduced to Modafinil from a friend of a friend with Narcolepsy my life has changed. I ordered and tried Modafinil for the first time close to 1 year ago back when I was procrastinating excessively and dealing with lethargic like symptoms which were holding me back as a self-employed individual. Fast forward to 1 year later today and I’m still reaping the rewards from the Modafinil induced 12 hour work days I was able to put in after taking the stuff.

Since then a lot has changed in the Modafinil industry, The biggest vendor Modafinilcat closed their doors. Numerous others popped up to try cash in, DuckDose was actually around before Modafinilcat had even closed down their doors so they’re an interesting vendor to take a look at and review.

duckdose-before-modafinilMe Before Duckdose Modafinil

My DuckDose Review




Took less than 1 week to arrive

Tracking Code

Cleared Customs


The Effects

No major negative effects

Good expected positive effects

Clean sealed packaging

Seemed like real Modafinil



Bitcoin Discount here


How I felt?

I have taken Modafinil at least 30+ separate times now so I am well aware of what the effects should do for me and would be able to tell if something was fake. I ended up waking up at around 6am as I had planned to try the Modafinil the night before. It’s important for me to wake up early I was I want to make sure the Moda effects taper off earlier in the night so I can still get a normal nights sleep. What I do is when my alarm goes off I wake up split half of the 200mg pill, swallow it and then go back to sleep. Eventually after about 30 minutes I can feel shit going on inside my brain and I end up waking up completely wired. After that I can get anywhere from 10 to 15 hours of work done for the day. Duck dose’s Modafinil helps me stay focused on one task and avoid procrastination. Without it I am definitely a different person and am not able to get even half as much work done most of the time.

You should be careful

If my friends ask for Modafinil I would advise them personally to be really careful with Modafinil. You have to understand there are not any long term studies out there for this kind of off label use and who knows there could be some long term risks. You should also be careful with rogue online vendors who could send you dangerous Modafinil or steal your CC info. For me I prefer to use bitcoin and take Modafinil infrequently, the work I have done whilst on the substance has completely changed my life for the better and for me that kind of outcome is totally worth any kind of risks.


Me After DuckDose Modafinil

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