CTOption Review – Withdrawal, Deposit, Scam or Safe?


If you have begun your search for a brand new broker then you may have begun to spend special attention to various online advertisements or recommendations from others online. It’s possible you might have come across the CTOption.com website. Straight away you can see the professional looking design, live stock prices scrolling across the homepage and the option to create account. It all looks very appealing but sometimes it’s wise to take a closer at a brokers features before to see if the broker really is right for you.

Account Options


If you are over 18 years of age you can sign up for a CTOption demo account which is a good method for new traders who want to practice before investing real money. It comes with 24/7 support which is a good considering you don’t need to deposit any money at this stage and has access to all the training materials that I will cover later on.

Withdrawal options

If you want to open a real account with CTOptions it is still quite a simple process but you should take time to look over the different account types as the offers all differ. For example all account types get a welcome bonus but the withdrawal times differ for all accounts. For example with basic account if you request a withdrawal today it would take a further 2 working business days for it to be completed whereas if you signed up with a platinum account you would get the money back on the same day.

Reading through the withdrawal policy in the terms and conditions CTOption state that they also may charge a 5% or 10% administrative fee on your withdrawal based the deposit you first made which is something to take note off.



Following suit of all other big brokers CTOptions has a very thorough training section on their website free to use for paying and non paying clients. They have a large glossary answering beginner queries for example related to call/put options and they more advanced questions as well.


With CTOption you can traded currencies like GBPJPY, Gold, Silver, Copper, Oil, Dax, Dow, FTSE, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and a wide ranger of other stocks, currencies and commodities making sure that there is something for everyone and you won’t be spreading yourself too thin.


CTOption do seem to have a number of ways to get support, for example instantly through their live chat feature which is a good feature to look out for when choosing a broker. They also have 6 different email options for you to contact them on although support@ctoptionwould seem like the go to option for most customers as they can probably forward your query to the relevant department. They also have +4578773805 which is an international number for clients to call which is useful, you really shouldn’t deposit large amounts of money with a company if they don’t have a phone number for customers.

Where is the company located

The company in the footer displays a PO box address in St Vincent and The Grenadines which really does look like an island in the middle of nowhere. With the company being offshore you should keep that in mind as if you run into any troubles later on in your relationship it might cause some issues for you.


Have you deposited with CTOption? How did it go, I am really curios and look forward to reading your experiences below in the comments.


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