Crypto Facilities Review – Review, Fees & More Info


Are you interested in getting involved in cryptocurrency? There is a good chance that the hype has grabbed your attention. Well, there is money to be made by trading cryptocurrencies. However, you’ll first need to choose a good trading platform. There are tons of good platforms out there, but a lot of veteran investors highly recommend Cryptofacilities. This platform is unlike many of the alternatives, since it has been authorized and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. More details about Cryptofacilities will be provided below.

About The Trading Platform


There is no doubt that Cryptofacilities has one of the best trading platforms on the planet. After all, the platform is regulated. It gives users the option of going long or short with up to 50x leverage. It also gives you the ability to trade 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The order submission form is very simple and straightforward. Even if you’re never traded currencies before, you’ll have no trouble tacking advantage of everything Cryptofacilities has to offer. Finally, the system has a very powerful API, which makes algorithmic trading very effective and reliable.

Authorized And Regulated

One of the best things about Cryptofacilities is the fact that the platform is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


The company is registered in England with the registered number of 9172128. There are few other trading platforms that have been approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. This guarantees that the platform is completely safe! If you want complete peace of mind when you trade your cryptocurrencies, you’ll definitely want to stick with Cryptofacilities.

Supported Currencies


While Cryptofacilities is great by all accounts, it is definitely very limited. In fact, there are only two supported currencies, Bitcoin and Ripple. If you’re interested in trading other indices, you’ll definitely have to look elsewhere. However, if you want to dedicate yourself completely to cryptocurrencies, you’ll absolutely love this platform. It is unknown whether more currencies are going to be added in the future.

Informative Website

The experts at Crypto Facilities understand the issues most investors face when they are first introduced to the world of trading. To help these investors overcome these issues and learn as much about its trading platform, Crypto Facilities provides an in-depth guide on every step of the financial process. In fact, this information is available to all visitors, regardless if they are a client or not, on the firm’s website. Here you will find a guide about Crypto Facilities, opening an account, transferring funds to Margin accounts and futures products. All of these guides consist of informative content that will prove to be very valuable throughout your financial endeavors.

The experts at Crypto Facilities have also created guides to help their investors understand the difference between cash and margin accounts, the purpose of segregating these accounts and how to verify a Tier 1 account.


At the end of the day, there is definitely a lot to like about Cryptofacilities. The website is very informative and the platform works exceptionally well. However, the currencies available are limited. Some people will want to look elsewhere. If you’re only interested in trading Bitcoin and Ripple coin, you’ll love Cryptofacilities. If you ended up making a trade please let everyone in the comments know if your experience went good or bad.


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