Cabin Max Metz Backpack

This is my review of the Cabin Max Backpack, recently I’ve started traveling a lot more and I decided I would invest into a nice backpack. I hate waiting around airports and I like to travel light so finding the biggest bag possible to take on as hand luggage was what I set out to do. I think I must have searched something along the lines of “Biggest sized bag you can take on a flight that is still super comfortable and can fit loads of s**t” because that’s exactly what I got.

The Cabin Max Metz Review


Storage 10/10

First things first… the actual picture of the bag on Amazon most definitely did not prepare me for the actual size of the bag when it arrived, I am 6ft 2 but this thing still looks huge on me and I can fit everything inside I need.

Inside my cabin max metz bag:

  • macbook
  • kindle
  • headphones
  • cables
  • 9 t-shirts/shirts
  • 9 underwear
  • 5 shorts
  • 1 micro fibre towel
  • 20 pairs of socks (I bought them in bulk by accident)
  • Meds and misc toiletaries

But hold on.. there is still room for more! Basically at the end of every week I just take all my clothes to a laundry service which lets me keep my bag light.


Comfort 9/10

All in all I am really impressed with the cushion that rest on my back and the adjustable straps the let me retain the comfort depending on how heavy and full my bag is.


I’ve had bags in the past that have cut into my shoulders or left my back in extreme pain but I happily say the Cabin Max doesn’t give me any of those problems.

Light weight

It’s extremely light in weight when just carrying something like a macbook alone and I find myself having to check if I actually have anything in the bag.


Airport Rules

Ok so technically with the Cabin Max Metz Bag I should not have been let on my Emirates flight since the bag was like 2cm over their maximum size but with a nice big smile nobody even cared. Cabin Max do however have a feature where you can select a bag based upon the airline you’re flying with which is a much safer option than just turning up with anything and hoping for the best.

2018 Update:

Nok Air, Thai Smile, Vietjet and Thai Airways have all let me take my Cabin Metz bag on board without checking for measurements or even the weight. Emirates however have started making me check my bag in.





The bag in my opinion kind of feels like it’s made out of a cheap synthetic material and I am hoping it’s going to last me a good length of time without breaking but I’ve only been using it for about 1 month so I can’t really say too much about that. However, so far so good. (still going strong in 2018)


The main pocket is really deep and expands like a balloon nicely fitting in a good amount of clothes. The front pocket seems kind of strange to me and seems like the only things it could fit are passports and small items like that. I would never store my passport or any sort of valuable like that in this section due to how easy it would be for someone behind me to just open the zip, slip their thumb and finger in and leave with my stuff.


It hast not rained much yet on my travels but apparently the Cabin Max Metz bag is “showerproof” which not to be confused with “waterproof” means that it should be able to withstand light rain which I believe to be true.


Final thoughts

For the price of the bag I am really impressed with what you get and provided the bag doesn’t break in the near future I am going to stay loyal to their brand. It does say the bag has a 12 month warranty as well which is good. So far I have recommended this bag to friends and will continue to do so for the near future.

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