Bonds & Co Wealth Management Review – Real or Unregulated Scam?


If you have spent time looking around for a wealth management company that can grow your money, you may have come across one called Bonds & Co. This company claims to have over 100 years of experience with various kinds of trading. Should you trust those claims? Will they help you get a flashy Private Jet and Ferarri like the one they boast on their homepage or will you be left broke and scammed.


Official Warnings

At one point on the Bonds & Co website they stated they had some sort of presence in Gibraltar and Cyprus via an address on their website. In response to this the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission actually came forward and issued a public warning saying that Bonds & Co were not licensed by them.


Looking around I could not find any positive reviews of clients who have made money with Bonds & Co, is that because they don’t want anyone else to find their money making system or is there a different reason.

I was however able to find at least 3 different user reports of past Bonds & Co Wealth Management who “claimed” to have lost substantial amounts of money after depositing funds with the Bonds & Co.

Bonds & Co Account Types

If you want to create an account with Bonds & Co then you can choose between 5 different account types that offer a different range of services. The Standard account has a minimum deposit of £5000 and offers a minimum of 5 trades per week. The Corporate account however is for clients who invest £250,000 and claims to have no minimum amounts of trades but instead be Tailored and Goal Oriented. To sign up first you just need to provide basic details like you name, email address, phone number and date of birth.

How to contact them

It is likely that if you sign up with a real phone number then you will get a phone call from someone on their team. If you want to contact them yourself before you sign up then you will have to do it through their “contact us” page as they do not have a live chat feature or publicly listed phone number that I could find.





  • I opened an account in March 2016, I had “invested” £54,000 to date and now can not get any contact what so ever. I am completely distraught and devastated after thinking my life savings where supposed to be able to support me by means of a monthly dividend due to chronic ill health which I had discussed with Colin Mcarthur “broker”

  • I too dealt with Colin Macarthur and Oliver Woods. They sent me “market reports” that were actually from reputable firms with their logo on it. The links on their website are bogus and they are completely unregulated as far as I can tell. They used to call me weekly with investment ideas until they started having trouble providing the dividends they told me about. Then they stopped calling at all. They then refused to return calls or emails (hiding behind a secretary who screened calls) and the phone line then went to a Spanish answering machine and then wouldn’t connect at all. Please prove me wrong Bonds and Co.! Return my money and I will retract all my criticisms.

  • These guys are scumbags

  • I to have been scammed by these people Bond and Co Wealth Management. for a small amount. I have Leraned to trade offically before i contacted them, to assit with inproving my trading.

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