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If you are a new trader or someone looking to make money online then you might have come across advertisement offering you the chance to get rich. It is often tempting to jump straight in with these sorts of offers whether it be to your current personal circumstances or something else. You might have come across a new global trading platform set up to help people traded a range stocks and commodities online. This post will take a look at the different features BIM Capital offers.

Creating a BIMCapital Account


Unlike many other brokers BIMCapital don’t have a range of different account types that potential clients can choose from and they don’t have a free a demo account either. Instead they just have a basic registration page that asks for standard information like your email, phone number, dob and then you can tell them what currency you wish to use.

After you have signed up with this information you are then given the option to make a deposit with the minimum currently at $250.

BIMCapital Support

Usually with these types of brokers there is live chat support available but currently BIMcapital does not offer that. You can however contact them at or via phone at +35924374352. For any technical queries they have a glossary on their website that can answer some basic questions.

Thoughts on the company

There website is very bare and there is not a lot of information at all, it just looks like from what I can see a website setup to take deposits. They do however claim to have offices in 15 countries in 5 continents and the worlds number 1 provider of CFD’s which you can make your on assumption on.

There is a BIM Capital Limited company registered 1st Floor 2 Woodberry Grove Finchley London N12 0DR run by Gabriel Gabi Lavie which might give be where “one of their offices” is located at although on the website it says they are run by GLG International.

BIMCapital Withdrawal Process

Looking at the deposit and withdrawal policies I can see that they have written “Clients recieve withdrawn funds within business days from time the withdrawal request is approved” this might hint that company is based where they say they are (Estonia) and the reason their is an English language problem so keep that in mind.

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