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If you are a new trader or someone looking to make money online then you might have come across advertisement offering you the chance to get rich. It is often tempting to jump straight in with these sorts of offers whether it be to your current personal circumstances or something else. You might have come across a new global trading platform set up to help people traded a range stocks and commodities online. This post will take a look at the different features BIM Capital offers.

Creating a BIMCapital Account


Unlike many other brokers BIMCapital don’t have a range of different account types that potential clients can choose from and they don’t have a free a demo account either. Instead they just have a basic registration page that asks for standard information like your email, phone number, dob and then you can tell them what currency you wish to use.

After you have signed up with this information you are then given the option to make a deposit with the minimum currently at $250.

BIMCapital Support

Usually with these types of brokers there is live chat support available but currently BIMcapital does not offer that. You can however contact them at or via phone at +35924374352. For any technical queries they have a glossary on their website that can answer some basic questions.

Thoughts on the company

There website is very bare and there is not a lot of information at all, it just looks like from what I can see a website setup to take deposits. They do however claim to have offices in 15 countries in 5 continents and the worlds number 1 provider of CFD’s which you can make your on assumption on.

There is a BIM Capital Limited company registered 1st Floor 2 Woodberry Grove Finchley London N12 0DR run by Gabriel Gabi Lavie which might give be where “one of their offices” is located at although on the website it says they are run by GLG International.

BIMCapital Withdrawal Process

Looking at the deposit and withdrawal policies I can see that they have written “Clients recieve withdrawn funds within business days from time the withdrawal request is approved” this might hint that company is based where they say they are (Estonia) and the reason their is an English language problem so keep that in mind.

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  • I just deposited USD250. Luckily i did not proceed futher after I search in the web..

    • were you able to withdraw money after depositing or you are still in the queque

      • Got my USD 100 after Nearly a month. Problem with my local bank they said. After that I did proceed to deposit anymore. I just trade with what I have now.

        • How you withdraw your money can please tell me because i want to withdraw my money this broker name anna smith take my money from my bim capital account she sàid that my capital will profit 835$ until february 5 but now i never got a call from. Her, I am anew trader she told me that she teach me how to trade but after she took my money shes not calling or email me that why im worried that im being scammed

    • I just deposited 250 as well

  • Hey guys. i have deposited an amount of 500$ a little over a month ago. I am trading since a few years ago, when i started researching about Forex and Binary Trading. I found the website to be very valuable and has a wide range of trading assets. With the help of my account manager i were able to make a little over 270$ for the first week, so i decided to make a bigger investment and see how it goes. I have upgraded my account with 5000$ a week ago and so far i am 1150$ on profit. I don’t like the digital option over there, so i decided that i would like to trade Forex and got moved to the account manager that i have now. Jason Rich is the man handling my portfolio and i might add that he’s doing good(since i made a profit of over 20% in a week). I have tested their withdraw system also, to be honest i had to wait around 5-6 business days, so that could be a bit of a pain in the ass, but withdraw was made without problems. I’ll keep you posted with my future trading. Good luck with your trading.

    • Really i think this is apropaganda

      • Let me upgrade you on how the trading is going so far. I lost half of my money on trades that i decided to open myself. Cryptocurrencies really throw me of balance and made some pretty bad decisions. Right now i am standing at 2368$. I just decided to leave my comment regarding what is going on. I really don’t care if you going to try it or not. I know scam companies, believe me, one of my first investments was BancTheBinary or whatever. That is a scam i would never forget. Drained me over 20 000 $. I don’t give advises, i share opinion. Have a good day

        • Thanks for the comment Klaus and sorry to hear that. Have you tried contacting your bank about “De Binary” or “BIM”?

    • You are one of dem scamming the public

  • Do not 0pen any accoount also with the follow companyes :
    You will loose all your investment

  • Managed to get my USD 100. Balance of USD 150 I trade myself and make losses on digital and forex market. Very high risk as the forex trading startup very high I think maybe 1:1 compare to other broker got choice of 1:500 etc

  • I just deposited $250, hoping to get profits. Im not liking the reviews though..

    • I lost $250 within a week coz i traded on my own. So sad! I hope i can try again. Antony Cooper is such an ass, very rude! Oliver was good. Wish could work with him again.

  • Me as many of you out there did deposit the 250€. Justin Price, my manager, manage to pull out 83€ profit with only 110€ purchase. Soon after that we withdrawal of 100€ back to my Eurocard, Havn’t check my ballance yet.
    What is more disturbing is that this man pushed me over my limit to join the “Gold member” status claiming a start deposit of 10000€. I said no.. Rather. “Start with what I have” and blow me away and lets have a discussion in 2-3 weeks. They where not up to that.
    More severely they started to give me call of reason I couldn’t define. My call to manager took 3 hours, and now someone there is waving for a followup call promised to take not more than 15 minutes?? I”ve done this before, Currency automated trading and lost crazy money. They are acting in a weird way. More info is coming!

  • BIM CAPITAL: Your money is not safe!!! thy always want you to put in more and more money but when you want to withdrew some of your makings thy come with stories and reinvest your money so that you can loose everything!!! thy also log in to your account with out your consent and with out you knowing about it. thy manipulate the system so that you can loos all your money and thy don’t have to pay you. what thy did with me: I first insert $270 to the account where thy called me and asked to put in more at least a $1000 to make $2000 a day so i put in the extra amount with the next day to loos everything after thy called me and told me what the market is going to do and this is how I should invest. with my surprise the market did the exact opposite of what thy said and I lost about $850!! with the money that was left in the system I managed to make $2400 ON MY OWN!, every time thy called me and told me what the market is going to do, the opposite happened and not what thy said will happen!
    after i managed to make the $2400 I put in an request to withdrew a $1000. thy immediately canceled the request and told me there is documents that is needed before thy can pay me (all my documents that was needed was already added when i completed the registration!!!) then before i could say anything thy invested my money again, against my will with big promise that i will make over $2000 in one day… after thy invested my money it went in to a positive only a little bit and from there I lost everything in one day!!! this system only steals your money and everyone that working there only wants you to loose money!!!
    the so called “financial manager” that stole my money name is Antony Cooper.. he has an italian accent but has an american name… red flag right there!!! thy only want to steal your money!!!!! THIS IS ALL JUST A BIG FAT LIE!!!!!

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