BECFD Review – Is this just a Scam?


It is true that millions of people began trading, with the introduction of the online trading platform. While this option offers 100 percent convenience to everyone involved, some trading platforms are lacking in one or more aspects. Whether you are looking for a new brokerage that offers web trading or just considering switching from your existing brokerage, you may be interested to learn more about BECFD.

Analysis And Charting Software


BECFD utilizes the most advanced analysis and charting software available on the market. This software not only provides 100 percent accuracy, but also allows investors to trade with peace of mind. Without this high level of technology, investors would be exposed to a broad range of risks, including monetary errors, slow execution and missed opportunities to earn a high yield.

The technology utilized by BECFD creates a “next-generation trading platform like no other. When trading on BECFD web platform, investors can monitor their success, customize their execution and place bids, sell orders and place holds in confidence.

Superior Support Services

When conducting any type of business online, consumers are likely to hit a roadblock from time to time. The same goes for day trading, as it is a very intense, high action process that requires constant monitoring and quick decision-making. When an issue pops up out of nowhere, day traders will need a quick solution. At BECFD, traders have instant access to expert support services 24 hours a day, five days a week.

To top this advantage off, BECFD offers international support, with multi-language options. So, issues can be solved in a quick and smooth manner. Day traders do not typically have time to spare, attempting to mend an issue that popped out of nowhere. Well, this will never be an issue when trading with BECFD, as they offer access to the finest international support team in the world.

Highest Level Of Security

There is no doubt that trading online can come with risks. While some people do not even consider these risks, others are very aware of them. Most people just expect the broker will to proper safety and security tools to protect them. All to often, investors will rely on web trading platforms that are lacking in security, leaving them vulnerable to identity theft.

BECFD utilizes the most innovative algorithms and security software to protect their clients. When you add your personal information, including banking account numbers, physical address, name and phone number, to your account, you will not need to be concerned about identity theft. This state-of-the-art software and algorithms is guaranteed to protect this information.

Mobile Trading

In today’s fast paced world, millions of people spend more time on their mobile devices communicating with others and conducting business. This is why it is crucial for brokers to offer web trading, along with a high-quality mobile trading platform. Investors expect to have access to their online accounts and trading platforms at will.

BECFD has one of the most secure and best mobile trading platform apps. Once the app is downloaded onto your mobile device, you will have access to real-time advanced mobile charting, live streaming prices, mobile alerts and one-click order execution.

The app is very user friendly, so users can navigate with ease. If an issue arises, there is always the international support team waiting to assist.

Trading Options

At BECFD, investors will have the option of trading on stocks, forex, indices and commodities. In fact, each option can be traded in an effective and convenient manner. And, investors will never miss a single trading opportunity, when utilizing BECFD’s mobile and web trading platform.

Final Thoughts

While BECFD does not serve the United States, it services a variety of markets. Its web-trading platform offers so many benefits, with the main one being a high level of security. With the qualified, knowledgeable support team on your side, you will be guaranteed to trade until your heart is content.



  • I’ve personally had a very good experience with BECFD so far.

  • Run away from this company!!


    thay call you back after 1 day when you invest money but later when you want withdraw money thay canceling all time with no reason!!! if you dont whant trade with them forward they canceling your withdraw,,,,3 times already and waiting 2 weeks and again canceled yesterday just because i dont want trade

  • These people just called me and I looked at their website.
    They do not list any physical address and there is no evidence that they are regulated on the site. Their economic calendar doesn’t work and their educational material consists of broken links (probably disconnected by MTE Media).
    Their social media links go nowhere.
    I don’t understand how anyone could deposit money to an account with BECFD. Their whole approach and website scream SCAM.
    I went on their chat line and they say that they have applied for regulation but it takes a long time. 🙂

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