With the recent demise of veteran vendor ModUp and market leader Modafinilcat, it is always nice to see other new smaller vendors pop up to try and fill the void left behind. Recently I came across one of those newer vendors looking to make an impact.

What they sell


AllDayUp sell everything you would expect them too at a reasonable price. They have Modalert, Waklert, Modafil MD, Piracetam, Modvigil and Advigil. If you are a new customer and that sounds confusing then you can take advantage of their “Sample Package” offer which will give you a small selection of everything which is a cost effective way of finding out what is best for your needs.

Payment Methods

The trend with vendors in this industry seems to be too stay anonymous and heavily focus on accepting crypto. That is mostly true for AllDayUp but for the latter they currently accept ECheck, MasterCard, Altcoins and Giftcard’s which is something I haven’t seen before.

Discounts and Coupon Codes

Using Bitcoin will save you a hefty 30% on your other and if you return for more which I think you will then you can even get a further 10% by using the coupon code you get in your order email. Use to get the cheapest price.


Shipping and Refunds

Shipping is mostly done from India which is where the best Moda is produced but they also have limited stock in the US which will obviously expedite the process for customers ordering there.

If you order from the UK though based on my experience I can say that you can expect to wait around 7 days for your order to arrive and for other countries the time really will vary.

If for some unexpected reason your order doesn’t arrive then AllDayUp probably have you covered. They have a 100% delivery guarantee for UK and US customers but currently don’t offer the same for a lot of other countries due to stricter import controls.


If you have any queries or issues then AllDayUp have quite an in depth FAQ page that you can check. I am pretty confident that can answer pretty much any question a customer might have but if you have a more technical query then try emailing them at where you will get a speedy response.

Closing Thoughts

All in all everything looks good with AllDayUp, The discounts seem very reasonable, they have some unique payment options and US stock seems to be a stand out feature in my opinion.

If I ever hear of anything dodgy going on then I will be sure to update this review but for now AllDayUp get’s my recommendation. Let’s hope they stick around.





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