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Why I bought Modafinil from Afinil Express?

Since Modafinilcat shut down it’s been difficult to find a reputable vendor that I can trust for quick, safe Modafinil at a reasonable price. Many people emailed me asking where to now buy their Modafinil and there is a lot of discussion as well on Reddit with people trying to find the next best thing. I decided to place some orders with new vendors and Afinil Express is first in line for my new series of reviews.


2 weeks ago

I ordered x100 of Modalert with paying with bitcoin and I am going to tell you everything. Keep reading to find out the ABSOLUTE truth on their service.

My Review

Delivery/Tracking 10/10


The delivery process was freakishly fast.

This might be hard to believe but from India to the United Kingdom it took 7 days too arrive while obviously clearing UK customs with no problems. I ordered x100 Modalert on October 1st and it arrived on October 8th.

Support 10/10

If you ever have any queries then AfinilExpress has a super responsive support at that you can use. They speak good English and are very friendly and helpful.

Packaging 10/10


There was no damage, everything was sealed and completely clean. Everything with the packaging was perfect.

Effects 10/10

When taking real Modalert the effects are pretty much routine for me now and I can tell you that Afinil Express Modalert was the real deal.

Up to 35% discount


How I felt?

Their Modafinil increased my Alertness, made me feel more clear headed and increased my focus. As a result of those effects I have been able to grow my online businesses to over 6 figures in revenue from the quality work I can put in. Effects vary between each person and it’s impossible for me to predict the exact effects you will have but the only way you’ll find out is if you try some.

The important thing you can take away form this review is that i ingested Modalert from Afinil Express and I’m still alive and healthy typing this.

So there you have it…

I have ordered and tried their Modalert for you. Now, what are you waiting for 🙂 Use the coupon above and save yourself some money!










  • Afinil express=modcat on speed. Easy accessibility. Quick responses. Ship time was nonexistent. Same packaging. Same items. We’ll see about longevity though…enjoy the ride choo choo

  • Thanks for the coupon code bro

  • Hope Afinilexpress stick around for the long term !! Great service so far with everything !

  • I have always been a happy customer of Afinil Express.. I am going to order another one today and expect to receive it in 5 days, trust me that was the record delivery time I never had from anyone but Afinil Express made it happen. They are above and beyond normal in terms of customer satisfaction. AE here I come!! Give me my discount and I am ordering right away!!!

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