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The mysterious birth of Afinil Express

To know more about Afinil Express you first have to take a look back at the strange rise and fall of Modafinilcat. The Modafinilcat domain was registered in 2014 and it only took 2 years from them to become the mavericks of Modafinil. Their website dominated page 1 for almost every single Modafinil query in existence and they were no doubt generating millions of dollars in revenue.

If they managed to hold on to even some of their profitable Bitcoin from customers then you can expect them to have tripled their millions by now. Nothing was known about the owners but that didn’t matter as everyone knew that whoever was behind it was consistent with their high quality service and thousands of customers were left happy over and over again.

Afinil Express was registered

The AfinilExpress domain was registered in June 2016 but their website launched towards the end of September 2016. Mysteriously without warning on September 28th 2016 Modafinilcat sent out an email to their affiliates and customers stating that they were shutting down.

modafinilcat-shutting-down-emailThey mentioned that their database of affiliates would be transferred to Afinil Express, they were now their number 1 recommendation and so they then redirected their website traffic to them. There was no real reason stated for them shutting down other than the owner saying he wanted to move on to other things. There was rumors maybe that they ran into legal troubles but what was most likely is that Afinil Express were passed the torch through either a sale or as a gift to a friend although both things were denied.


My Afinil Express Review

I began to review other big vendors out there once Modafinilcat was gone and my first task was to review Afinil Express. What follows is an up to date unbiased personal review of the Afinil Express service.

Payment Issues

Afinil Express started out really great and still are but recently they have been having payment issues and there was a brief issue with credit card fraud. Selling Modafinil online is a bit of a grey area and because of that vendors really struggle to find credit card processors to look after their payments. It looks like this forced Afinil Express to look for offshore options and for a while it looks like they ended up using a rogue processor who were stealing card details from Afinil Express customers. This is no longer an issue but it has resulted in further troubles with customers trying to make payments with Visa and other cards being declined. There is however a silver lining and Afinil Express now offer big discounts for customers willing to pay with Bitcoin or MasterCard and the fraud is no longer an issue going into 2019.

Afinil Express 2019 Discount

20% off with VISA
25% off with Master Card
35% off with Bitcoin

To get the discounts simply 1) use my affiliate link, 2) use the coupon code and 3) pay with Bitcoin to get the maximum discount and visa to get the smallest discount.

My Affiliate link:

Coupon Code:


Buying Bitcoin

It doesn’t look like Bitcoin is doing too well these days but I would still actually encourage friends to buy Bitcoin anyway as you never know where it could be in 10 years time. If you want to order from Afinil Express but have never bought Bitcoin before then don’t worry. It’s really simple: 

    1. Create a BlockChain Wallet
  1. Buy Bitcoins on
  2. Order on AfinilExpress with your new Bitcoins

PS. Make sure you secure both your accounts with two factor authentication so that no hackers can steal your BTC. Also, never buy more than you can afford to lose.

 Pre-paid Mastercard

It is actually quite easy to buy a pre-paid mastercard and once you do that you can just top it up to the cost of whatever the current price is on Afinil Express. After you make your purchase you should have nothing left on the card. That means that even if you were to run into issue with fraud there wouldn’t be anything there to steal. I personally use a USD Payoneer MasterCard and have used it for about 1 year now for when Amazon send me payments. It was free for me to get and they delivered it to my house in less than 1 week.

Delivery/Tracking 10/10


The delivery process was freakishly fast.

This might be hard to believe but when I ordered my package came from India to the United Kingdom in just 7 days too while obviously clearing UK customs with no problems. I would expect similar times as well but obviously take your location into account.

They have a handy live tracking system that you can use to keep an eye on you package and see how far away it is from your home.

Support 10/10

If you ever have any queries then AfinilExpress has a super responsive support at that you can use. They speak good English and are very friendly and helpful, you can expect to get a reply in about 48 hours or less.

Packaging 10/10


There was no damage, everything was sealed and completely clean. Everything with the packaging was perfect.

Effects 10/10

When taking real Modalert the effects are pretty much routine for me now and I can tell you that Afinil Express Modalert was the real deal and they definitely didn’t sell me any fakes.

How I felt?

Their Modafinil increased my Alertness, made me feel more clear headed and increased my focus. As a result of those effects I have been able to grow my online businesses to over 6 figures in revenue from the quality work I can put in. Effects vary between each person and it’s impossible for me to predict the exact effects you will have but the only way you’ll find out is if you try some.

The important thing you can take away form this review is that i ingested Modalert from Afinil Express and I’m still alive and healthy typing this.

So there you have it…

I have ordered and tried their Modalert for you. Now, what are you waiting for 🙂 Use the discount above and save yourself some money! Let me know how it goes in the comments below.
























  • Afinil express=modcat on speed. Easy accessibility. Quick responses. Ship time was nonexistent. Same packaging. Same items. We’ll see about longevity though…enjoy the ride choo choo

  • Thanks for the coupon code bro

  • Hope Afinilexpress stick around for the long term !! Great service so far with everything !

  • I have always been a happy customer of Afinil Express.. I am going to order another one today and expect to receive it in 5 days, trust me that was the record delivery time I never had from anyone but Afinil Express made it happen. They are above and beyond normal in terms of customer satisfaction. AE here I come!! Give me my discount and I am ordering right away!!!

  • Great review. Thank you so much for taking time to inform the public about our options after modafinalcat exited the scene. Happy New Year to all!

  • Hello – thank you for your review. since duck dose went down, I decided to try afinil express. I order some online but haven’t received an email. That was about 4 hours ago. Is this normal? I tried checking my order on their page, but they don’t have anything on their site that allows you to do that.

  • Hi Anton,

    Thanks for review.

    I’m based in the UK and tried to order through your link using a Visa card and it keeps getting refused. Is this just because it is a foreign website?

    I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

    Best wishes


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